The thing glided for about 2 seconds then it started flapping its wings, slowly. But I now believe that this was a Reptilian creature. I have no proof to my experience other than my word. Sightings had been reported from 1995 to 1999.

The region where it was sighted has long had accounts from the natives of a race of smallish hairy humanoids that inhabited areas near waterways and were called the Memegwesi, and perhaps something like this could have found a home down in the tunnel. Oddly, the witnesses would make mention of the detail that as it leapt its legs “were only slightly larger than broomsticks or about the size of a walking crane and were very long.” All in all they had the impression that they had somehow caught it changing forms, and the man even went as far as to say that he believed that they had witnessed a werewolf in the process of its transformation. In one sighting, the chupacabra changed colors before their eyes. For years Frederick kept this undoubtedly absurd-sounding story to himself out of fear of ridicule, but in 1976 he would relate it to the paranormal researcher Gray Barker, who would then include it in his newsletter. Because my “god” is the biggest practical joker ever so. We could ask this about any one of the cases we looked at here and others like them. Source: “It looked like a baby’s body with long arms and legs. Copyright © Mysterious Universe. It was standing on two legs and was about 4 -5 ft tall. When they peered through the murk ahead of them they claim that they saw a “hairy octopus,” which stood around 4 feet tall, with glowing eyes and “tentacle-like” arms. The needles or thorns on its fingers then apparently pierced the startled man’s skin and began to draw blood, but rather than the pain he found himself drawn to the thing’s eyes, which seemed to rapidly switch back and forth from red to yellow in a hypnotizing, oscillating cycle that held him in thrall and dulled his senses. One theory is that they are a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. These caves were eventually set on fire after the ebu gogo stole a baby. The theory is that the beast of Bray Road was trying to tell the man about his kind and that his kind has been around since biblical times.

That evening he decided to take a stroll around the rustic inn and its adjacent vineyard, finding his way down to a nearby stream with only a flashlight and the moon to light the way, where he saw something run through the water around 50 feet away. Early in the morning I checked out and drove back to Zaragoza. That being said idk how likely it is, especially when I legit felt spooked so bad I grabbed a knife. If we could get in there, I sure as hell wouldn’t want to go down alone.

Tags Bizarre cryptid Cryptozoology modern mysteries Strange Creatures strange encounters unexplained phenomena unsolved mysteries. It would turn out that 10 other people had seen it as well, and one even claimed to have taken a photo of it, although it is unclear what happened to it. We know of you all. This beast was sighted in Wisconsin, USA. He theorizes that atmospheric beasts are animals that live in the clouds. The mothman has also been linked to UFO sightings and seemingly legitimate claims of “men in black” visits at a newspaper office. The so-called “Cabbagetown Tunnel Monster” is truly bizarre in that no other such report like it has come in, and it is hard to say what the creature in question could possibly be, especially considering that it allegedly actually spoke. Sightings had been reported from 1995 to 1999. The creature sported a robotic suit, covering his reptilian skin.

Later on at our other camp, an old man with his face covered up by hair visited us and acted very strangely. They are often orange with darker rings, and green eyes, stalking the grasses in the night. The reports remained the same.

Thank u. It’s pointing in that direction lol. What was going on here?

They are usually seen out of the corner of peoples eyes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Just a tall tale?

It is hard to say, but reports like this will likely continue to come in for some time to come. Some people see semi-transparent dark splotches.

Then it took off down a long tunnel off to the side. I was shaking with fear. When he told her he had not, she described the creature as something about 2 feet tall, running at a high rate of speed across the road on only its hind legs, and had the overall body shape of a Kangaroo. I have personally came across a shadow like this and a dreadful feeling came over me for a brief moment. Ivan T. Sanderson claims that most UFOs are actually atmospheric beasts. Reports of Nessie describe the creature as being 20 feet long with dark grey skin. Cryptids appear frequently in folklore and mythology but – as you will see – tales of them appear still to this day. After giving the man the candle, who happened to be Springheel Jack, he attacked her. I quickly looked up and pointed the flashlight. Pongos and humans could reproduce hybrid kids who looked like normal humans, but had cannibalistic tendencies. The terrified witness said that he had pumped his brakes at the sight of it, and described it as being a 7-foot-tall stick insect.

The story would be brought to even greater attention when it was mentioned in the late Brad Steiger’s 1978 book Alien Meetings. There was a creature standing on a small ledge about 15 ft. away, staring at me with yellow eyes reflecting back. We may never know. Nope. I think a raccoon is the safe bet but the eyes seem a bit large honestly so I'm not 100% sure about that. This list is in no particular order. When people see shadow people a feeling of despair and fear overcome them. When they investigated the tunnel they did not see any strange creature, but they did find the maimed carcass of a cat half-buried in the ground.

