This additional elements in your patio design will naturally cause appropriate changes in the depth of soil you need to dig and the amount of gravel you need to purchase. Have a fabulous day friends! These items can be sourced from local home improvement stores. It is well loved because of the numerous advantages it gives. I created a 90 degree corner by chopping the curved ends off two blocks. For larger projects, pea gravel must be purchased from a landscaper or a gravel and stone supplier at tons or cubic yards. It can be easily mixed with other stones or landscaping materials to add beauty to a landscape, garden or patio. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Once we had the size and location we ordered our materials. A pea gravel patio is by far the cheapest DIY option! The bigger the project is, the more expenses you would incur. Some additional factors which affect the cost of a pea gravel patio are: There are different ways to create a pea gravel patio. Some of the edging materials which can be used as a gravel patio order are bricks, stones, cobblestones, flagstones, metal, galvanized steel, plastic, bender board, cedar or pressure treated wood. Rounded and more polished stones are also more expensive. The amount of space you need for your gravel patio will greatly depend on the purpose you intend to use it for. Deeply textured , this design is an example of a Mediterranean inspired concrete and pea gravel patio. If you’re making a standard rectangular pea gravel patio, you could even use pressure treated lumber that’s rated for ground contact. A pea gravel patio is a treatment for an outdoor space or paved area adjoined to a house wherein it is mainly covered with pea gravel. It can be used if you want your patio floor to be the same level as your house’s floor or if you simply want to add dimension and elevation to your outdoor space. Check out this quick video on how to make a pea gravel patio first, then follow the steps below. . Add the edging or border along the perimeter. Gravel and stones prevent soil from eroding by holding it in place. Pea Gravel Patio vs Pavers Cost. Loose stones in a gravel patio can become easily lodge into shoe soles. What is Pea Gravel?Pea Gravel Patio BorderPea Gravel Patio Cost Ways to Create a Pea Gravel PatioPea Gravel Epoxy PatioCrushed Gravel PatioPaver and Gravel PatioFlagstone and Gravel PatioSlate and Gravel PatioBrick and Gravel PatioGravel Patio Fire PitRaised Gravel PatioHow To Make a DIY Gravel PatioSteps on creating a DIY gravel patio for your home:Gravel Patio Designs. To prevent the concrete pavers from shifting over time and coming out of alignment, I installed this plastic paver edging underneath first. Thank you Meg! I totally lucked out and got a perfect fit without having to cut any pieces or adjust the edging! Do not skimp on the edging material as it will last longer. I ordered one cubic yard of pea gravel from a local supplier. Another benefit of a pea gravel patio over pavers is that the ground doesn’t need to be graded or perfectly level before you pour the stone. Because of the versatility of pea gravel, it can be mixed with any other stones or landscaping material to produce a patio design which suits your taste. It can easily transform your backyard into an extension of your living room space, a place to dine and bond with the family, to enjoy a grill out with friends, or a personal sanctuary to enjoy a book or relax after a long tiring day. An example of a slate and gravel patio, this design showcases slate set in a uniform pattern and gray pebble fillers. Small stones such as pea gravel is not advisable to be used in walkways. Paver and gravel patios are a combination of stone pavers arranged in a specific pattern and small pebbles which are used to fill in the gaps between – think of pea gravel acting as a grout for the pavers. If you have any other questions just leave them in the comments:). A raised gravel patio is an outdoor space that is raised from the surrounding ground or built at a higher level than the existing ground. Style or type of stone – The least expensive kind of pea gravel are those with solid colors. After much deliberation we decided on a pea gravel patio and couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. One of the biggest differences between a pea gravel patio and a paver patio is cost. This crushed gravel pathway leads to the large wooden structure with vaulted ceiling, fireplace and outdoor living area. I’m Jen, the creative director and founder of the NY based lifestyle blog, City Farmhouse. If you have an extra person with an extra wheel barrel this will go a lot faster. Or how do you blow the leaves off without the gravel coming up? Crushed rocks such as white marble chips are perfect for Classic inspired gardens. Wood edging material usually costs $5 per linear meter and metal edging material usually costs $6 per linear meter. This simple DIY backyard features a loose gravel area with Adirondack chairs and a border of large irregular cut rocks. This website uses cookies so that we can provide you with the best user experience possible. A concrete and gravel patio design set with a wooden horizontal fence, this space offers versatility in terms of use. Do you have to do anything for