StudyMode - Premium and Free Essays, Term Papers & Book Notes. Will you take the chance and risk, or will you sit and wait for something else to happen? Additionally, I want to prove to my parents that coming to America was not a waste, rather is an exceptional opportunity for success, and excelling in school is the only way to transform every pains and tears into joyful cheers. America is home to over 200,000 restaurants, with dishes from across the world to suit all tastes and budgets. Surrounded by unfamiliar territory and uncomfortable weather, I tried to search for any signs of similarities with my previous country. Therefore, the day my mother came to me and told me I had been awarded my resident card, and we had to move to America. could survive. This is only part of what my family had to endure so they could be free and so they What you guys think does College Education Worth the Cost? hundreds of others going to America. I didn?t anticipate the constant emotional frustration of being forced to leave my closest friends. Comparing Two Views of Gay Marriage in America Essay, The Negative Impact of Television on Education Essay, Cognitive Development In Children: Experiment Essay, Who Has Seen The Wind: Meaning Of Life Essay. I step off the plane and start, In the beginning of September 2005, disappointment and excitement revealed on my face when I boarded the plane to move to the United States of America. I used to live with my parents back in Brazil and I had shelter, food, and washed clothes with no cost. Moving to another place you have no idea about is tough. Pros and Cons of moving to America Essay Pros and Cons of movingto Americaas compared to Southeast Asia For most, United States holds the keys to a … It was believed that by moving to the United States, I walked around unsteadily all day like a lost baby, far away from its pack. I was enjoying my normal life. The thing that makes America distinct from all other countries is the rights that an American citizen has in America. When I became an 8th grader, I had to move to another school. You soon find yourself on a small tightly packed boat for two months, with

It is painful to move … Different cultures and languages in the United States for three years were like hell.

Moving is terrifying- but this was to a new level, since I was leaving the country I had called home for so many years and the family which I had lived with for my whole life in order to appease my father’s work schedule. I thought about what I will become in this massive country I was headed and how soon I will adapt to this new culture and people. There are various changes that can occur in an individual’s life. When I was 14, my father petitioned my family to move to the United States.

(9) Great American Food.

03 2013. TPS-FASTT As soon as my parents told me that we were moving, I was excited and couldn’t wait to move.

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