Zonked: Cook the poppy flowers in the pot of water to make a sleeping potion, then feed it to the priest so he falls asleep. Choose the devil and hit the priest with a broom. Use the rope on him and he will join your party thanks to your antics! Give him a coin Do not rush to give your grandmother a coin. hunter with a gun. the “arrow” in the upper left corner of the screen to see a map of the world. Entertain the seller using the devil. You will see a hunter here spinning his revolver around. Now draw water into the pot, return to the house with the evil old woman. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Tap on the acorn on the floor to collect it, then use the cooked potatoes on the hunter. Pilgrims By: Amanita Design Pilgrims is the latest point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design. Switch to the hunter to hit the priest in the face. Rummy: Give the priest the bottle of wine to make him drunk. If you now give the acorn to the hunter (old woman), then you will lose it. boats by the river and talk to the boatman. very flowers plucked at the old woman’s house in a pot of water and serve them Learn how your comment data is processed. Pass him a bottle of alcohol. To do this, you need a worm and fly agaric. 43 return to the hole of the devil. Hit the bear with a broom on the head. You will receive the achievement (30/45). For this The barkeep has just what the hunter is looking for, but wants a cooked fish. be one step closer to catching the bird. Pilgrims is the latest point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design. window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || []; Sweeping Prop: Using the Bandit, shove the broom in the dragon’s mouth. Let me know if you want help finishing the walkthrough! Then he’ll undress and go skinny-dipping. The King is Naked: Have the Bandit visit the lake. Give the bear sleeping pills. There must be a rope in the inventory. A devil will appear here that will Pilgrims is a charming new adventure game from the minds that brought us Samorost and Machinarium. Take out the old woman and cheer She will give one of them Sleeping Potion: Make a sleeping potion by cooking the poppy flowers in hot water and then feed it to the bear. When his eyes catch fire, douse them with the pot of water. unlocking all the others. Achievement (41/45). The hunter will become the new king, and you will receive two achievements (34/45 and 35/45). When speaking to the bartender, you can use Speechcraft or Psychology to convince him to tell you more about the Mob. You will find yourself in a clearing. You find out that he is not really interested in terrorizing anyone, he just wants to be friends with the princess. Here lives an old woman with a Show her to taken the coin, go outside and go to the building on the right. Direct Hit: Have the Bandit punch the priest. Return to the castle to find out how it all ended. Pull the devil out A man will not be able Use the hoe to dig up some potatoes(?). Give Debt Free: Head to the garden and pick up the hoe. Turn around, forward 2x, right and note the wheel on the side of the caravan. I used the coin and then the rope. Take the devil into command in the manner described above. Leave for now. You cannot pull the bridge lever just yet, but go ahead and collect that white worm right below it. Ouch! Take it, go back to the lake and catch the fish using the worm. The Devil is My Friend: Use the fishing rod (or coin) to get the Devil out of his hole and then give him to rope to get him to join you. Use the pilgrim and the farmer will give him a nice sunflower. Pick up a pot. of the hole with a fishing rod, and then give him the rope. Pilgrims Walkthrough: Guide to All Puzzle Solutions, Idle Civilization Cheats: Tips & Guide to Evolve, Develop and Advance in Game, Thieving Unicorns Join the Klepto Family in KleptoCorns, Mobile MMORPG Warhammer: Odyssey New Trailer Shows Classes and More, Cyberpunk Game Ghostrunner Launches On Nintendo Switch Next Week, Monster Hunter Rise New Gameplay Shows A Great Sword Hunt. The king will tell you of how the giant chicken dragon reigned terror over his kingdom, and he lost his diamond in the process. You will find yourself in a clearing. Then, while the broom or fishing rod is in the jaws of the monster, fire the pistol with acorn. gtag('js', new Date()); right side of the map, to the volcanoes. Trade him the sword for your bag of coins. Do Not Disturb: Give the acorn to the sea monster. double-clicking anywhere on the map will allow you to move faster on it. the lake, where the merman lives and where you fished. As a result, you get a pot of water. Precious Barter: Give the diamond to the once-sad-now-happy guy to get the sword from him. Go to the castle Achievement (5/45). for which you will be one step closer to catching the bird. There will In this case, you need to hit the dragon with a broom, then insert it into the mouth of the monster, and then shoot the pistol with an acorn. Help your fellow pilgrims out and see their stories to the end; who knows what you will learn? Prepare the Immediately upon entering, you will see a fishing rod and a sword sticking out of a hole. Home Sweet Home: Use the Devil and the rope to scare the the long-nosed man so he drops his broom. Would love your thoughts, please comment. With the diamond recovered, use the hunter to pull the level to ope the way. Give the bear a bottle of alcohol. of coins and achievement (26/45). «Dragon» will appear in the upper left corner of the screen, in the mountains to the left of the fire. You will receive the achievement (2/45). It’s an insanely charming game, but can also be tricky at times. Return it to the volcanoes, Congratulations, you have finished Pilgrims! Funny Hobo: You need to entertain the depressed guy using the Tramp. In addition, if you helped the devil, the old woman and the hunter, you can finally catch the bird. Switch to the old woman and shoot the acorn with a pistol. Ready for Bed: Give the bear the bottle of wine to make him drunk. Give it to the innkeeper to drink a glass of beer. Give him the diamond and he will reward you with a bag full of coins! Pilgrims tips, hints and walkthrough guide. to the house with a chimney in the center of the map. The hunter will join your party! Funny Devil: You need to entertain the depressed man using the Devil. Dusted: Hit the bear over the head with the broom. Psychology Ruin his day by suggesting he is seeking escape from his failures in darts.

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