A widespread, medium growing species of puffer, the Milk Spotted Pufferfish can be found in brackish to marine coastal environments across most of the Indo-Pacific. Origin: This Puffer lived in freshwater streams, rivers, and ponds in Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia in Southeast Asia, where they were caught and shipped to us by very skillful fish collectors.

This Puffer can tolerate a wide range of water conditions. The addition of Lava Rocks will keep nitrates in the ideal range. Betta Fish Care Infographic, a handy cheat sheet that will benefit any keepers of Siamese Fighting Fish. Since puffers do not have gill covers or scales, they are thought to be more susceptible to diseases, nitrite, nitrate and ammonia levels. Fahaka puffer: This is a type of freshwater puffer fish for sale that is medium sized and may have reddish purple stripes.

With their small adult size, inquisitive nature, and interesting group dynamics, they are deservedly popular among nano aquarium keepers and they will do well in an aquascaped or planted tank. Life Span: This Puffer can live for several years, maybe many years with excellent care, including excellent water and premium fish foods.

We have 380-aquariums with lots-and-lots of popular aquarium fish plus lots-and-lots of rare fish! Once the fry hatch and yoke sac is depleted, they will feed on brine shrimp. Although they will likely migrate out to the Indian Ocean as they grow, juveniles may remain in brackish conditions for extended periods. A unique ambush predator found in the Middle Mekong drainage in Thailand, Laos, and possibly Cambodia, the Hairy Puffer gets its name from the ring of small fleshy tassels that surrounds its head. Other common names it is known my include Mekong Puffer, Suvatti Puffer, Hognose Puffer, and Pig-Face Pufferfish. The Pignose Puffer Tetraodon suvattii is a medium sized freshwater puffer fish reaching up to 6" (15 cm).

Live Plants are beautiful and improve the water quality. Decor: These Puffers do not need gravel, and a layer of gravel more than 1/4" thick will usually fill with bits of uneaten food that will contaminate the water. Most Congo Puffers are a tan or beige, but a rarer reddish-orange variant also exists and is sometimes available in the trade.

Their beaks grow quickly so frozen (or live) crayfish and other hard-shelled food items are an important addition the diet to help wear down their sharp beaks.

Here in our facilities the water is hard and the pH is usually about 7.8. Click here to learn more about aquarium filters. Although territorial with their own species, individual specimen can vary in temperament, so may or may not be more tolerant of other larger species. The Pig-nosed Puffer is not a particularly active fish so a tank of 20 - 30 gallons should be large enough to keep one happy. thanks

Figure 8 Puffer Fish (2 Inches) $ 22.99 $ 18.99 Add to cart. Some other common names are Mekong Puffer, derived from its native origin, and Suvatti Puffer derived from its scientific name.

: Just above, a nice young Figure-8 Pufferfish and a Green Spotted Puffer, swimming in one of our aquariums, when we took these pictures. Popularity: These are rare fish and so have not yet had a chance to be popular. We consider ourselves to be the link between the world's best sources of fish and the world best customers.

Filter — Items for your Aquarium. Here in our facilities the water is hard and the pH is usually about 7.8. In the aquarium they are interesting if not particularly active fish, best kept in a species tank. They all arrived alive and appeared to be healthy. Want to buy sliver dollar fish male and female.

It uses a stealth technique by burying themselves in the sand with only their eyes exposed.

A highly adapted ambush predator found in the fast-flowing waters of the middle Mekong, the Pignose or Arrowhead Puffer spends most of its time buried in sandy or silty substrate in the wild. They will make aggressive displays by circling and flattening out their bodies, but will normally retreat without injury if they have their own space. They need very fresh freshwater with frequent partial water changes. A unique and rarely seen freshwater puffer from the Greater Mekong Basin in Thailand and Cambodia, the Red Spot Puffer (formerly known as Tetraodon abei) is typically found in shallow water habitat with significant plant coverage. Amazon puffer: Amazon puffers for sale have distinct yellow and black stripes. Our fish have better health, more energy and brighter colors, as you can see in our pictures on this website. This species is therefore best kept alone. Because the puffer does not have scales or gill covers they are more prone to parasites and bacterial infections. Should have rotating powerheads as well to create currents like the rivers they come from. This Pufferfish has been spawned a few times in freshwater aquariums.

