The equipment onboard and the electrical systems are basically the same as I wanted on the Oram 62c, so no great change in thinking there. There are many Schionnings cruising the world and testing products longevity and the customer service offered by the manufacturer. On this page we will list products and companies that we know to provide above average quality and service.

Fitted with our usual kick up rudders, single daggerboard, outboard motors, conservative rig and simple but comfortable interior, I … Aluminum forebeam beam. Length: 10.00m waterline. I know that it will be more involved than that but I will produce two roofs from the same mold.

Horse Power: 60 each.

Coosa board, Peelply. 1. lower step risers – meaning more steps required, 2. enclosed helm with all lines leading to helm – keep out of the weather, 3. access to bunks from side – even I hate climbing over bedding to get into bed, 4. seat in shower – would have problems standing in rolling boat. But the main cost to bring the boat into Australia would be the import duties etc; of bringing the boat in. But to throw more fuel on the fire I will post that plan as well, it is also an ongoing work in progress.

Fusion 40 Kit. Schionning Designs specialise in multihull design and kit supply, with pre-cut DuFlex kits shipped anywhere in the world, whether from Australia, Europe or Africa. Until then, I will be, sometimes, ripping my bloody hair out in frustration, and that I think is also a part of the planning and building process. Raymarine wind instruments and heavy duty smart pilot.

I have been playing with the Waterline 1750 design and the Wilderness 1650 design. Flat screen with dvd. B. The cockpit is the base for steering and sail manangement and is designed for leisure with good seating, a SS BBQ, a solid roof, clear covers and awnings for weather protection.

This is a guess at $1500 a year. Ripping my hair out or better put – Here we go agin (part 1 of, I think many). The port hull entry is via additions steps thru the seating area the rear arch is used to hold solar panels situated between the arch and the raised coach roof foil at the rear. Schionning Designs is partnered with a number of leading composite manufacturing companies with varying CNC capabilities, as well as supplying resins, hardeners, cloths and fillers. Bob Oram began the build and continued supervision of his experienced son Sam, his friend Ben with final completion by Bevis Bryant. Call 561-714-9045 or email for more details.

The Technical Information page is a collection of documents (mostly in PDF format) on the materials and systems used in Schionning catamarans. So, I will say again in closing….HERE WE GO AGAIN. I thought all the browsing and looking for a catamaran to build was done, but alas nope. About Raku; Raku 35; Raku 40; Raku 44; Raku 48; Raku 52; Building Raku; Pricing and Availability; … Design: 14mt x 6mt Bob Oram designed cruising catamaran.

Owners Cabin – bed facing east/west to allow an access (although small) between mattress and cabin walls. . I liked both of these designs. Private contractors are available to assist with assemblies to any stage if you desire. . Genoa and jib on roller reefing. Design and building concept: Slim was designed based upon my philosophy of simple, comfortable cruising which is satisfying to sail, especially in lighter airs. Your designer will determine the laminates, the number of panels required for each laminate, create the cutting files and prepare a quote for the kit if it is not already priced. I will post drawings of these changes as soon as I can. Utilising DuFlex panels with a balsa core, large sheets are joined on their long edge to form full length hull panels, bulkheads etc similar to a giant jigsaw puzzle. Plan on spending an additional $50,000.00 for materials to complete the basic structure, plus the cost of the equipment (mast, sails, engine, interior, lighting, galley, etc). Example of a completed OFFSHORE 48 CATAMARAN Vhf. Leaves production boxes way behind. I will post under this post the latest update of the drawings of the above mentioned boats as I can, unless another design comes to my attention. Take a closer look and you can answer these questions. By producing the supplied components in Foam/Glass, they are weather proof and even if your build project ran into years, there will be no deterioration, shrinkage, dry rot, etc., of the components. In both versions the coach roof stops at the edge of the saloon and a raised roof goes to about 4 feet from the arch, where solar panel continue onto and over the arch. Built by: Bob and Sam Oram.

Instead of spending 6 months gluing strips and planks, then glassing over and fairing, fairing, fairing only to finish up with a product that has small appeal to another buyer, you can now have a beautifully gelcoated, factory finish on your Catamaran, which can be assembled in as little as 12 days (4 men).

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