Plants make food and produce oxygen through photosynthesis. Eukaryotic autotrophs, such as plants and algae, have organelles called chloroplasts in which photosynthesis takes place, and starch accumulates. Option C is oxygen which is the right answer. The Calvin cycle, which takes place in the stroma, uses energy derived from these compounds to make GA3P from CO2. Your students will apply their new knowledge by answering questions throughout the reading portion and complete a summarizing quiz on the article.⭐ Topics I, I used this as a review for my 6th grade students before the test. Photosynthesis is a multi-step process that requires sunlight, carbon dioxide (which is low in energy), and water as substrates (Figure 1). This guided reading and review worksheet allows students to go over the section they just learned and answer questions right from the, Differentiated Photosynthesis Reading Comprehension Passages & Questions, Photosynthesis Craftivity {CLOSE Read & Writing}, Plant Structure and Photosynthesis: Reading Comprehension and Modeling, Photosynthesis | Cellular Respiration | Guided Reading | distance learning, Life Science Expository Reading Bundle | Guided Reading | Distance Learning, Photosynthesis- Why Leaves Change Color Reading, Photosynthesis Lab and CLOSE Reading Unit NGSS MS-LS1-6, Photosynthesis Read and Apply Interactive Notebook {NGSS MS-LS1-7}, Cells Interactive Notebook Reading Comprehension BUNDLE, Photosynthesis Reading Comprehension Passage Worksheet for Science, Photosynthesis Reading Passages - Questions - Annotations, Photosynthesis Activities Resource Bundle | Photosynthesis Google Classroom, Photosynthesis Differentiated Reading Comprehension Passages, Digital and Paper, Differentiated Paper & Digital Nonfiction Reading Passages, Distance Learning, Close Reading Article: "Plants and Photosynthesis. Students will have a great time learning about this complicated process by reading about it {CLOSE READ}, making a visual representation {Craftivity} of it and explaining it in writing {Photosynthesis Recipe} 12 questions (matching and multiple choice) assess students' understanding. The stomata are typically located on the underside of the leaf, which helps to minimize water loss. Photosynthesis occurs in the green leaves of plants in a tiny organelle called the … What is Photosynthesis? endobj Virtually every spice and flavoring in the spice aisle was produced by a plant as a leaf, root, bark, flower, fruit, or stem. In the light-dependent reactions, energy from sunlight is absorbed by chlorophyll and that energy is converted into stored chemical energy. <> Aligns with NGSS standards: 5-LS1-1 (3-5th grade)MS-LS1-7 (6th – 8th grade)HS-LS1-5 (9th-12th grade)Photosynthesis activity that includes informational reading comprehension as well as an int, Photosynthesis Reading, Coloring, and Labeling!This is a 3 page reading, coloring, and labeling activity in which students read 5 paragraphs focusing on the light and light-independent reactions of photosynthesis.

Moreover, many items are less obviously derived from plants: For instance, paper goods are generally plant products, and many plastics (abundant as products and packaging) are derived from algae.

The reading is designed to be smooth and scientific but not overwhelming. The basic equation for photosynthesis is deceptively simple.
_�~]���|=��/Nq���>-�T}���,��;�C,��[�R-X|1��PL|�)�O��?��} .#�oy��Ef���n��y~�����/7Ap� ������ �-��B��2L� �@��\��K7v�~�_ꡁ� �@ |��1��0�ݕ�#�M5*�S�,O�d�d{o��3�_ϋe3��U��u#��Eh^!޴�7 Synthesis means “putting together or making something.” The prefix “photo” means light. Reading: Introduction to Photosynthesis. What impact will this have on photosynthesis? Nitrogen has no role in process of photosynthesis. This process is called photosynthesis. ", BUNDLE ... Close Reading SCIENCE Articles & Questions.

These sugar molecules contain energy and the energized carbon that all living things need to survive. Great for homework or reteaching!Approximate Reading Level: 4-8th Grade Vocabulary covered includes:productreactantchloroplas, About this Product• This is a SINGLE, nonfiction reading passage with text-based evidence comprehension questions. Figure 4.