One of the smallest and most peaceful of all freshwater puffers, the Spotted Congo or Schoutedeni Puffer is found in stretches of the middle Congo River in Central Africa. Probably a pH of about 7 with moderate hardness is best. Filter by price. They are also more difficult to train to aquarium fare.

The Immaculatus or Yellow Eye Puffer is typically found in marine and reef habitats throughout the Indo Pacific, but like several other pufferfish species it occasionally ventures into brackish water areas like estuaries and lagoons and are able to adapt to salinity as low as 10ppt.

Heterobothrium Infection is also common, it is an infection of the gills. Among the more peaceful species of puffer, they can be maintained in groups in a sufficiently large aquarium as long as ample cover is provided. These puffers have an almost mating dance. An intelligent and fascinating fish for an appropriately large aquarium, Fahaka Puffers are best kept in a species tank on their own. In the aquarium, they will accept a wide range of frozen protein-rich foods and the occasional live feeder shrimp. Peaceful, hardy, and active, they will get along with most tankmates as long as they aren’t small enough to be considered a meal. Providing plenty of decor and having it situated in such a way as to break up their line of sight will help to prevent fighting. These fish were collected in mangrove swamp habitat in Negombo Lagoon, Sri Lanka, where salinity ranges from 10 – 18ppt. Puffers have strong teeth that grow throughout their lives.

It buries itself in the sand with its eyes barely exposed. Most Congo Puffers are a tan or beige, but the much rarer orange variant is unmistakable and sought after in the hobby.

This fish is also known as the Dragon Puffer and the Humpback Puffer. The Arrowhead or PIgnose Puffer was then recorded as the first of the Tetraodon species to spawn in an aquarium.

With some of these fish, depending on temperament, removing the fish or netting them my be necessary during cleaning. We also offer lots and lots of information about keeping pet fish, all from the knowledge of the Bailey Brothers, who have a combined total of 100+ years of experience as breeders, wholesalers, and retailers of pet fish!

Click here for more about aquarium plants. In the wild, they mainly inhabit clear water areas with moderate to low current and will do best in an aquarium with similar conditions. A well decorated tank will help cut their line of stress down, reducing their aggression and stress of seeing each other. Although not considered rare, the Pignose Puffer or Arrowhead Puffer are only occasionally available.

A rarely seen relative of the popular Amazon Puffer (Colomesus asellus), the Parrot Puffer is found in coastal waters of Northeastern South America where it inhabits light to moderate brackish environments.

They are enthusiastic eaters and will learn to beg for food at the front of the tank quickly – the best food items for Mbu are protein-rich frozen feeds like clam, squid, etc. A Formaldehyde bath can help cure this. We love our work, and we are very responsible. All rights reserved. "Beautiful fish, I asked for color and aquariumfish delivered.

Maximum Size: In aquariums, this Puffer often can grow to be about 8" long , but they live many years and continue to grow slowly for their entire lives. This is a group of Tetraodon  freshwater puffer fish that are so-named because they all have a distinctive circular marking, or eyespot, on the back half of the body between the dorsal and anal fins resembling an archery target. Amazon Puffers are primarily carnivores but will usually accept a wide variety of frozen and freeze dried foods.

If you are going to attempt to keep more then one in a tank make sure to heavily decorate and plant the tank to break the line of sight, which will relax the puffers and help prevent aggression. This species can be kept in  groups, although they should be fed heavily and given plenty of cover to avoid aggression.

Click here to learn more about using Lava Rocks in aquariums. If you feel you must have some other fish in the tank with them, try quick species that swim at or near the surface but after reading their description and our introduction...don't say you weren't warned! Show Filters . It is also has a distinctive circular marking on each flank of the body half that resembles an archery target.

602.268-1462 ho Piranha Fish Species, description, information, habitat, and more! The Pufferfish can be quite long lived in the aquarium, many living for 10 or more years. The Tetraodon suvattii was first successfully bred in captivity 1973 by Patrik Recher. The Pig-nosed Puffer generally has a rather mottled brownish appearance.

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