– Leo and Townspeople, "Leo At Work" / "What Am I Waiting For?" Mann’s newfangled evidence suggested the disposal of the victim was by the stairs, instead of the elevator as Conley stated, contradicting Conley at the trial who admitted carrying the corpse of Phagan to the basement for Leo Frank by elevator, so it added no new evidence other than only changing the path. Finally, why were Lucille’s ashes not spread or buried next to Leo Frank? The body was removed by a wicker basket to P.J. Although Leo Frank initially said “No, I don’t know”, in truth his requisition papers indicated otherwise. All rights reserved. After Lucille departs from the prison, a party of masked men (including Starnes, Ivey, Frankie Epps, the Fulton Tower guard and the Old Confederate Soldier) arrives and kidnaps Leo. In the meantime, Governor John Slaton pressures the local prosecutor Hugh Dorsey to get to the bottom of the whole affair. [8][9], The first major production in the United Kingdom played at the Donmar Warehouse from September 24 to November 24, 2007. Some materials are used for educational and other purposes based on the fair use provisions of copyright law. Mary was the one employee Leo was infatuated with, but couldn’t have because of Gantt, she had spurned lecherous Leo’s obnoxious pesterings and subtle innuendos since the Spring of 1912, thus humiliating his arrogant ego and making him ever more determined. Choreography videos. Jersey Boys Parade tells the heart-wrenching, true story of Leo Frank: a Brooklyn-raised Jewish man living in Atlanta who was wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of his thirteen-year-old employee, Mary Phagan, in 1913. Interactive Script Breakdown – Powered by ProductionPro. The events surrounding the investigation and trial led to two groups emerging: the revival of the defunct KKK and the birth of the Jewish Civil Rights organization, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL). Book Review: Steve Oney, ‘And The Dead Shall Rise: The Murder of Mary Phagan and the Lynching of Leo Frank’ (2003). It was then in the gloom at 3:20 o’clock a.m., he discovered the mauled body of Little Mary Ann Phagan, dumped in the rear corner of the basement, where garbage was normally placed before being burned in the cellar’s massive furnace-incinerator that heated the drafty 4-story building + basement. Police tried all night long to contact the sleeping Frank, but he didn’t answer the phone, even though the telephone was located and ringing obnoxiously just under the wooden floor boards — of his second floor bedroom — in the dining room just below. Are people finally questioning the racist Jewish extremist dogma? ‘Parade’ the Broadway Musical (1998) by Jewish-Americans Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry, uses a raped Christan teenage girl who was strangled to death, as a cheap plot device, to humanize and rehabilitate a sexual predator and convicted child-killer because of his ethnoreligion: Judaism. When the show closed, Livent had filed for bankruptcy protection (Chapter 11). For 3.5 months, Leo Frank swore to the murder alibi that he never left his office when Phagan arrived, until at 12:45pm, to go upstairs to the fourth floor, but then on the witness stand at his trial on Monday afternoon, August 18, 1913, he —- Reversed himself —- making a newfangled and never before heard ineluctable admission to explain why Monteen Stover had found his office empty during the exact same time Leo Frank told the police Mary Phagan was with him in his office (State’s Exhibit B, Monday, April 28, 1913; Monteen Stover Testimony, Brief of Evidence, 1913).

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