Can be replaced with. He is THE nuker for this team, if he is in the 7th slot, just give up the run. The 33% nuke lead for TEQ. you HAVE to get a super off with eza Vegeta to do 99mil, you HAVE to get a crit with lr Vegtio blue. Best Linking Partner for SS Goku with good links and a huge 40% support Boost. This is the character that will deal all of the damage. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is available now on iOS and Android devices. One of your orb changes (PHY -> TEQ). Ensure at least one other Support+Super Saiyan unit on Rotation. also devilman is not allowed in the event and aoe cards don't do any extra damage. ki might be hard to get for EZA Vegeta. Goku will obviously be your leader or possibly friend. EZA! She is a godly support unit, she'll give 40% ATK to all allies, so make sure she gets with Gohan! For the sake of this introduction, we'll focus on the core facets of implementing a nuke composition. ATK +3% for every orb obtained, ATK & DEF +12% per Ki Sphere obtained. First off, let's clarify what nuking really refers to. He is here only to change the orbs and nothing else. This is how Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle players can get the upper hand and use the "Nuke" strategy that makes it easy to 1-shot even the most challenging bosses. Broly can be used as the alternative nuker if the rotation isn't optimal. Regarding team composition, you need a team of a single attribute/color, but it's your team's Leader that plays the most important role. Collecting many ki spheres is a method in Dokkan Battle to have an insane damage output to one-shot LR Boss Stages.

This is how Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle players can get the upper hand and use the "Nuke" strategy that makes it easy to 1-shot even the most challenging bosses. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The other orb changer (STR -> TEQ). The strategy: Change INT Orbs to STR Orbs

+7% ATK for every Ki orb collected

+10% ATK for every PHY Ki orb collected TEQ type characters +30% ATK per TEQ orb obtained He changes phy ki spheres to rainbow, not much else he does and I personally don't see why a lot of people like him. This will enable you to get 99 999 999 damage if you crit, however if you get Int Goku on rotation and get his ultra, a crit is not required (tested it myself and it worked), The TEQ nuking leader (can be replaced with. Pretty Obvious, he's the leader for any INT Nuker. He gives 30% atk to all allies for 1 turn on his super and his passive gives another 30% because of the second Vegeta on the team. A list of all Top Tier, F2P, and world tournament also known as wt team builds for Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. He is the other of the two buffers, who has to be in the same rotation of Bulla and SSGSS Vegeta.

+10% ATK for every INT Ki orb collected, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. Ghost Usher.

The ideal rotation is you want Teq SSGSS Goku in the first rotation and in the second rotation you want Turles and Lr GoFrieza along with any of the other support units. He is a need, make sure he somehow gets his SA because if he does, he gives all allies ATK +60%. Knowing how to "Nuke" a boss in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a required skill, so it's in a player's best interest to know just what's required to perform a nuke. Turn 2 - lr ssb Vegito, phy kid buu, and str ssj 3 Goku gt. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Change Rainbow Orbs to PHY Orbs (easy rainbow, make sure he's rainbowed for better success or it has to be rainbowed, I don't remember) use both Lemo's and 1 announcer and a Bulma on the second turn. Worst case, just use characters with the right color and replace them later when you get better cards. Community content is available under. The insane damage output is created by using characters that have the leader skill +X% ATK per an orb, and then a character of the same type that have the passive skill of +X% ATK per an orb. He is here as one of the 2 supporters, the good news is that the EZA is not required. He gives another 30% of ATK to Vegeta. +10% ATK for every Ki orb collected

The best way is to nuke with someone. With the 'perfect' set up, 77mil is possible with 1 dupe. The AGL Nuke lead Mandatory Your Main Nuker.

The leader must be a special character with the a Passive Leader Skill that gives 30% increased attack for each of a specific colored Ki orb used. Step 1: Have this character as first to attack for his ki change to activate first Changes AGL orbs to Rainbow (gets rid of all AGL orbs).

