Neptune will aid you on your search for love and fulfillment. © Copyrighted Virgo is too much of a perfectionist, and Taurus has a tendency to take charge. A Man with Neptune in Capricorn will have strong emotional bonds with those close to him. There are strong indications that the native will be involved with the publicity and advertising worlds. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. There is indication that the native will be subject to a considerable amount of deception from others concerning the financial side of life. You can and will inspire many through your actions, be it at work or in daily life. Other people may also feel awkward about approaching this woman to help her because her experience is intimidating. Be aware of Neptune’s Retrograde cycle for this year:  Neptune enters the Retrograde zone on February 23, 2017, and becomes Stationary Retrograde on June 16, 2017. Their House is associated with amazing interpersonal relationships. It takes 165 years for Neptune to cycle through all of the zodiac signs.

Write CSS OR LESS and hit save. At the same time, this woman has to be careful not to be too hard on herself. As long as you are honest about what you want and can handle his practical mindset, you can find fulfillment and love in this relationship. When it is in a natal chart for Capricorn, it will appear in the Tenth House.

When it is in a natal chart for Capricorn, it will appear in the Tenth House.

He will give his everything to make sure that the people he loves are happy. Neptune is breathing inspiration into your union. The tenth house also called the House of Social Status among astrology houses, describes our true calling and our destiny.

Even when your money situation is poor, try to be positive about it and look toward the bright side of everything. He tends to live a realistic lifestyle, but he may have trouble playing the role of father or husband.

You will benefit from working in service or charity organizations. It has the intention of pushing you towards the things in life that will allow you to move forward and feel confident in doing so. Once you have proven your loyal love to a Capricorn, you are loved for life.

This type of woman has to be willing to accept help, practice self-love and learn to commit if she wants to be happy in life.

Neptune in 10th House Neptune in the Tenth House may indicate that your imaginative and spiritual potential will manifest through your chosen social position in …

There is a real sense that Neptune in Capricorn is going to want you to feel fulfilled in life and it will strive to help you in achieving that wherever possible.

It takes 165 years for Neptune to cycle through all of the zodiac signs.

Women with Neptune in Capricorn might feel like isolating themselves in hard times.

Fight your urge to put yourself down. Neptune in 10th House. Neptune will enter Pisces—in Retrograde—on October 22, 2025. It indicates that the native will experience several financial crises during his lifetime. During the Retrograde cycle, people with Neptune in Capricorn go int a dormant planning period. He is plotting and planning his next successful move. Your self-love, creativity, and inspiration from Neptune in Capricorn will stoke your inner fire. is one of the leading astrology and women's lifestyle websites on the internet today. Neptune has very long cycles, and these are a good time to focus on planning your future and spiritual development. At times, the native will encounter difficulties through trade fluctuations, strikes, lockouts, or through national and international disturbances. If you end up fighting about money, it will only make him upset and disheartened. If you have Neptune in the 10th House, strange and confusing things can happen with respect to your career and your drive to be successful within it.

If she can build a strong foundation and be steady in her goals, she will be able to reach love and forgiveness. You need a lover who will ask you fresh questions, keep lovemaking spicy, and encourage your search for personal fulfillment. A woman with Neptune in Capricorn has to relax and let love in her life. You are encouraged to chase your dreams. He learns how to be impersonal in carrier and how not to identify with status and social position. She inspires the people around her and helps them reach love and fulfillment. When you meet a man with Neptune in Capricorn, it is quite easy to fall in love with him.

A Man with Neptune in Capricorn will benefit from the inspiration the Planet brings.

If you are unsure about which path to choose, you can volunteer and try out different jobs. 7. This dormant period is a time when he plans out the steps that he needs to take for a better future. Capricorn, you are well on your way to finding love and fulfillment.

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