Servings: 2 people, 1 lean pp, 3 green pp,  3 condiments pp, 1 healthy fat pp. Easy Healthy Hacks & Recipes for a Low-Carb Lifestyle, : 1 person, 1/2 lean, 2 green, 1 fat, 1.125 condiments, : 4 people, 16 meatballs total, 4 meatballs pp, : 2 people, 1 lean pp, 3 green pp, 2.75 condiments pp, A family fav made into a low carb meal is always a hit! He didn't eat the cole slaw because he doesn't like mayo so I made him some corn instead. I decided to post them on my blog first and then put them on my facebook page. Sprinkle on both sides of the catfish. Reduce your calories with this skinny Chicken Alfredo. It was much more to my liking.

Add 1/2 a Lean more to complete your Lean and Green meal! Grill 5 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily. Click to Tweet. Lightly salt and pepper the fish for more flavor and I sometimes add 2-3 tablespoon of buttered bread crumbs or finely crushed (buttered) ritz crackers for an extra crunch. Subscribe for Free Recipes to Your Inbox! Sprinkle on both sides of the catfish. Quick and easy weeknight dinner. You can also bake it at 375 degrees for 8 to 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily. Check out this site for a variety of yummy seasonings and flavored oils to enhance your cooking! It has TONS of flavor. Try this recipe to give more variety to your fuelings. Our Low Carb Breaded Fish can also be shallow fried over medium heat for 2-3 minutes each side – depending on the thickness of your fish. Mix well. Low carb pizza need I saw more!? A Medifast or Opatvia fueling is used to make a crip waffle. Well, I cut the salt in half and cut the cayenne red pepper in half. Try this low carb alternative: Spaghetti Squash! There are usually carbs in meatballs as well because of the breadcrumbs, but not these bad boys! Serve with Keto Coleslaw, lemon wedges, and Keto Tartar Sauce. Is it suppose to be sweet? In this Mexican version, cauliflower "rice" is swapped for regular rice to make these Stuffed Peppers a low carb meal. What can you expect from a girl who lived in Louisiana and Texas most of her growing up years! So this is a low carb meal all aROUND!

Servings: 4 people, 1 lean pp, 2 greens pp, 2 condiments pp. Quick and easy!

Servings: 2 people, 3 greens pp, 3 condiments pp, 2 fats pp, 1/2 Medifast meal pp. Anyone who knows me knows I love to cook but my love for helping others and sharing recipes is greater! I love grilled cheese dipped in tomato soup during these cold months to warm me up. Who doesn't want to celebrate Memorial day with a juicy burger?! Servings: 1 person, 1/2 lean, 2 green, 1 fat, Instant Pot ONE POT Meatballs and Green Bean Marinara.

Grill 5 minutes on each side or until fish flakes easily. Perfect for a picnic or party if made in a big batch!

Crack the egg into a bowl and whisk well. The measurements are listed above 1oz/30g, I haven’t tried it in an air fryer, but I don’t see any reason as to why it wouldn’t work.

Perfect for a picnic or BBQ in the nice weather. Guess what! Combine seasonings in a small bowl. Servings: 2 people, 12 tots pp, 2 greens pp, 1.5 condiment pp, 0.21 lean pp, 1 fat pp. A tasty side with little to no prep. It is not suitable for freezing. Learn how your comment data is processed. If Spaghetti Squash is not your thing, then they this as an alternative to pasta to complete your low carb meatball meal. Servings: 1person, 1 fueling, 0.31 lean, 1 condiment, Montreal Sirloin and Parm Roasted Broccoli.

Use code SANDY to save 10% off your order! What could be better? Servings: 1 person, 1 fueling, 1/8 leanest, 1 condiment.

Read this article for the best choices for your deep fryer, Keto Karaage Chicken Recipe – Easy Japanese Fried Chicken, Big Keto Burger with Special Sauce – Low Carb Fast Food Recipe. Cauliflower crust for a LOW CARB pizza! Especially when you can set it and forget it!

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