Man oh man, look at us now.

We by no means want to compare him to his father. Again, no one is allowed to rule the world except the band members in the forum and we’re super happy about that.

At an airport with my youngest & listening to my eldest.

This is dedicated to our dearest Valerie, a VERY LOYAL Tears for Fears fan who has been in this circle of love for over 15 years. Check out the drummer cake on the Tears for Fears Travel Fan social media channels. Once registered you can listen for free a few times and then you get cut off. We’re happy to see such a band with special history (and legends assisting with their production and success) find the same joy we do in the song. Many of us have been absolutely smitten with his online showcases and are thrilled to know he was the co-winner of a $15,000 award or his work “Carbon Deck” featuring an amazing city scene that takes the image of urban stillness to a whole other level. We understand that some fans had issues accessing the spectacular. It gives us a lot of hope about part II which begins in just a few weeks! Richard Blade provided the link we shared the night before the show.

KTLA was really respectful (you know what we’re talking about) and focused on the band’s bright future as well as Diva’s current career in music. No matter what donation, you can listen to it without restrictions when you pay for it. No, we didn’t get to stand side stage because, again, this was not the main stage, but the band saw us and knew their hard core soldiers were there…some of us with our books so Charlton would know we support his work as well.

James was with an opening band called The Adventures. This post is dedicated to James Colah, who is featured next to Roland and Curt in the photo above. Thanks everyone for taking the time to read and stay updated on fun band and fan news! Thank you for being so loyal! bands they've worked with or like) by Music Industry and Fans, Tears for Fears at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta #Shooketh. Dawn and Jack have agreed to be there too! Stay. So…next year?! Let’s work on unity for all of us… enjoy the read and we’ll chat again soon next quarter and include information on the travel fan app. Way to go Shaun! -The Jam Going Underground, -Madness One Step Beyond

You name it, we’re wearing it and sharing it while enjoying great conversations online –  some of which include band members! *Dedicated to Gwen, Darren, Wendy, Tamara, Bobo and the amazing fans who did everything they could to be present at each UK show! They regularly share photos and video clips. Get ready to sing, go over the set list and show up! Chat with us online and plan band travel via @papasfans (Twitter) and Tears for Fears and Kooks (Facebook). And so nice to meet all of you at the shows and I’m sorry if I leave anyone out as I’m a bit teary eyed being Ms Sensitive Pants that I am Darren, Paula, Dion, Paula’s mom, Liz from New Zealand, Martin, Martin’s lady friend and all of the others. maar nog zo geweldig ⚡️#tearsforfearstour2019 #nostalgie, A post shared by Nathalie De Neve (@nathaliedeneve) on Feb 20, 2019 at 10:39pm PST, #Dday #TearsForFears #BestBandEver #FanForever #SeeUTonight #CantWait #Im15again #LoveUGuys #rolandorzabal #curtsmith #RuleTheWorldTour #ImComing #❤ #tearsforfearstour2019 #Belgium # #Antwerp @rolandt4f @tearsforfearsmusic, A post shared by Florence Fourneau (@flo_frn12) on Feb 20, 2019 at 12:15am PST.

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