Nukers are cards that have a passive that increases attack by a percentage per orb gained and are paired with a leader that increases attack by a percentage by orb gained. Change Rainbow Ki Spheres to AGL Ki Spheres There's plenty of ways to enjoy Dokkan Battle. Step 4 :Then use items in that order to change the remaining orbs to TEQ. 33% nuke leader, can be replaced with Cyan Juggernaut Super Saiyan Blue Goku, The Damage Dealer, needs to be paired with Explosive Evolution Turles and any of the other support units to reach 99 999 999 damage, Gives 40% Atk and lowers the enemies' Atk and Def by 15%, thus activating the final part of LR GoFrieza's passive, can be replaced by Teq Tien, Best supporter on this team gives 50% Atk and Def. If you don't have Bulla, switch her out for Turles. PHY type characters +30% ATK per PHY orb obtained Goku's Family Support and SS for our Nukers Passive, Another SS unit to increase the chances of a rotation giving max damage to SS Gokus nuking while also charging RBW ki orbs. Needless to say, since Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a gacha game, a perfect nuke comp takes a lot of luck, a lot of grinding, and a lot of love for Dragon Ball Z. Still, knowing what to collect, what to aim for, and then pursing the pieces of an epic Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle nuke team should be a goal for every player. Currently there is no alternative. Changes AGL Orbs into Rainbow Orbs Ki orb color is changed by using four support items consecutively, as there's no limit on how many items can be used at a time. Step 2: Have this character as second to attack for his ki change to activate after the AGL orbs have gone changes all Rainbow orbs to TEQ orbs. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle: How to Nuke a Boss, others are better choices for one-shotting bosses, 4 Final Fantasy Games That Deserve the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Treatment, Call of Duty Multiplayer Maps That Black Ops Cold War Needs to Succeed, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Fan Discovers Strange Untextured Pistol, NBA 2K21 Adding Open World Multiplayer Setting 'The City' in Next-Gen Version, Full Fortnite Ghost Rider Cosmetic Set Leaks Online, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fish for November 2020, Nvidia's Boosted RTX 3080 Ti Revealed in Leak, Gran Turismo 7 Release Window Seemingly Revealed in PS5 Ad, New Leisure Suit Larry Game Confirmed for Consoles, Comparing Final Fantasy 16's Valisthea to FF15's Eos, The Last of Us 2's Abby Face Model Cosplays Her Character for Halloween, Watch Dogs Legion: How to Get Rid of Operatives, Apple Announces Big 'One More Thing' Event for Next Week, Lucky Fan Gets Xbox Series X Console Delivered Early, What's Changed in BioWare's Approach with Anthem 2.0. +15% ATK for every INT Ki orb collected Monaka Costume. ?oldid=1196123. Change AGL Ki spheres to STR Ki spheres, AGL type characters +30% ATK per AGL orb obtained AGL Type ATK +33% per AGL Ki Sphere obtained, TEQ Type ATK +33% for every TEQ Ki Sphere obtained, TEQ Type ATK +33% per TEQ Ki Sphere obtained, INT Type ATK +33% per INT Ki Sphere obtained, Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT) (Golden Giant Ape), STR Type ATK +33% per STR Ki Sphere obtained, *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. 1 An example of basicset up. He is an ALWAYS BRING unit for this event, he gives 50% ATK to ALL ALLIES, making for INSANE support. Link Goku on rotation with the Super Saiyans, Use all your items, collect the field of AGL orbs and watch the missions clear. A vital orb changer (STR -> INT) and can be a back-up damage dealer if your LR Gohan is unavailable.

Changes TEQ Orbs to PHY orbs She gives +40% of ATK to Vegeta. There are two major facets of nuking: team composition and preparing the Ki orb field. INT type characters +30% ATK per INT orb obtained

Change PHY Orbs to Rainbow Orbs Every Ki orb collected gives +3% to ATK and DEF Your rotations should look like this. Community content is available under. Change Rainbow Ki Spheres to TEQ Ki Spheres This is the character that will deal all of the damage. This unit is better than the friend str piccolo because it has better links, the only problem is there is a bit more rng with him as he can turn into a giant ape and ruin your chances.

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