One of the earliest WFRP adventures, Night of Blood, has been given WFRP 4E statistics and some new artwork. Night of Blood was originally created for WFRP1 by Jim Bambra, and was first published in White Dwarf 87 in march 1987. it became a firm favourite amongst WFRP fans, and was later presented as part of The Restless Dead campaign in 1989. Later, it was republished in the WFRP 1st edition supplement, The Restless Dead, and has been a firm fan favourite ever since. The Oldenhaller Contract was the original intro adventure included in the first edition rulebook, but has been updated for 2nd edition, and can be downloaded from the WFRP resource page. The Night of Blood was Jim Bambra's first solo effort (as far as I can tell) for WFRP. I partially ran this one in college– the players didn’t take the bait due to ‘running away from some baron’s men’ factor and avoided the fun. A lot of fans from the WFRP forums over at FFG seem to really embrace The Oldenhaller Contract and Pretty Things as intro adventures. Night of Blood is a classic WFRP adventure and it’s free on Drivethru RPG. Ran Night of Blood last night, first WFRP session ever Roleplaying Back when I was a young teenager in the early 90 I had a copy of WFRP 1st Edition but couldn't find anyone to run the game for. Night of Blood is one of the most played WFRP scenarios of all time. It was originally written over thirty years ago by Jim Bambra for WFRP 1stedition, and was published in White Dwarf 87 in March 1987. Night of Blood is a classic adventure from 1980s White Dwarf magazine re-imagined for the latest edition of WFRP. It’s a grimdark horror fantasy adventure with more in common with the Texas Chainsaw Massacre than The Lord of The Rings. Adventures in the Old World (WFRP, 1e) Chapter 1: "Night of Blood" Hadarai As we have previously seen, the other authors of this exquisite game (namely, Phil Gallagher and Graeme Davis) had already had a crack at crafting articles for the system and … WhereIsMyWizardHat says: January 9, 2019 at 7:36 pm Chaos without and within, betrayal and greed await at … Do people feel that one is easier to run and more tightly written? This version of the scenario is Pretty Things is a fun adventure that can be found in the GM Toolkit for WFRP. (Personally I loved the WFRP 1E art.) Reply.

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