( Log Out /  At first they could not tell much other than that it was vaguely humanoid in shape, but they got a better look at it when the creature apparently suddenly sprung up into a crouched, upright position “like a kangaroo.” It then became quite apparent that this was not human.

Champ is also described as being about 20 feet long (lengths vary) with a serpentine body. The mothman had managed to keep up with them for a while, before flying away.

So what was it then? It is mentioned in the New Testament. Researcher Stan Gordon brings us a report from Fayette County, Pennsylvania, where on March 18, 2012 an unidentified man claimed he was walking his dog through the rural area when his attention was drawn upwards by an anomalous whooshing noise. The witness says of the very strange “snake bird,”: I couldn’t see a beak either. It was incredibly slow, not like a regular insect where you can’t even see the shape of the wings. I laid in bed thinking about this creature the entire night.

I instantly stopped walking and started searching around me with the flashlight. His eyes stared at us, looked like a red flashlight. However, it shows that reports of cryptids may sometimes be over-exaggerated, and if some are found to exist they may actually turn out to be pretty damn ordinary. The incident apparently happened near the town of Troy, in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, where on the night of November 20, 2011, a couple was driving along a rural stretch of road called Mud Creek Road and their attention was caught by what they at first took to be a naked man crawling across the ground in front of them.

If this hairy beast wasn’t strange enough, then we have what has come to be known as the “Octosquatch.” In the summer of 1961, a 29-year-old truck driver named Arquimedes Sanchez was driving along a precipitous mountain road through the Basque mountains in Spain at around 11PM, along with an unnamed companion, on their way to the town of Puerto de Barazar. me and a few other people have seen something like this. The shadows are usually larger than a normal shadow and doesn’t resemble the person’s silhouette. Concerning the witness himself, friends and family said that he was an honest and reliable man, not prone to making up tall tales, and the Sun reporters who interviewed him said that he seemed earnest and honestly scared and reluctant to tell his tale at the time. In the 1930s, he was reported being in Silver City, New Mexico, and Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Chupacabras have been reported to suck the blood out of livestock, similar to the way a vampire would. Springheel Jack has been reported in London, New Mexico, Massachusetts, and Argentina, from 1837 to our time. There have, however, been other sightings of other cryptids ranging from the Birdman of Hampton to the Tennessee Wildman, and even several possible Sasquatch sightings, including a possible winged Bigfoot encounter.

I have never seen anything like this. As they went over the hill, they saw something go crawling or slithering across the road in front of them. I spooked myself. . People have reported seeing these creatures in Lake Champlain, USA, and Loch Ness, in Scotland. Glowing orange eyes, possibly black skin, and a tendency to spy on people through windows or glass. After about two minutes of this, the otherworldly plant-monster reportedly let him go and took off in a sprint up a nearby embankment in great 25-foot long bounds, followed shortly after by a deep thrumming noise that Frederick would later speculate to have been the sound of the creature’s space ship. This is my biggest fear. 0:00. Okay, I admit this animal is obviously no longer a cryptid. The ebu gogo started killing crops and the humans’ animals. Finally the two men, neither who were willing to step out of the vehicle to investigate, drove off to leave the being behind, never to be seen again. Whatever it was, the “Vegetable Man” of West Virginia is certainly one of the more bizarre encounters on record.

awww. Two wings came out, I should say “rolled out”, like a rug. It disappeared into a bush after we turned the corner.

A woman reported that she had seen the creature in her backyard while her dog was barking urgently. Close • Posted by 2 minutes ago. These skeletons were thought to possibly be the ebu gogo of Indonesian folklore. Staff from the Sun even went as far as to accompany Ernest to the location of his strange sighting in March of 1979, and they found that indeed there was the entrance to a cave at the end of a passageway between houses, which led into a narrow tunnel that dropped off into the gloom sharply and was surmised to lead to the unseen sewer system down below. Descriptions of them are similar to a plesiosaur.

Roaming around the Asco forest in North Corsica, these critters are cat-like, with wider ears, shorter whiskers and longer canine teeth. What could be going on here? Native American tribes have even older legends of a beast in Lake Champlain. The moth man is a gray and winged creature with large glowing red eyes located in what would normally be the creature’s upper chest.

That so cute. He would say of the odd events: I saw a living nightmare that I’ll never forget.

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