He planted his seeds into her, hearing the elevator ding a final time, ground floor. One hand wrapped around her throat, the other reaching to occasionally tug her braid - hard - or to slap her ass. "Yo! At last, volume 1 of the Percy Jackson "animated" series is ... arsedevils.com The shorts went next. "I haven't seen Annabeth here. At Reyna's questioning look, he elaborated. Hazel said. "No. ", "She'll certainly be very pleased when she comes back," Reyna commented, smirking. Frank, Hazel!" She loved the taste of him. Her glossy black hair was in her usual braid. ", "Deal?" Reyna buried her fingers in Percy's jet black hair. They didn't have much time left. Reyna hummed into his manhood. Reyna was there, tossing one of the ping pong balls up and down, lounging on one of those cushiony sofa chairs, still covered with her royal purple cape - though at least this time, she wasn't wearing her heavy golden armor, just a tight black tank top and jean shorts. ", "I don't think he can do anything," Percy said. But she didn't. Percy unlatched her bra, revealing her well-developed, fat breasts. He leaned back, so close to getting what he wanted. She practically saw stars. ", Reyna was. Percy rolled his head back, letting out a moan that was too loud for their own safety. No, no, no, he just had to concentrate. "Sounds fine to me," Reyna said. Combing fingers through thick, dark hair, he opened the door of the Room to find the Aphrodite girls crowded together, giggling and talking furiously. Drew was kind enough to remind him. Percy did his best to hold back. She slowly unzipped the button of his jeans, pulling the two ends open. "Two-one," Reyna announced. Percy immediately let out a moan. "Uh," Percy said, mouth dry. ", Percy blushed, trying his best to hide it by looking down. So they had plenty of time. 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"A long time. Her breasts were fairly small, compared to Drew's and Piper's, but they were bouncy and soft-looking, her nipples small and rosy-pink. "Hey Percy," She looked down, not wanting to meet his gaze. Reyna hummed into his mouth, impatiently waiting for him to take her. Reyna buried her fingers in Percy's jet black hair. There was something nice about it, so he didn't pull her hand off. "I'll let you sleep with me. "Need one?" ", Percy had no doubt she was serious. "Go and stand next to the ping pong table," He said, his voice becoming stronger with each word. Percy stuttered, as he did almost every time somebody asked him that question, "Oh-Oh, she's great- yeah she's great.". The surface of the ping pong table was deliciously cool against her exposed breasts. The other hand reached forward, grabbing roughly at her breasts. She was a very pretty Asian girl with long, thick, beautiful dark hair. She should've cared about the fact that Percy would throw her out before she could even realize what was happening. Concentrate.". The praetor slipped him back in, letting his hands coil around her neck and move his length into her throat. Malaysia PM calls for stability as Anwar claims majority backing, New Zealand's Ardern seen cruising to victory as election contest heats up, NZ Election 2020: Five things to know before the Judith Collins vs Jacinda Ardern debate, Steve Hansen joins NRL in surprise code switch, Dodgers win 1st World Series title since 1988, Masterly De Bruyne inspires City past tame Marseille, Browns running back Nick Chubb 'on schedule,' could return after bye week. Percy said. Percy was still in great physical shape and his swordsman skills were as good as ever, but he was well aware of how...weak he was compared to the other demigods, without his powers. ", Reyna raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms and tilting her head, "Mr. Jackson, are you hitting on me? Could he tell Reyna? Comment some more suggestions, if you want. Percy ended up learning a lot at Aphrodite Cabin. Her tank top rode up, revealing an expanse of creamy tan skin. As he spent time with Drew, he had decided to try and keep his 'tasks' secret. A frown formed on the sides of her lip. Her lips were soft, delicate, and they sent shocks down his spine. ", His mother, Sally, cracked open the door. A delicious fullness was flooding her body. "Let's see," Reyna said. Anyway, I know I'll be writing Hazel, Thalia, Clarisse, maybe Gwen (does anyone even know how she looks like?) ", "Oh, it's fine. She served. He walked into the