The idea that consumption could be, stimulated through the release of repressed desires would have had great appeal, especially after, The window must ‘arrest the glance; focus attention.

12 clay car mockups |

The circle paper label has three concentric circles. best time machines | submarine construction and decommissioning |

9 ghost towns of the recession | An exceptional pair of mid-century modern slipper chairs by famed American industrial designer Norman Bel Geddes for Valley Furniture, circa 1940s.

Rocket Sleds | 12 images of hanging over the edge of skyscrapers |

It could alleviate what he and many of his contemporaries viewed as a spiritual malaise within an increasingly mechanized world. laptop stands | Lifeboats, sundecks and walkways were all tucked away behind the ship’s streamlined facade.

ironic gun advertising |

A network of 50-mile-an-hour Express Highways in the city will handle all traffic going ten blocks or more, creating a continuous flow of cars, uninterrupted by stoplights, intersections or pedestrians. 13 disgusting pepsi flavors | The brothers converted Fords to serviceable trucks by removing the existing car body and by 1920 they were reinstalling truck bodies–something they manufactured–onto the chassis. He applied his iconic sleek look to a variety of commercial objects ranging from cars, ocean liners, and planes to radios, telephones, and buildings. Mar-a-Lago under construction around 1926. bus stops as architecture |

dental chairs through history |

10 mud huts yurts tents and an igloo with satellite |

15 Solar Cookers |

Rare set of enameled steel lounge chairs designed by Norman Bel Geddes in 1929.

12 floating staircases |

12 steampunk stirling engines (videos) |

big fun alarm clocks | From cars, trains, furniture to other industrial designs, Bel Geddes designs aimed to transform modern American society.

12 cargo holds | best pet poop gadgets | He published the book "Horizons" in 1932 which contained many of Bel Geddes' innovative and futuristic streamlined designs. innovative lights | extraordinary armor | This is a great Emerson Patriot Catalin radio was designed by Norman Bel Geddes

12 spectacular erections | 10 failed automobile manufacturers |

Futurama was the most popular exhibit at the fair by far, receiving over a million visitors during its two-year run. In writing of an ocean liner he designed–the book is full of speculative projects–he said, “The entire superstructure is streamlined. Geddes started out as a theater set designer before opening his own industrial design studio in 1927. 10 strange snow vehicles |

Kitchens, likewise would be standardized and composed of built-in elements. The Doodlebug was a revolution in design. 9 screw drivers |

One of the designs in Horizons was a 330-meter-long ocean liner, shaped like a cigar.

8 extreme truck load videos | 12 banned music videos |

2007 countdown clocks | 12 rockin guitar hero mods | pictures of the lego house construction progress | 12 ejector seats |

amazing analog computers | The future and its toys were part of the imaginative world of Americans in the 1930s and futuristic looking cars were coming of age in the real world.

real life video game scenes planes in the jungle | classic microphones | incredible planetarium projectors | Norman Bel Geddes ARMCHAIR with manufacturer's metal label maple and fabric upholstery 33 x 27 5/8 x 32 1/2 in. He also designed sets for Cecil B. DeMille in 1925.

Norman Bel Geddes: American Design Visionary by Nicolas P. Maffei. 12 hazmat suits |

9 Vintage Monorails | spectacular sewers | great climbing walls | retro saturday morning cartoons |

Geddes started out as a theater set designer before opening his own industrial design studio in 1927. 20 classic 8mm movie cameras |

A chrome-plated stainless steel magazine rack with tension spring holder, metal loop handle sitting on a ball footed platform, manufactures imprint to the bottom, Revere, Rome, NY.

An early streamlined train.

12 absurd olympic events | Pneumatic Trains | It included beds, nightstands, chairs, dressing tables, and highboy.

trading places | Pair of beautiful very rare Mid-Century Modern armchairs from the 1940s. interesting soapbox derby racers | Vintage Massage Gadgets | Rope Bridges From Around the World | bank vaults | Made in USA. 12 examples of decayed Olympic sites | anniversary edition products | Horizons brought Geddes to the attention of Walter P. Chrysler, whose company hired him to shrink and streamline the 1933 Plymouth, so it would be easier (and cheaper) to transport. One of several great twentieth-century designers, like Hugh Ferris, whose designs made a big impression mostly without being realised in full-scale. Top 15 modernist gas stations |

peoples choice gadget of 2007 | 12 disposable gadgets | Bel Geddes reestablished himself as a designer who was also a visionary and he often opined about the future.

futuristic megastructures | You've seen the iconic str... Rare Bel Geddes for Simmons mirror. time lapse wii videos | 12 DIY bicycles | the best designed toolboxes |

Steve Jobs vs America since 97 (videos) | 12 dental training heads | Mar 08, 2003.

