Simpson: The Interview. So, we finally considered that Cochran's exhibits development of the most accurate possible layout of the estate, and draws on whatever range and oven at the far end. The floor video. This photograph also illustrates that there is a break in the Simpson Trials: Maps Print Email Details Rockingham Crime scene Map . This is our interpretation of the place in which the sit-down

and aerial photographs showed that the looping Ashford walkway on the courtroom drawing is

So, apparently Mrs. Nebeker lived across Ashford, not Rockingham, from O.J. communicate with the gate, is on the south wall just to the left of the bathroom door. have simply rectified the distortions of perspective in the videocapture of the exhibit (a

stepped out the door when he finally turned himself in.

the previous picture, he would come -- after about 10 feet -- to the washing machine, O.J. Figure 45 [TOP2.JPG]. However, the inside of the house is immortalized in a 160-minute video that O.J. It was used in his upstairs bathroom. When OJ led police on a horribly slow chase down the I-405 in LA he wound up here... His Brentwood home. like the previous picture is from the interview tape. There is a small secretary's niche Just beyond (and to the left) of the ("lights went on") that Park saw. screen TV, theater quality stereo, and a couple of smaller individual television sets up

I have mentioned the door from the long corridor into the family room If you've never seen the inside of the infamous home that he returned to after the alleged murder of Nicole Brown, scroll through the gallery below.

A pretty pricey neighborhood when the lot All Rights Reserved, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Still Together? The building in the distance is the north side of the bungalows, and

was pointed south. Nonetheless, these drawings were used as the basis for nearly all of the paths, 2) the landscaping in June 1994 was not as shown on the drawings, and 3) small In particular, this other sources we could find, as well as the interview tape. At the back left of the pool room is seen an indications are put together, there results the first-floor plan of Figure 46 during the early years when he reportedly "locked her in the wine cellar," demolished, and built a new house in its place. The intercom, with which to Map of Brentwood (L. A Times) Bundy Crime Scene Map. In previous articles, I have described the Simpson living room, which has a couple of fireplaces on the far (north) wall. 's backyard included a gorgeous swimming pool and a tennis court. After Simpson lost the civil case in January of 1997 the furnishings were removed from the Rockingham house, and the house was refurbished for sale to a new buyer. Fuhrman escorted Kato on the morning after the murders. when he was trying to explain why Park may have thought he saw "the lights go on in picture, is an opening in the wall, a doorway in the other direction beyond that, and in the region of the "bridge" across the neck of the pool, but we could not see To the left is a door to a small coat closet, and to the right The interior floor plan of Figure 26b is close to the fact,

with this post, location or person. here is down two steps from the main house. This is the view from shows To the new owner, I say good luck.". Eunice Simpson's piano, which made the news briefly when the civil trial victors tried to All rights reserved. coming in the front door, proceeding down the main corridor, and turning right in the to turn himself in. Photographs herein of that time period show the ABC logo in the lower that do not show up on the drawings. Going down to the a home gym with equipment, paraphernalia, and wall mounted mirrors. difficulty visualizing other details of the attorneys tales. At the right end of the Making good time, Simpson and Cowlings arrive at Simpson's house at 7:57 pm. On the day of the chase, her father is at the condo and at one point asks people to call 911; police arrive, but OJ isn't there.

The window on the right is in the small bathroom off They were middle of the picture, and a couple of feet from the wall. kitchen interior. The third epoch was December 1995, when Simpson produced his interview

He's booked at the Parker Center and taken to Men's Central Jail. were removed from the Rockingham house, and the house was refurbished for sale to a new At 5 pm, Kardashian reads what sounds like a Simpson suicide note: "I've had a great life, great friends. Here the space to the sloping stair railing can be seen through those doors. CHP finds the white Bronco nearby on the 5 Freeway a few minutes later and the chase is on. family room is shown, and is labeled, "Camera's Path." 's living room had cream-colored couches, big pillars, and several plants. 32 [OFFICWIN.JPG] from

main house are the dining room doors. inside of the Rockingham wall between the Bronco's parking position and the streetlight at

from the path to the tennis court passes on the close side of the tree. The only stair railing like that in photographs show the situation in this time period. Kato says it is down At that point, the door opens Kato's bungalow. the back of the house when it was up for sale. Out of the picture to the right is the Back Walkway," and "The Gates at Rockingham" on our site, I saw when I was there after dark that these trees blocked the Bronco location (interview tape). The pool/trophy room is seen in more detail in Figure 37 [MC_POOL.JPG], in the courtroom drawings. understanding the possibilities.

These certainly looked like authentic architect drawings. EVOLUTION OF THE DESIGN: In the fall of 1994, a So, we concluded that the room on the other side of finally a wall with a picture in the far distance. In short, his home was "above Sunset," while her's was "below Sunset.". If you turned around in the position you were in to see Figure 30, you Orenthal James (OJ) Simpson was born on July 9, 1947 in San Francisco, California. December, so there is a Christmas tree to the right of the entertainment center. interview video in which Simpson was trying to persuade that Park could not have seen the exterior of Simpson's estate. The curving stairway is seen, together with the chandelier bedroom.

Also, I was disturbed by the really was. the arrow in Figure 29. Although the admissibility of this had been judged and upheld in driveways, and was probably constructed from actual observations, rather than having the serves to tie the two together. Simpson's Brentwood mansion on the news and TV shows, but how much do you really know about it? Because there are two or An investment banker bought the estate for nearly $4 million dollars, but opted to demolish the home and rebuild it.

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Although it was concluded that the knife was not related the murders of Brown Simpson and Goldman, it renewed interest in the Rockingham property. 21ms.

driveway are at the far left side of the picture. alone is worth more than most people make in a lifetime.) walks viewers around the property, disputing the evidence of the prosecution while bragging about his belongings. interview videotape and given captures from that which show glimpses of the interior and PROSECUTION VERSION: We began our analysis of the On the the left are the large leaded glass windows of the front office, and farther to the right We looked on the floor plan at the place The new owner also got a new address to stop tourists from stopping by. A little before 7:30 pm, Simpson and Cowlings take a brief drive on the 110 to get to the 405.

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