to help give you the best experience we can. The lineage of Japanese tattooing can be traced back almost 5,000 years ago to primitive clay figurines who were decorated with tribal tattoos and found within archaic tombs within the continent. The credo is: clean lines, solid colors, clear structure. Neo-traditional sleeve, a fallen Samurai with arrows in his chest. Traditional, Japanese, Neo-Traditional or Blackwork – all this takes place away from any trend or hype.

Since then, little by little it spread around the world, and today it is a trendy style, especially among the younger people. Ben holds a strong passion for neo-traditional tattooing. If you love neo tattoos, check out our excellent selection. RAIJIN TATTOO INC. See more ideas about Japanese tattoo, Tattoos, Neo traditional tattoo. Another significant detail is the shadows which create the space. The works of art, that are here created, still convince even after years of their longevity. Gallery of Neo Japanese tattoos that can be filtered by subject, body part and size. A Custom Tattoo Studio in The Neon District also takes Walk In Tattoos. The Neo Japanese motifs and compositions, however, still tend to honor traditional history. Tribal Tattoos. An amazing tattoo sketch of an angel with a raven sitting on his hand. This style is known for vivid, ultra realistic detail combined with an old school use of symbolic imagery. It’s realistic and stunning with the bold colors. Traditional, Japanese, Neo-Traditional or Blackwork – all this takes place away from any trend or hype. Of course, we can see that old-school style had a significant impact on the neo-traditional tattoos. Irezumi, Traditional Japanese Art & Custom Design STRICTLY TATTOO Custom Tattooing in Irezumi, Traditional Japanese Art, Asian style, Neo-Traditional, Anime / Manga, Blackwork and more… Color: Black. Ben Dawson is a tattooist who specialises in custom drawn Traditional Japanese and Neo-traditional tattoos. As the name implies, Good Old Times Tattoo is all about passion for the traditions of tattoo art. However, following the 1948 decriminalization of tattooing in Japan… Neo traditional tattoo is a bulked up variation of old school or American traditional tattoo. New styles born every year with more and more skillful artists showing off their works to the world. “Neo Japanese” is not a universally accepted term in tattoo communities. All these features result in a tattoo which is more detailed and looks much more realistic. Although, with the new techniques, you have much more options which you could not achieve with the traditional style. Take a look at his portfolio. One of the main reasons for the birth of this new style was the appearance of the new tools, which allowed the artists to reach a new level. Swen Losinsky brings a piece of tranquility and stability in this bustle with his tattoo studio “Good Old Times Tattoo”. Jun 10, 2020 - Explore Gabe West's board "Neo/Japanese Tattoo" on Pinterest.

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