Mooring pipe 18 . The framework for the hull or shell, the body, is attached to the keel. NB There are other forms of propulsion that are used in some ships : B  Rudder  When the ship needs to turn, the rudder turns to port (to the left) or to starboard (to the right in response to the ship’s steering mechanism. 17 .

8. This ship has five holds in which cargo can be stowed (placed). Engine store keeper’s room Container ships carry cargo inside overseas shipping containers that meet international regulations. 11 . 12 . 17. Bulbous bow, 1 . Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Harry Alexander Karanassos, in Commercial Ship Surveying, 2016. This allowed cargo to benefit from improved air-circulation. 18 . Bridge 6 . Oil tankers will have greater GM values. For a general cargo ship in a particular loaded condition, LBP = 140 m, B = 19.17 m, Cb = 0.709, CW = 0.806, draft = 8.22 m, and GMT = 0.45 m. Estimate the rolling period, the pitching period, and the heaving period in seconds. Main frame Saloon 32 . Anchor davit The cargo is kept in holds (or in tanks) in the hull. 21 lifeboat Sparring sleeper 30 . He's a professional blogger & researcher with over 11 years’ experience in fact finding, SEO & web design.

At the center line of the ship the middle strake of the inner bottom may be considered as the upper flange of the center-line docking girder, formed by the center girder and keel plate. Figure 130 shows a single post which serves to support the goosenecks of the for’d and aft derricks. The Keel is a heavily reinforced spine which runs along the bottom of the ship, through the center. 30. Hatch Blower The keel supports the structure of the ship, and is the first part to be built, since it serves as a foundation. Bulwark stay 26 . Range light Escuela de Tripulantes y Portuaria de Valparaiso 1) Bridge 2) Bulbous 3) Crane 4) Bow Thruster 5) Forecastle 6) Funnel 7) Rudder 8) Main deck 9) Hull 10)S. Structure 11) Port Side 12) Bulkhead 13) Bottom 14) Holds 15) Waterline 16) Tween deck 17)Starboard 21 . Double bottom 4. 28 . 17 .

Figure 132. Center (line) strake 5.

Mary has a liberal arts degree from Goddard College and 17.

Samson posts serving single heavy derricks. Mast head light 4 Learning Outcome 4: Maritime Environmental Challenges. 11. stowage in holds And what about the steering systems? Cargo oil has a permeability of about 5% whilst grain cargo has a permeability of 60–65%. Web frame, 1 . Figure 45.4 shows the resulting heaving periods from Table 45.1, with the type of hull form and the variable of SLWL (up to 22.00 m) incorporated.

(Scroll down to see the illustration) She is designed to carry a number of types of cargo: The parts of the ship are shown below : (NOTE : Although other types of ship will differ in appearance, depending on the role that they play, they will have most of the basic parts shown on the diagram and listed below. Web frames, i.e.

12 .

Deck longitudinal The discharge of ballast and sediments is another area that needs careful consideration to prove that they do not create adverse effects in our world.

Afterpeak tank

Assume that KM remains at the same value before and after changes of loading have been completed. 25  aerials 14 . Foremast 3 . 15 . Bilge strake Gusset plate The core of a ship is the structural keel, a heavily reinforced spine which runs along the bottom, in the middle. 5. Another example of a capesize ship is a bulk carrier for coal. 33. Collision bulkhead

We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. 30 . Boiler room Fore derrick post Calculations are to be based wherever possible on real stability information. 47 .

31 . 12. A vessel has the following particulars: Displacement is 9000 tonnes, natural rolling period is TR of 15 seconds, GM is 1.20 m. Determine the new natural rolling period after the following changes in loading have taken place: 2000 tonnes added at 4.0 m above ship’s VCG, 500 tonnes discharged at 3.0 m below ship’s VCG. 26 . 6.

There are numerous different types of ships operating today in the various markets worldwide. Ship Parts. 18. 2. self-trimming cargo holds, 37 .

Starboard is the right side of the ship. Chain locker

Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. They are considered to be safer ships for the following reasons: They have much smaller deck openings in the main deck. Direction finder antenna


Cylinder head

Condenser 16 . 25. 10. Forecastle By Ian Kennedy, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0,, Human factors in risk management: understanding why humans fail and are unreliable, The Risk Management of Safety and Dependability, Ship Stability for Masters and Mates (Seventh Edition), Oil tankers are permitted to have more Summer freeboard than, Introduction to Naval Architecture (Fifth Edition). Bilge keel 65 . In examinations, only use the approximate formulae in the absence of being given more detailed information. Knowing the parts will increase your understanding when reading about boating related topics, and will also help you orient yourself when on board a ship. Freering port 33. Table 45.1. 34 . Freeing port 28 . Merchant ship types can be classified accordingly with the major types being: general cargo ships, container ships, tankers, dry bulk carriers, passenger ships, and tugs. 23. 72 .

Propeller Forward of the collision bulkhead and in any deep tank adjacent to the collision bulkhead, and in tween decks above such tanks, web frames are required at not more than five frame spaces apart. 4. saddle tank, Sheer strake Frame Longitudinal girder 9. Fair-leader, Fair-lead ABOVE are 14 images of a large ship called a bulk carrier that carries iron ore or coal. 2 bulb 4. mast house


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