But even better is their customer service one of my wrist straps tore. Yes! That being said, the intended application can have an impact on this as lighter weight poles are not always as strong and durable, so you need to assess where you will be using the poles before allowing weight alone to be your deciding factor. Flip open the clasp, then proceed to make 1/4 turn adjustments to the screw until you get the desired tension. Thank you. It comes with a three piece, super lightweight and narrow diameter which reduces weight without compromising on strength. While they may not be as light as some, you will not regret this purchase. After 40 hours of testing on trails, streets, beaches, and more, we’re determined that the Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles are the best for nearly everyone. They're got rubber feet that can be interchanged with the base tip made out of carbon steel. Given the load I place on the straps I am pleased that they still appear in as-new condition. This website has been built as a community service by one guy who is passionate about the outdoors. These poles are made of aluminum 7075 which is incredibly durable, and will not snap. Montem Trekking Poles are a great deal for the value they provide. By simply unclipping the flick-lock system the lower two sections of the pole can be adjusted to suit the terrain (and the hiker of course). See what they have to say about our products! If you don’t want a folding pole, check out their alternative aluminum poles here: Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles. Thanks. Montem is better than the competition at 1/2 the price. © 2016 Hiking Gurus. The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. British GQ - Top Outdoor Picks British GQ. Want the best deal? Can’t wait to try out there updated rain jacket. Some of this use has been mild (e.g. All around though, they are much more durable than the lightweight poles on the market that thru hikers drool over. The 3-section Aluminum 7075 shaft creates an ultra strong pole design that retains strength over a wide range of terrain, and angles. The Montem Ultra Strong Trekking Poles blend Aluminum 7075 with a top of the line telescoping system, allowing them to weigh only 9.6 ounces and condense to 24" while offering tested support of over 350lbs per set. I should mention that the fact the overall design replicates that of the Ultra Strong Trekking Poles is a good thing as the design has all the qualities and features you would expect from a robust and reliable trekking pole. 100% satisfaction guarantee! Is this what you want? The Montem Ultra Strong Cork Trekking Poles has a three-section aluminium shaft that creates a flexible pole design. The shaft of these poles has been manufactured from woven 100% 3K Carbon Fiber. 2. Your email address will not be published. Re the printed measurements. On most of my hikes I often spend between 8-10 hours a day on the trail. First time user of trekking poles and these held up well. Select your stateACTNew South WalesNorthern TerritoryQueenslandSouth AustraliaTasmaniaVictoriaWestern Australia, Length000-5km006-10km011-15km016-25km026-50km051-100km100km +, DurationEpic WalksFull DayHalf DayLong DistanceMulti DayOvernightShort Walk, GradeGrade 1 (Accessible)Grade 2 (Easy)Grade 3 (Moderate)Grade 4 (Hard)Grade 5 (Difficult), if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads banner statistics','impressions','banner: tentworld-50369',{nonInteraction:!0})}if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads adzone statistics','impressions','adzone: affiliate-banners-50358',{nonInteraction:!0})}if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads advertiser statistics','impressions','advertiser: trail-hiking-3065',{nonInteraction:!0})}if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads banner statistics','impressions','banner: google-adsense-bottom-ad-15965',{nonInteraction:!0})}if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads adzone statistics','impressions','adzone: google-adsense-bottom-ad-15964',{nonInteraction:!0})}if(typeof wppas_ga!='undefined'){wppas_ga('send','event','wpproads advertiser statistics','impressions','advertiser: trail-hiking-3065',{nonInteraction:!0})}. For a pole with comparable build quality and specs (3-piece, telescoping, lever-style locks, cork grips + extensions, aluminium shafts), the price point of these poles is reasonably attractive and will be a great benefit for those, who are looking for a better-quality pole, with a limited budget. Required fields are marked *. I cannot wait for longer hikes. I paid extra for the anti-shock to reduce vibration to my injured arm, but while these do have a spring shock mechanism in them, it doesn't reduce any of the vibration going to your hands, the springs are too tight. I bought myself a pair as a birthday gift and had the opportunity to use them for a car camping trip to the Rattlesnake Loop Trail, they worked great along with the trails and even in some cave hiking.

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