�L�JYK�f��������iyz_��u�K*���EG���a��l ��o�\�ϯ��㳒�ʬ�p+k��آ��ZE��-�so�쉶���=*W��g���ٕ�-�1����-ޣQ�.� S�s���U|З5h��O����'���V��ś<4� ��w�v?5�m�΢������� Quest, This “A Closer Look at Photosynthesis” pack makes it possible to differentiate instruction in distance learning or at home learning. I teach at a dual-language imm, The informational text, non fiction text covers photosynthesis and the process through which plants make their own food. ������C�:.e.�`�Sg�߿��ß4T���Y�eV��:���KL��Cr�Dl�9UZ��%�zm�^z����z�}� ��\W�^�յ6�����G}c�Τ�*�����WA�I���?���?f�̊U|�q-�]R��eJ�\Ι��x�c�5�+7�ʵ�x)���H��^khHCc�BO�6���^�K���Z.�/���W]��$J�.�뫋y��e@�N�'0�6�5D�$m�����J�� z�u�)m3��xT�,��A�_���?�\ے���\���#]&�O�:�5^FY�G]{�8d5�W�Q���Qױ�g]�I��B7%��.m5Q��hc��R�N�EW��V.u5�1��b��|��H4��ƫֵMk��E��A� �]� ;QVc��~�ZB9)�"�s���J��ט�Nà� �ep.�޲#� \��iQ���l��{��"-9�mb����%{:�.�ɽ���&y(nL��ͨ�ۓi���x�i��{܊k�����\R�ˎt��Yݕ�J�)h��,nߺ_ޙ:���Ǧ83gfR��i����������L��( ��`)�,=�f]��P��=�e(*�$��y�m��{oV]�pqi�K��W(qS���e�ॳ2��V��-�k�^�LA�KT���h|c�ei�4��Kq_�^���PM��Ό���)FH�`}j]N~¥��ο��ي�m?��4���+HǢ^A�]-x��@I��6����S�6EtedWS��p:�V���ž����j?�I�4}C�-l�`��#��0�#s�iŅ{*V\���ֵ%��ǽ��e ԱZ� 6I-K�zv��m;��_X[�pM���n0���X�`N�qc2k��݄U�q��{����Eh�������Nfgo*�ٹ�L�a-g����g�y҉�T�'�`�ߓW�Ņ�|�=n�m����SQ�IZnO�6�ԅ�;U�ƃ��['���q���`�#\u���=n��[� ��lª�{��\8�T��; -��c+�ɿ8X����\ܭ8'7{(���h�$iu6�#��'��ݯ�OF���D��%Ĺ4�o���/�RԲ�|�-l��׾�I5r�Z� 7��@�TI�(�%�T��ᗶx�_X�����.�u����M�˕G�*��'�. <>

In plants, photosynthesis generally takes place in leaves, which consist of several layers of cells. 4 0 obj In addition, several enzymes of the light-independent reactions are activated by light.

This is perfect for at home learning or distance learning in both ELA and Science as well as part of a plants unit, reading nonfiction texts, and for guide, Looking for a fun way to teach Photosynthesis? Includes a reading passage that explains the process of photosynthesis and respiration. ������Ϯ�X�X�����"�˂�8 �Y�o`�O��`=��E��t~���~Qm���^�_,���+�� The thylakoid membrane encloses an internal space called the thylakoid lumen. I like red apples the best. What is Photosynthesis? endobj Photosynthesis is the conversion of light energy into chemical energy by living organisms 4. Oxygen is generated as a waste product of photosynthesis. 3. vY����i��@���%-���AM In reality, the process takes place in many steps involving intermediate reactants and products. This product is perfect for integrating science and language arts into one activity.This Close Reading Article & Question Set includes a 2-page article, instructions for annotating the article, and questions aligned with the ELA Common Core Reading In, ⭐⭐⭐⭐Students will learn about photosynthesis in this engaging, informative, and no-prep science literacy article activity with guided practice.

Reading Comprehension Questions also included! Therefore, although the light-independent reactions do not use light as a reactant, they require the products of the light-dependent reactions to function. Click the link to learn more about photosynthesis.

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