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Artwork of Ingo from Ocarina of Time

He will challenge you to a race, betting you 50 rupees. She will now run a mini-game where you can race around the track with Epona, hopping over some fences.

Ingo mentions having a wife. He covets Biggoron's Goron Vase, but his offers for the vase have been refused time and time again. If Ingo loses the first race, he becomes extremely frustrated, and out of desperation, challenges Link to a second race. [2], Ingo appears as Talon's employee at Lon Lon Ranch in Ocarina of Time. Pay him 10 rupees to ride a horse; instead of using the provided horses, call Epona using Epona's Song. In the Manga, Ingo makes a quick appearance in the Child Saga when Link visits Lon Lon Ranch.

After this, Ingo's personality seems to have changed, and he is now grateful for the opportunity to work under Talon. Link is required to get the vase from Biggoron and trade it for Ingo's dinner to continue the Trading Quest.[10]. [6] He concedes defeat after Link defeats him again, but attempts to trap him and Epona inside the Ranch so that they can never leave. He challenges you to a race with 50 rupees as the wager.

Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes, The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Wiki Guide, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Male This causes Epona to approach Link and allow him to ride her. Hyrule is a huge place to explore and simply far too vast and time-consuming for you to explore on foot.

He gets brainwashed by Twinrova and sets a trap for Link, but the trap fails and Link is saved by Sheik. Other than giving Tingle a few tips, and allowing him to keep a Recipe he finds, he only serves a small role.

Interestingly, Luigi is often in the shadow of his brother, similar to how Ingo works hard while the lazy Talon gets the credit in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Gender Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.

Ingo appears an easily agitated man who lives in Sunken City and collects Jars in Oracle of Seasons.

Step 3: When racing against Ingo, stay on the inside of the track to travel the shortest distance all the way to the finish line. Hyrule Step 4: If you beat him, he will challenge you to another race. However, Link and Epona jump over the fences to their freedom.

Ingo is a collector of vases living in the Sunken City. [5] After losing the race, Ingo challenges Link to another race, promising to give him the Horse if he is defeated. You need to be an adult to be able to ride Epona.

If Ingo tries to cut you off, go around him on the other side. [7] Link and Epona escape the Ranch by jumping over the fence.

This race is trickier.

Being an avid horseman himself, Ingo dictates that if Link loses the race, he has to pay 50 Rupees. You have to complete two laps around in less than 50 seconds.

However, Link eventually obtains the Goron Vase and can trade it to Ingo for his dinner — Fish.

If you use them all, it takes longer for them to regenerate. Ingo is a recurring character in The Legend of Zelda series.

Race Ingo is a recurring character in the Legend of Zelda series. Ingo is not seen again until the Adult Saga where he apologizes to Ganondorf because he lost Epona to Link.

[3] During Link's childhood, Ingo is found working hard at the Ranch, though grumbles and moans about the laziness of his superior, Talon. It's actually a little challenging and might take a few tries. Ingo always gets the biggest load of work, while the lazy Talon does nearly nothing. Build up Epona's speed and jump over the gate to escape the Ranch (you can also jump over the fences along the outer edge of the ranch). But when we win, he decides to keep us in. Ingo is not seen again until the Adult Saga where he apologizes t…

Stay on the inside, but don't let Ingo push you into the fence or Epona will slow down.

Ingo's appearance is likely based on Luigi, the brother of Mario, the two title characters of Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. series. Malon makes a quick joke and brings Link to the field.

After he tames Epona, Link can challenge Ingo to a race. Ocarina of Time (1998) This page was last edited on 20 July 2020, at 01:20. Journey through the land of Hyrule in this classic installment in the Zelda universe, Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time.

Pay 10 more rupees to return to the corral and ride Epona, but talk to Ingo while you are riding her this time. Homeland First appearance She will teach you Epona's Song. He kicks Talon out of the Ranch and orders Malon to do the hard work while he charges Rupees in exchange for short Horse rides. (Ocarina of Time)Hylian(Oracle of Seasons)Human. Malon shows him around and they see Talon sleeping the stall and Ingo complaining about it.

If you don't hit the gate head on, Epona will not jump it so avoid hitting it at an angle.

Ingo also plans to present Ganondorf with the horse Epona, but finds taming her to be too much of a hassle.

