The muckrakers would become known for their investigative journalism, evolving from the eras of "personal journalism"—a term historians Emery and Emery used in The Press and America (6th ed.) Keys and Q.P.). The muckrakers played a highly visible role during the Progressive Era. The results showed in the great wave of progressivism and reform cresting in the remarkable spate of legislation that marked the first administration of Woodrow Wilson from 1913 to 1917. The noun muckrake (literally, a rake for muck, i.e., manure) rose out of the dung heap and into the realm of literary metaphor in 1684. Claude H. Wetmore and Lincoln Steffens' previous article "Tweed Days in St. Louis" in McClure's October 1902 issue was called the first muckraking article. In the Outside the sun shone brightly, the air was pellucid [clear], … Sitemap. of the early muckrakers have continued to inspire journalists. "Muckrakers." It can hardly be considered an accident that the heyday of the muckrakers coincided with one of America's most yeasty and vigorous periods of ferment. His intent was to obtain information about alleged abuse of inmates. Muckrakers: someone who tries to find embarrassing or shocking information about prominent individuals. Practice: Imperialism. [citation needed]. Chapter 14 With one member trimming beef in a cannery, and another working in a … The Progressive … Learn a new word every day. Thesis Example. The age of empire. U.S. History Online Textbook. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! McClure led the magazine industry by cutting the price of an issue to 15 cents, attracting advertisers, giving audiences illustrations and well-written content and then raising ad rates after increased sales, with Munsey's and Cosmopolitan following suit.[20]. To do so, he elevated his press secretary to cabinet status and initiated press conferences. Roosevelt used the press very effectively to promote discussion and support for his Square Deal policies among his base in the middle-class electorate. They typically had large audiences in popular magazines. Search this site. Many of the non-striking workers had no special training or knowledge in mining, since they were simply farmers looking for work. For this, the muckrakers had paved the way. Their reports exposed bribery and corruption at the city and state level, as well as in Congress, that led to reforms and changes in election results. "Ida B. They typically had large audiences in popular magazines. Get Word of the Day delivered to your inbox! [citation needed] In response to yellow journalism, which had exaggerated facts, objective journalism, as exemplified by The New York Times under Adolph Ochs after 1896, turned away from sensationalism and reported facts with the intention of being impartial and a newspaper of record. Julius Chambers of the New York Tribune, could be considered to be the original muckraker. Upton Sinclair published The Jungle in 1906, which revealed conditions in the meat packing industry in the United States and was a major factor in the establishment of the Pure Food and Drug Act and Meat Inspection Act. [1] Muckraking magazines—notably McClure's of the publisher S. S. McClure—took on corporate monopolies and political machines, while trying to raise public awareness and anger at urban poverty, unsafe working conditions, prostitution, and child labor. Synonyms: photojournalists, police reporters, sportswriters… Find the right word. Definition and Summary of the Muckrakers Summary and Definition: The "Muckrakers" were crusading journalists, photographers and authors who published their work in order to raise awareness of awareness of social issues and injustices.Other muckrakers highlighted the weaknesses in the political system. The Muckrakers of the Progressive Era: Definition and Influence African Americans in the Progressive Era: Issues & Leaders [36][37] Carey McWilliams, editor of the Nation, assumed in 1970 that investigative journalism, and reform journalism, or muckraking, were the same type of journalism. When journalists went after different topics, he complained about their wallowing in the mud. Weekly Agendas. The muckrakers appeared at a moment when journalism was undergoing changes in style and practice. While some muckrakers had already worked for reform newspapers of the personal journalism variety, such as Steffens who was a reporter for the New York Evening Post under Edwin Lawrence Godkin,[10] other muckrakers had worked for yellow journals before moving on to magazines around 1900, such as Charles Edward Russell who was a journalist and editor of Joseph Pulitzer's New York World. "The Man with the Muckrake," he wrote, "could look no way but downward."

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