Looking back, I can’t help but laugh. Do you frequently put things off or …, Several weeks ago, Matt and I were driving to my office together. So many people skip right past this feature, but there’s so much goodness tucked away here. A Psychologist’s Trick for Tackling “I’ll Do It Later.”, Coronavirus Anxiety: A Psychologist’s Tips to Keep Panic and Fear from Taking Over, Calm is described as the #1 app for meditation and sleep, Across the world, schools are beginning to implement mindfulness and meditation programs, reporting incredible results. We would 100 per cent recommend the paid-for version which is monthly £7.99 you can get a 7-day free trial and then pay for a yearly subscription at around 70 quid. Is it really worth the investment? Absolutely not, but with a seven-day trial, it’s absolutely worth trying it for yourself. When a meditation app meets an eco-friendly soundproof privacy pod, they make mindfulness happen at work. Sign up to get inspiring insider tips & expert advice in your inbox. And you’ll be tickled to notice some familiar voices, including Matthew McConaughey, Lucy Liu, Lavar Burton, and Nick Offerman. Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen get in virtual bed to discuss home decoration, discovering musical talent and surprising each other in the best ways. Rated as 4.8 and with 95.8k Ratings, fair to say this is a pretty good app. Stories range from fiction and fairytales to nonfiction and classics. However, the children’s stories put me at ease, making it easier to drift off. According to a CDC report, meditation practitioners tripled in America between 2012 and 2017. WAIT FOR IT. You can get a free version which includes some of the features but not all. Lena Waithe gets into virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss auditioning for Master of None, writing Queen & Slim, and discovering your artistic voice. Calm is now live-streaming a 10-minute meditation Monday through Friday on its Facebook and Youtube pages, according to the website. Kathryn Hahn gets in virtual bed to discuss the highs and lows of working in theatre, co-writing her children’s book My Wish For You with her daughter and the benefits of working with an intimacy coordinator on set. You can work on your mental fitness and athletic performance with none other than LeBron James as your coach in the “Train Your Mind” course. Sleep had become a distant memory in my life, like a lover from the past. If Nick Offerman reading you a bedtime story sounds like a dream, look no further. The meditations are broken down by age group, starting as early as three years old, going up to age 17. But if you’re not convinced that you even need a mindfulness app, make sure to check out my video on this issue. #vote. Some read by celebrities like Stephen Fry, Nick Offerman (You know, Ron from Parks and Rec) or Joanna Lumley, sultry sounds to help you sleep. With a subscription, users gain access to a library of more than 2,000 guided meditations. Though the session is 45 minutes long, thanks to her velvety, almost-a-whisper voice, it’s hard to imagine that anyone would make it past the 10-minute mark before naturally drifting back into dreamland. When it comes to going beyond getting you into a place of Zen to also shepherding you into that often-elusive state of sleep, Calm and Headspace stand out in a rapidly expanding industry. Like, a lot. Follow her on Twiiter @laurendaley1. The app offers a free trial, with both an annual and a lifetime subscription available after the trial ends. with Rob Lowe. Jonathan Van Ness gets into virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss the Olympics, Queer Eye, and advice for cutting Nick's hair. --, “In a world ruled by content, Calm offers a kind of anti-content. There’s plenty for more experienced meditators to enjoy, as well, from morning stretching and evening wind down exercises and a vast library of relaxing music to "masterclasses" that empower users to spend an hour focusing on important subjects, such as The Power of Rest, Mindful Eating, and Breaking a Bad Habit. Mindfulness is something to incorporate all throughout your day, bringing your attention and awareness to whatever you’re doing. So now the big question, is the Calm app worth it? Sleep.com is owned and operated by Mattress Firm, Inc., 10201 S. Main St. Houston, TX 77025 - © 2020 by Mattress Firm, Inc. All rights reserved. Then you’re in luck, because the Sleep Stories feature of Calm will do just that. Several months ago, I was talking with one of my friends’ moms. And I couldn’t ignore it any longer. These dreamy stories help slow down the mind, transporting you to “a different sleepy environment, to add a little happily-ever-after to your bedtime routine.” Averaging about 50 minutes, the narrators describe scenes including a crackling campfire in the desert, a slow-moving train, and a peaceful sanctuary up in the trees. They help you understand the mechanics of moving your body mindfully, making it easier to translate this concept to other forms of movement throughout your day. The free version is very limited, you can’t choose different stories like the other apps. In some episodes, they’ll even kick the guest out of bed and get extra personal in what some have called the most searing and rawly sexual conversations ever to burn their way through a voice recorder. So if you’re planning to utilize Calm’s Masterclasses, Sleep Stories, Calm Body, or Calm Kids, you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth! The Design/Interface: If you have a thing for tranquil outdoor scenes and inspirational quotes, you’ll feel right at