drainage for a rainy spell? Have a great day! The first layer of retaining wall blocks is even with the paver edging and the concrete walkway. Pea gravel epoxy patio, as the name suggests, is composed of 2 materials : pea gravel and epoxy. Have a nice weekend, Jen. Hi Lauren, The materials used in this patio create a stark contrast in terms of the design style used for the house interior. Then remove the grass to create a crisp line. The picture above shows a paver and gravel patio which is furnished with simple lounge chairs for a perfect relaxing feel. Jen. It’s not exactly an afternoon project! It is a wise practical investment which can give a lot of benefits in the long run compared to other filling materials. Pour 2 inches of pea gravel and spread evenly. A gravel patio is an excellent addition to any home not only because of the added beauty it gives, but also because of the multiple purposes it can offer. As you lay each paver, place a level on top. Plan out the size and shape of your patio. Delivery charges depend on the distance, ask your supplier so you can allot a specific budget for this. This type of patio is also quick and easy to do. The colorful printed pattern of the furniture and the accents pillows instantly brightens the space. The recommended depth for this is 3 inches. A gravel patio fire pit may be built adjacent to your home as a place to entertain guests and to gather family members. Bricks are typically small sun dried rectangular blocks which are made up of clay. Yes Robin, that is right. Hi friends! I tried to keep the depth consistent around the outside for the paver edging, but the middle varies between two and three inches depending on roots I encountered along the way. Looking for an easy DIY patio that doesn’t cost a fortune? I never would have thought to use pea gravel for a patio. Though it costs up to three times more than other paving materials, slate still remains to be well loved by landscapers and homeowners because it is natural looking, durable and resilient. 4. The gravel, which comes in a variety of colors, sits on the surface of the porch, held in a binder of epoxy that helps the gravel … It starts up with the push of a button, and doesn’t create obnoxious smoke that stings your eyes and seeps into your clothing! Use a straight edged shovel to cut away the grass along the line. I am an author, maker, style expert, designer, artist, photographer + influencer. It is commonly used as building material for walls and walkways. Minimalist paver and gravel patio design, this made use of square concrete blocks with gray pea seized gravel fillers. I also put a thin layer of pea gravel underneath for added stability. They work awesome, good luck!! White pea gravel works well for Classic patios offering a timeless feel. A depth of 2 inches to 4 inches is required for gardens with plants while 6 inches is needed for patios with furniture. Add at  least 6” inches of thick rock base layer to support your furniture. Labor – Installing a pea gravel patio by yourself can save you a reasonable amount of money, however if your choose to hire a professional landscaper to do the work, consider an additional amount of  $13 to $65 per hour in labor costs. It’s beautiful, Jen! An adequate height is usually 3 to 4 levels or full courses of stones joined by an adhesive or mortar. Bricks function as edging material and border to define space. Whether using you’re using the soil or crushed stone as your base, it is important to not skip this step. Measure the existing space with a measuring tape and plot your desired shape and size onto the grass with the use of spray paint. Curved benches fit perfectly around the circular fire pit, and sink into the gravel for more stability. I know you have been eagerly awaiting the details on my Pea Gravel Patio, this was not only easy but gave us the biggest bang for our buck. This casual rustic design made use of interlocking layers of bricks from the fire pit walls and large coarse rocks as filling material for the surrounding space. We are using cookies to give you the best experience on our website. If looking for a more practical solution and alternative to an expensive stone patio, wooden deck or interlocking bricks pavement, pea gravel is your best option. Yes, it is, all the stones are round:). Variations in stone color, sizes and shape create depth and character for the patio design. I bought a propane fire pit, which doesn’t produce embers that could accidentally catch the nearby trees or deck on fire. Creating the same 100 square foot patio out of pavers would cost at least five times that price! What kind of stakes did you use to hold the 2×6 down and make then sturdy? Use a hammer and masonry chisel to cut the bricks for a custom fit. There are different ways to create a pea gravel patio. It felt like I made a million trips from the side of the house where the gravel was dumped to the backyard patio. This was more than enough for a 100 square foot patio at 3 inches deep. Since small projects have small material requirements, pea gravel can be sourced from local home improvement stores. Soil which is densely packed and has clay like consistency does not need an additional stone base layer.

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