I parked the bike, quickly hopped off and pulled off my jacket and helmet, shoved them under the bike and power walked into the new nearest store which was an att store, pulled out my phone, shaking with adrenaline and in a shaky voice asked to see if I can upgrade my phone so that I didn't seem like I was just sitting around loitering. TIL, during a chase, pull over for gas. The Cop pulled in front of the Biker to keep him from speeding off. I think so. STUNT RIDERS FLEE MOTORCYCLE POLICE IN VEGAS.

This site was created to help raise awareness and to educate both riders and drivers about the consequences of their actions. Every area has to have a cop that hates motorcycles. After like 30 seconds of going 80, I thought "wtf am I doing?

You’ll see cop try to tackle stunter off his motorcycle while rider is at red light. INSANE Cops VS Motorcycle Police Chase Biker Drags Cop Running From The Cops Street Bike Crashes Fails Caught On Tape 2016!!!

I pull over and they pass! A) Pull over get ticket for 10,000 dollars, lose license for a month have your vehicle impounded (more money) and then after all that have you're insurance go through the roof to the point that you probably won't be able to ride again for years. Newer Post Older Post Home. The second step, get up to 150mph as fast as you can! Press J to jump to the feed. I was doing some speed over the limit, so as I watched them do the turn in my rear view I just twisted a little more and gunned it down the streets. Oh shit 120 in a 60! My friends and I didn't have cars at the time so we just got around via quads and dirtbikes on the trails/dirt roads.

Thank you for watching this insane cops VS motorcycle police chase of bikers accident while running from cops that results in huge crash and epic fail when moto rider running away from cops goes horrible wrong! Granted, neither my old bike nor my current one could actually evade the cops for real. CLICK for the story Draconian penalties make people do crazy shit.

Same ticket in BC is ~$350 plus 7 day impound. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest.

Cookies help us deliver our Services. It would also count for 3 points against your licence.

Police chase starts after stunt rider slaps a "I don't stop for cops" sticker on the side of a police officers patrol car while riding down the street.

Watch Motorcycle running from cops, crashes into curb - Instant Karma - Mickydrummond on Dailymotion

Then, wait for the oncoming traffic to approach. Simply hopped off the road onto a dirt trail either too small for the patrol car or to rough for the patrol car to keep up.

These blue suits will speed up and attempt to set you up for a trap. Cop is still in hot pursuit and close behind on the bikers tail. I was about 16 at the time living in a small town outside San Diego near the border. MOTORCYCLE CRASHES RUNNING FROM POLICE SUN NIGHT AT MO-43 & HWY C. According to the Missouri State Highway Patrol, Robert D. Stevens, 27, of Joplin sustained non-life threatening injuries # JoplinNewsFirst # KSNlocalnews # KODEnews. Although we, here at BikesVsCops.com, do not condone nor promote the actions of running from the Cops, here is a video that will graciously give you a step by step play of how to run from the Po-Po.

It's an unfortunate disclaimer that we are not completely sure whether or not the guy on the motorcycle was wearing an "I don't STOP for COPS" hoodie on what seems to be a cool brisk night, but we do know his mindset and heart was there! The make & model of the sport bike shown crashing is a 2007 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 600cc motorbike.

video at MO-43: Police pursuit of motorcycle ends in motorcycle crash at MO-43 at May 06, 2019. Street bike hits curb at high speed while being chased by the cops. Please enjoy this amazing police chase fail video! More from Joplin News First! The adrenaline and anxiety I felt that day was worse than any break ups I had.

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