home on Calm. Standout Sleep-Specific Features: Headspace divides its sleep aids into a handful of categories, the most distinctive of which is Sleepcasts. (There’s a reason it’s the app I pay for and use, even after two years.) Sharing is caring! If you are interested in trying it out for yourself, Calm is available on both Android and iOS. It will also give you good ideas about how you can continue to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life at home, even without the app. Calm Kids: If you’re a parent or teacher, you will love Calm just for this feature. If you’ve been contemplating a mindfulness app, Calm has my vote! Stick around for part three, as I work on my growing reading list by using apps like Audible. An Apple Editors’ Choice (they note how the Apple Watch app lets you “hit a literal panic button”) this popular meditation app is now offering COVID-specific anxiety relief among their many options. Calm simply falls a bit short when it comes to teaching the basics of meditation, which Headspace does in-depth. I’m also not a fan of ASMR, but after listening to people read me stories in the most calming voices ever, maybe I need to give it a second chance. All images, text, and content © 2020 Allison Niebes-Davis, PhD. If you’ve been hurt financially by COVID-19, you might be able to get a free premium subscription. For anyone new to the practice of meditation, Headspace may be more helpful, as its approach is considered more streamlined and accessible for beginners. Now we use it every night when it’s bedtime and she is out like a light.” – jacattackXx, Calm was named 2017’s best iPhone app of the year. This acclaimed app bills itself as “the world’s happiest app” and offers masterclasses taught by … A client is talking, when suddenly, …, The holidays are just around the corner. 1 app for meditation, sleep, and relaxation, Calm aims to “make the world a happier and healthier place, devoted to helping you live mindfully, sleep better and breathe deeper.”. Begrudgingly, I signed up for the trial and set a reminder to cancel it before the seven-day trial ran out. By training the mind in a specific way—day by day, for a month—you gradually create an environment conducive to a good night’s rest.”, One other sleep-related feature that sets Headspace apart is its bedtime alarm, which gives users a subtle nudge that it’s time to settle into their wind-down routines. Follow. The Calm Kids section has you covered. These are part of a larger collection in the Headspace app — free for everyone — called Weathering the Storm. Named a 2019 Apple App Store “App of the Day” and 2018 Google award winner, Simple Habit now offers coronavirus-specific meditations among their 2,000 or so guided meditations. It depends. This article was written by one of our creative team writers here at Nonchalant Magazine. We found four you’ll want to download now for some much-needed mental balm. Lauren Daley can be reached at ldaley33@gmail.com. So often, when we think about mindfulness, we only think about our mind, forgetting about our body. Calm offers so much more than meditation. This guy features meditation for sleep and for general meditation, sleep music, sleep stories, with categories such as fiction, kids, nature, non-fiction, ASMR. Calm welcomes users to get lost in their Sleep Stories: “Soothing bedtime tales designed to help settle your busy mind and relax your body so that you can drift off to sleep with ease.” The majority of these Sleep Stories are precisely that: stories vs. meditative exercises. One of my personal favorites from this category is the open-ended meditation with bells. How to Stop Procrastinating. PS: Curious if meditation can cure your anxiety? Not every sleep story is created equal, so I think it’s important to experiment and try several different stories before you decide whether or not the feature is for you. The soothing content these apps offer to inspire rest includes sleep-focused meditations, nature sounds, sleep music, and Sleepcasts (Headspace) and Sleep Stories (Calm) which are essentially “bedtime stories” designed to help adults nod off. Some stories going over one episode long and making up a series. : “Using this app to meditate every morning and before I go to bed has been so helpful in increasing my mindfulness and my ability to cope with anxiety and panic attacks.”  -- Willow Diamond, “After talking to meditation experts from the UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center and the UMass Center for Mindfulness, researching a dozen apps, and testing five, we think that Headspace offers the best experience, with excellent guided courses and great short meditations for people on the go.” –, “I've used a meditation app loved by Wall Streeters and Olympic athletes daily for the past 8 months, and now I can't imagine my life without it.” – Business Insider. Many of my clients in private practice have described misunderstanding mindfulness when they first heard about it. The Cost: The app is free to download, though the majority of features won’t be accessible until you set up a free trial. The key is to invite some equanimity around the fact that you are awake.” So, for those all-too-familiar nights, Calm offers “Gently Back to Sleep,” a relaxing meditation that Tamara Levitt guides. My little brother was someone who once tossed and turned at night, and now thanks to Calm’s Sleep Stories, he’s usually asleep in 15 minutes or less. Whoopi Goldberg gets into virtual bed with Nick and Megan to discuss quality friendships, cooking, and staying true to yourself.

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