"@type": "Question", I will often use two different baits on them. They can indeed, pike will follow a scent trail a fair ways underwater. Their sense of smell is not as well developed as some species. Dead bait pike fishing is definitely one of the most lucrative ways of catching many and also big Northern pike. Quick Strike Rigs. When choosing Northern pike bait you might start thinking about their diet and what would work best on them. If you don’t want to tie your own dead bait rigs, there’s always the possibility to buy pre-tied rigs. Tied together with the scent factor is the time factor of dead bait fishing. This way you’re able to set one treble through the head and the other through the back. For pike fishing, it’s always a good idea to use a larger reel (4000 and up) so that you can use thicker line for extra strength. I use a 12 foot Greys Prodigy SX with 2¾lb test curve (discontinued). Like many Pike anglers I use my Carp rod for dead baiting. "acceptedAnswer": { I’m the guy behind Pike Caster. Don’t keep the bait in warm temperature overnight as it starts to rotten and might not be attracting pike as well. At those times, pike are very active and searching for prey. For the main line, I mostly recommend a 25+ lb braided line but if the water bottom is very rocky you can use strong fluoro or mono instead as they don’t tare as easily. As always its smart to consult your local fishing regulations about this." You can often get several times more smelt or anchovies for the same price as a package from your local bait shop." Either way, keep in mind that the ends of the hooks should be facing towards the tail of the bait. ", Another popular option is with a shorter leader on the dorsal hook and a longer one on the head hook so that your bait will hang head down in the water. "name": "How do you make Dead Bait Rigs for Pike? One of the main reasons why dead baits are so effective is because they emit certain scent in the water. Vancouver has a multitude of saltwater fishing spots available to anglers. Pike Caster also participates in affiliate programs with Clickbank, and other sites. You can easily make a quick strike rig for pike fishing with dead bait. When lure fishing for pike, you usually have a rod that is around 7-8 ft (2,1-2,4 m) long. The whole idea around this is to get the bait in the water as quickly as possible. Some people also add a third treble hook to the rig, if the regulations in that jurisdiction allow ." There are actually a number of ways you can hook the bait and it somewhat depends on which dead bait rig you’re using.

Some people will also catch and freeze suckers for this purpose also. Another thing I will do with a jack fish rig is swap out one of the hooks  for a jig head.I find yellow or green jig heads particularly effective in this case. When you were rigging a dead bait for Pike with a quick strike rig you have a couple of options on how to orient the bait. Standard snelled hooks will work fine for applications such as float fishing. You need to get bait, carry a lot of stuff with you, set up rigs, set the hook the right way, etc. A very popular way is to make sure your folks are set of equal length so the bait hangs horizontally in the water. If you are going for larger pike consider a much larger dead bait on a quick strike rig. Herring is a perfect bait because it’s very oily and produces a lot of scent which pike can start hunting down quickly. Instead of the monofilament leaders holding the hooks in this case there is a solid steel leader.

Pike will eat carrion naturally so smelly dead fish is their thing. This will ensure a “head down” presentation as most fish take bait fish head first. You set your rig up and wait until you get a hit. This way you don’t have to waste precious time in the morning when you could instead be catching pike already. Dead bait pike fishing is one of many great ways to catch pike both in rivers and lakes. The only thing with pre-tied rigs is that may not have the perfect amount line for the weights or hooks – this is something you need to watch out for.

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