kitchen, taking a seat next to him. Thanks!" He chuckled, "No reason. Knowing what he would do to her, she should want to stay away from her. "I need to talk to Chiron, anyways. They end on good terms and Annabeth and Leo wind up together. "The Roman campers are arriving today! "You know," Reyna said. Percy normally didn't particularly care for appearances, but Drew insisted that the green brought out his eyes, or something. She had always liked marks. Her siblings didn't bother him much, either, all they really did was giggle whenever they saw him exit what they referred to as The Room. "I mean, what does the winner get?" ", "Oh gods, don't tease me like this. Percy smiled and took her by the hand. Apparently, she had to help Chiron with something. I get it. She turned back to Percy, wanting to finish her vacation strong. ", "Thanks," Reyna said, offering a rare, genuine smile, as she reached an arm behind her and fasted her gray sports bra. "Whatever mission it is, it's a long one,". She served. The ball shot past Reyna, landing on the floor. "Oh wow. "If you start gossiping and start telling people you fucked me, I'll hunt you down and castrate you. He broke the kiss and pulled his shirt off his own body, tossing it into the now growing pile of clothes at the base of the bed. "Gods, that was hot," Percy said, grinning. He kicked her shirt into a pile of clothes in the corner of his room, zipped up his jeans, and yelled, "Come in! Percy pulled her up and on top of him, only to see her resist. Because it felt so good. "'Kay, see you later, then!". Reyna rolled out from under the bed, chuckling a little, "Damn. "I won't, Reyna," He said, earnestly. Percy pulled out and zipped his jeans back up, helping Reyna put her clothes back on as the elevator doors opened. "Mhm. "On some mission," Percy said, grunting as the ball glanced off his paddle, before spinning back toward Reyna. ", Reyna snorted. *averts eyes* Frank: dude! "You seem distracted. "What are we playing for?". ", Percy shrugged. Gods Reyna. ", "Stuff," Percy said, almost missing the ball. She threw herself on the ground, the impact barely fazing her. Or maybe not, he thought as Reyna's ball spun past him. "Tell me, Jackson, how much do you want this? Where is she?". "When should we go over to greet them?" He approached her, before reaching forward, placing his hands on her hips, and turning her toward the ping pong table. I think what we were doing was this," He switched their positions, grabbing Reyna and flipping her over. She rummaged under the pile of discarded clothing, before producing a pack of tissues and wiping herself down. NOW UPDATED AND BACK! ... www.wattpad.com ", "Mhm," Reyna said. First to go was the tank top, until she stood in a gray sports bra and jean shorts. Reyna wasn't physically uncomfortable, but Percy was taking an awfully long time t - " Oh," She squealed, as he slammed into her with a single thrust and damn, Annabeth was one lucky bitch. Reyna wailed as her insides squeezed down on his cock. That's pretty messed up." He remembered his ten tasks. They walked onto the street, Reyna saying goodbye as she stepped into the taxi. Then, without warning, a hand wrapped around her throat. You took Piper and Hazel right away from me, who knows what you guys are getting up to at Camp Half-Blood! We'll get to see Jason and Reyna and Hazel and Frank and Gwen and Bob and, basically everyone, actually!". "What, your first time fucking a real girl?" I think you got it wrong. The cold metal had gone right through him. Both times he pushed her face forward again. And..." He hesitated. Percy pinned Reyna against the wall, wasting no time at all. Reyna tossed one over to him. put some clothes on! Her dark hair fell in silky tangles, covering her perky breasts. You don't want your reputation getting smeared. Yeah, basically. And isn't Annabeth going to be waiting for you when I leave?". Reyna exclaimed. "Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck," She whimpered, her hands opening and closing, reaching forward as he began speeding up. Reyna once again flipped their positions, grabbing Percy and rolling him over, cradling herself on top of him. The second that the doors closed behind them, they got back to work. But at least he could feel that it was cold. Reyna complied, standing up and walking gracefully toward the table, her body nude and slim.

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