Step 2: As adult Link, collect 70 Rupees and go talk to Ingo at Lon Lon Ranch.

Ocarina of Time’s fishing pond is simple and humble.

[4] Conversely, Ingo appeals to Ganondorf and is granted ownership to the Ranch during Link's adult era. [8], Ingo appears an easily agitated man who lives in Sunken City and collects Jars in Oracle of Seasons.

Instead, push against Ingo and pull ahead, then ride in front of him.

Malon, Ingo and Link are then forced to abandon the farm and leap over the gate on Epona's back.

To complete his vase collection, Ingo wants a Goron Vase, an object which was always refused to him by Biggoron. The wager this time will be for ownership of Epona. In the Manga, Ingo makes a quick appearance in the Child Saga when Link visits Lon Lon Ranch. This is where your ever-so-faithful steed, Epona, is IGN Logo Malon makes a quick joke and brings Link to the field. Non-canon warning: This article or section contains non-canonical information that is not considered to be an official part of the Legend of Zelda series and should not be considered part of the overall storyline.

Practice riding Epona first. Link does not kill Ingo, but with the help of Navi he disables the brainwashing device. He is then brainwashed by Koume and Kotake and takes over Lon Lon Ranch, the only alternative being that Ganondorf execute Ingo. He becomes very friendly, and Talon moves back in. Step 1: As child Link, after you meet with Princess Zelda, Malon will appear in the middle of the corral in Lon Lon Ranch.

She can be recruited as soon as you first leave the Temple of Time as an adult.

To complete his vase collection, Ingo wants a Goron Vase,[9] an object which was always refused to him by Biggoron. Win the second time around and you will have your horse. Talon is also similar to Mario in appearance.

Ingo is a hard-working farmhand, employed by Talon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch.

When Link returns to the ranch, he finds that Ingo's demeanor has changed completely, and he has seemingly forgotten the whole ordeal; or at the very least, is pretending to have forgotten it. Talk to her three times, and then pull out your Ocarina.

Use your carrots, but never use all of them (always leave at least one carrot).

His dissension eventually grows into a dislike for Talon, but he stresses that there is not much he can do about it. He promptly kicks Talon out and works his daughter, Malon, very hard, even going so far as threatening to mistreat the ranch's horses if she does not obey him.

Accept the terms of the wager.

When you enter Lon Lon Ranch afterwards, Ingo will once again be a timid ranch worker and Malon will recognize you.

If Link wins this, he gets to keep Epona, but Link still has to pay 50 Rupees if he loses. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Ingo allows Link to practice horse riding for a price of 10 Rupees; when inside the corral, Link can play "Epona's Song", a song for his Ocarina he had learned from Malon as a child. Epona will run over to you.

This is where your ever-so-faithful steed, Epona, is extremely useful. Pay to get in again, pull out your ocarina, and play Epona’s song. Ingo will also challenge Link to a Horse race after he recognizes Link's skill for riding Horses. When Link awakens in the Temple of Time after being sealed away in the Sacred Realm for seven years, he eventually finds out about Ganondorf making Ingo the head of Lon Lon Ranch, Ingo's cruelty towards his former friends, and travels to the ranch.

If you block him like this, he can't get by and you'll definitely win. Malon shows him around and they see Talon sleeping the stall and Ingo complaining about it. Ocarina of TimeOracle of Seasons After Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm, takes the Triforce, and claims the throne of Hyrule for himself, however, Ingo is given control over Lon Lon Ranch, which he renames Ingo Ranch. Non-canon warning: Non-canonical information ends here. Ingo is found in Lon Lon Meadows in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland. It also features the most difficult fishing challenge in the series: catching the Hylian Loach. The two seemingly make up and become friends, as they are seen dancing merrily in the ending sequence featuring many of the game's characters celebrating their newfound freedom at Lon Lon Ranch.

Ingo giving Link the Fish from Oracle of Seasons,, Characters in Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, Ingo's theme song, which can be heard when Link beats him in a horse race, is a slower remix of the horse race theme. Get some practice with Epona until time is expired (you can collect two hidden blue rupees by jumping over the fences). The video below captures the races and the actual escape from Lon Lon Ranch: We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. It can also be heard in the. Link is required to get the vase from Biggoron and trade it for Ingo's dinner to continue the Tra…

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