9 mine diagrams |

odd spy cams | oil boom diamond kitsch | 8 super skinny buildings | Knudsen and Grant were not impressed, but Sloan liked Geddes’ futuristic ideas and hired him to design the company’s Futurama exhibit for the 1939-40 World’s Fair in New York. vintage fans for sale | 18 radio telescopes |

That made it barely taller than a 1934 Ford sedan!

transparent glass stairs | Perhaps most unusual was the Doodlebug’s height: just 6 feet, or 1.8 m meters. These chairs however, are nicely modernist and look somewhat like a contemporary Marc Newson design. One of the more surprising things about Geddes is that his daughter was the actress who played Miss Ellie, in the TV series, Dallas. giant screens |

A generation of designers working in architecture, advertising, packaging, interior design, graphic, and scenic design came to believe that commonplace goods and appliances, from automobiles to pencil sharpeners, could benefit from contemporary veneers — and some serious retooling.

anechoic chamber architecture |

12 Retro kitchens of the future |

As Innes explained, “Urban made a conscious attempt to create a specifically American style of grand architecture based on local themes and materials: in this case an appropriately Floridian image, drawing on the history of Spanish colonists, the first Europeans to arrive in the area, combined with the Moorish background of their homeland.” Even with the current fame of Mar-A-Lago, today the name of Joseph Urban is not well known but he was very influential in design in 1920s America, moving with ease from architecture (he designed the New School in New York, winning out over Frank Lloyd Wright) to posters to automobiles to household goods. wonderful tensegrity structures | If all went well, there’d be an option “at a figure considerably higher.” On the train ride back to Manhattan, Norman watched a dozen reapers mowing down a wheat field, almost in a single swoop; later, instead of the two or three silos of his youth, he saw a row of twenty. 16 giant bucket excavators |

9 good for you ads |

V​iew more in our Price Guide.

general store architecture | thrones | Original Machine Age Art Deco Norman Bel Geddes for Simmons Exposition Yellow Bedroom Suite PRICE REDUCED 9 nail houses | interesting balloons |

radioactive products |

black rat bikes | arab drifts (videos) | Best Hess Truck Ever | Catalog No. It had no fenders. most extreme clothes | 12 famous daredevils | For the newly flat roofs, he imagined that roof gardens would bloom and, like the Bauhaus architects, the designer foresaw the day of prefabricated construction. Incredible Roller Coasters |

zoobject cryptozoology quiz |. 20 unusual tractor designs | He argued that the engines should drive the car from the rear, that drivers should sit up front and center for a commanding view of the road, and that cars should ride on six or eight wheels instead of four. In 1928, Geddes convinced the Graham-Paige Motor Company to hire him to design their futuristic 1933 Roadster.

Sky Captain gadgets & vehicles | typology of milk floats |

resqtec emergency devices | As if to forget or negate the Depression, the 1930s was also a decade that used science fiction to gaze towards the future. best of ebay oobjects jan 25 08 | 18 hovercraft designs | buildings in converted silos | best Rube Goldberg Machine videos | 3d printed products | Bel Geddes' breakthrough in technology and his streamlined cars and airplanes, sky-high revolving restaurants, and theatrical spectacles testify the grandeur of his vision. Superhero Debuts In Comic Books | armor for animals |

In Horizons, written just on the edge of the extinction of the Bauhaus, he eliminated the “styles” from the past, Tutor, Cape Cod, Victorian, and so on, in favor of a flat roof dwelling. homemade helicopters |

Hence it does not interfere with the two and three story height of nearly all other buildings proposed by the fair.” Bel Geddes proposed that the glass-walled restaurants slowly rotate.

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