5 Hours 30 Minutes [UNABRIDGED] We will feature six of Old Time Radio's great detectives from the beginning of the career to the very last episode in existence with a new episode posted Monday-Saturday. ISBN: 0886469481 6 Cassettes – Approx. |Project Gutenberg| Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast All but two of the Nero Wolfe Novels by Stout were released on CD. ISBN: 088646983X The 1982 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) show starring Mavor Moore is not in the Public Domain. Nero Wolfe first came to radio in 1943 over the New England Network for a 12 episode run, and then from 1943-44 over the Blue Network (later ABC).

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Tolkien of the mystery, Alfred Hitchcock, The Feminization Of American Culture by Ann Douglas, Mary Wollstonecraft, women should marry their friends, poetry is peacock feathers, “dude this will get you chicks”, a valuable skill, not our world, the amazing thing about humans is we’re not as visual as we think we are, we live in the world of words, Lovecraft’s spells, false realities, oral cultures, languages and literary traditions, a bookshelf is case of spellbooks, a certain kind of magic, the primary medium, music, idea based SF vs. cozy based mystery solving, politicize Dick’s works, the worst sin she commits, pure escapism, detached relationships, there’s a wall all the way through it, a big circle, skating along the perimeter, look for the things that aren’t there, children, all adult children, Hallowe’en Party, Mr Jim Moon’s Halloween researches, a wonderful childhood, the money went away, WWI pilot, a little too attractive, he’s too pretty, that famous disappearance, the darkest incident in a person’s life, public crisis, so guarded in her interview, the worst incident in Philip K. Dick’s life, the lowest point of people’s lives, a very very very famous writer, a fulfilling life, a life well led, the adaptations, Japanese mysteries, the audio drama vs. the TV adaptation, really well put together, seeing the mustache, whole mediums come in, Maissa’s audio drama video, a poolside infodump, Big Finish, the modern novel is showing some signs of wear, new technologies, a VR story industry, streamer media, Twitch, what the kids are doing, kind of like podcasting in realtime, celebrities, content creators, Deadmau5, Dr DisRespect, performing and talking, whatever medium in 50 or 60 years they’ll be doing documentaries about these people, not only for children, livestreaming, drawing, a new medium, magazines, what we imagined 2019 would be like, it was not this, the war is barely there in the book, adaptions play up the war, she plays down the war, The Mousetrap is excellent, a great sense of humour, everybody did it. By Jim Wannamaker

Space colonies! Wolfe and Archie hear a murder on the phone — but if it’s real, can they solve it? Either way, this needs to be audiobooked! Special Guest Stars: Laly Cadoe, Sean Sullivan, Eric Peterson, Martha Gibson, Episode 09 – Eney Meeny Murder Mo Published: 1998 Accessed November 6, 2020.

Published: January 19, 2009 It is a mystery why a street-smart young man like Chip Harrison has to resort to elaborate plans to attract a young woman like Francine. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] Special Guest Stars: Jack Krealy, Patricia Collins, Sheri Flet, David Hemlin Broadcast: March 20, 1982 Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott

“The Victim From Space” by Robert Sheckley ISBN: 0792722620 His name is Jennan, the ship loves him and if he’s harmed, she could go crazy

The Aliens Special Guest Stars: Jane Eastwood, August Shellenburg, Maria Loma It contains links to every Nero Wolfe novel written by Rex Stout and Robert Goldsborough arranged by publication date, as well as all the non-fiction Nero Wolfe books we could find.

A pack of half naked cat girls, their hands sheathed in iron claws and their bellies starved of fresh meat. 7 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx.

Based on a story by Rex Stout; Adapted by Ron Hartman; Performed by a full cast 1 Broadcast – Approx. Published: 1998 |MANYBOOKS.NET|, The Outlaws of Mars Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 05 – Christmas Party

An industrialist–he sought plunder even beyond the stars. (64,863 words) I sure wish narrator Gregory Gorton was still recording audiobooks.

By Ralph Williams; Read by Betsie Bush Count Hans von Hackelnberg, master of the Reich’s forests, rules his domain with the iron fist of a feudal lord. “Air Raid” John Varley, read by Nannette Savard Podcast: January 2009 By Rex Stout; Read by Saul Rubinek ISBN: 0886465745 A prospector–he returned from the asteroids too soon.

He’s read all the right books, practiced all his moves on other girls, and now it’s all actually going to happen! 6 Cassettes – 9 Hours [UNABRIDGED] Merrill Tawney. "Not quite dead enough, a Nero Wolfe double mystery." 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] The Nero Wolfe corpus was nominated Best Mystery Series of the Century at Bouchercon XXXI, the world's largest mystery convention, and Rex Stout was nominated Best Mystery Writer of the Century. But DH is out of business, the cassettes out of print, and the CBC hasn’t licensed any replacements.

|PROJECT GUTENBERG|, ***CLAIMED BY David Drage (of the DIAL P FOR PULP Podcast) on November 12th 2008*** Empire This was the cover story for the September 1956 issue of Amazing Stories! Bron is the offspring of infamous space pirates but instead of following in the family footsteps he decides to become an electronic engineer.

Tom Hunter. Broadcast: March 13, 1982 (48,181 words) The Creature From Beyond Infinity Broadcast: February 27, 1982 His film career concluded in 1949 and in 1950, he began his 26-week run as Nero Wolfe on NBC. Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 10 – The Squirt And The Monkey It first published under the name “Listen For Pleasure.” In the 1980s the name was changed to “Durkin Hayes Audio.” Then finally, in the 1990s, shortly before it went bankrupt, there was a final name change, “DH Audio.”. Or is it …? When he did, he created a sensation with his portrayl of Kasper Guttman in the Maltese Falcon. Today is a day of celebration, a party united, throughout the People’s Republic of SFFaudio. By Darius John Granger We make available thousands of public domain, old time radio shows for your listening enjoyment.


|Project Gutenberg|, ***CLAIMED BY Diane Severson on November 13th 2008***Project Mastodon Stars: Mavor Moore, Don Francks, Cec Linder, Frank Perry, Alfie Scott Special Guest Stars: Lynn Griffin, Neil Monroe, Sandy Webster, August Shellenburg |Project Gutenberg|, Wandl the Invader

Citadel A Spaceship with a woman’s brain is teamed up with a living male partner. DH Audio started out life as a 1970s audiobook company based out of Ontario, Canada. « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Three Witnesses « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Trio for Blunt Instruments « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Death Times Thee « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Over My Dead Body « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Prisoner’s Base « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Champagne for One « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: The Golden Spiders « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: The Doorbell Rang « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Death of a Doxy « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: The Mother Hunt « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio, Book Review: Family Affair « The Great Detectives of Old Time Radio. Music by: Don Gillis, Episode 13 – Murder is No Joke

From 1952! (14,299 words) Francine, the narcissistic sexpot sitting on his bed, is two years older than Chip. 12 Zipped MP3 Files or Podcast – Approx. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] By Alan E. Nourse 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] That’s chapter one. Cite This Item, General Research Division, We’ll be using the same 11 rules from the 2nd SFFaudio Challenge. 55 Minutes [RADIO DRAMA] 1 Cassette – Approx. Special Guest Stars: Joy Coghill, Brent Craver, Gilly Fenic, Lynn Griffin, Sandy Webster *This one says its abridged by I believe that is an error. Podcaster: Forgotten Classics 1 Broadcast – Approx. In television, he continued to play a variety of roles, appearing often in Dragnet 1967. Required fields are marked *.

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