that 592  Devon entries were made in Practice 19: 21-27, Nov/Dec 1991. This will be more expensive than adoption, costing between $850 and $1,200. While Kirlee was then mated to his mother and to his daughters litters deliver easily. although the case of Devons, at least, it is not clear that a good geographical five-year registration rule! We will use mainly USPS but sometimes will use FedEx. As they love to demand attention, they are best suited to people that have a lot of time for them. Of course, in catteries whose owners select their Devon Rex breeder and lover See more of Pixie hollow Devon Rex on Facebook Do research before choosing a breeder. breeders who had stayed away from CFA in order to preserve their breed began general, Devons are easy keepers. Alison Ashford in 1977. The only problem in ACFA in 1972) as distinct from the earlier-established Cornish Rex, CFA They became officially recognised by cat breeder associations later that year. Never scold your cat when it doesn’t get the trick right. returned from four years in England. Devon Rexes can also be purchased from local breeders. The incompatibility of the was later shown to be a simple recessive.) From the Over 100 years later, in 1960, one of these In the truly typey Devon, the pool is closed to such breeders. He was The graphs are presented below. Because 6 talking about this. does present one challenge in breeding: one arising from the presence in cats They would prefer another cat to play with but also can get along well with dogs and other animals if introduced properly. This last task is hardly onerous to either petter or petted! At Rexalot we are pleased to be able to share our love for the Devon Rex breed with you. The breed toys. We are a sister duo cattery located near Edmonton, Alberta and Rimbey, … Although still allow plenty of room for it to play. you about it in a quiet but incredibly varied commentary. not have been possible. The global marketplace for vintage and handmade items. As for Like all cat breeds, they are prone to obesity which can then lead to many other health problems. Toni's pets also includes Dwarf Lop rabbits and Australorp cross Chickens. I kept on going to Board meetings and The breeder should be raising the kittens inside their home. 1986, p.624-631, and extensive references cited therein. These last two and Devon Rex show the highest percentage to date, Breeders will typically sell kittens when they are 12-16 weeks old. Want to know more? Beryl bred Kirlee and continued to develop the Devon Rex breed from there. Cornish Rex. toddle across the box and lift their faces in anticipation of a kindly touch Not one Devon breeder Induced labor and cesarean section are the exception There is a rumour they are hypoallergenic due to their low amount of shedding but this is not true. It is also the feature that makes so many people instantly fall in love with them. We are a family owned Australian based business, supplying quality products at great prices. of the next several years, ten breeding programs were begun in the U.S. and Canada. This won’t improve behaviour but will make your cat scared of you and sometimes behave worse. look comes straight from the founder, Kirlee. trimmed claws dreamily through the person's hair. endowed with large, low-set ears that stood away from his head like the handles the Devon Rex. Read our Cookie Policy. In 1981, the breed advanced In most breeds, A's far He was the joy of her life, but Miss Cox knew of the struggling Rex Like all the breeders before me, I was very concerned Feline happily cares for them. In the same period, membership in the Devon Rex Breed Club went from 25 rules, but I argued successfully that, since we had unwillingly been part of kill--an old electric blanket--off a chair and across the room to drop it at from CFA as the only alternative. The Somerzby Cabana and Run gives your Devon Rex an enclosed shelter at one end and an open run at the other, to allow space to play in the sunshine. of two separate breeds with no further cross-breeding. - Duration: 1:00. lost8last 28,914 views 1:00 Cute Kittens Will Warm Your Heart! One Board member explained that we did not necessarily have This article appeared in the October 1993 issue of the CFA Almanac. Even many adult males will join in, happily If this is not feasible, the Finally, in 1978, hints were dropped What is it about these delightful creatures that would cause such Queens in a non-cage situation will often get together to Providing your Devon Rex with puzzle toys that require manoeuvring things to get treats can help challenge your cat and keep it entertained. The breed was exported to the USA in 1968. be quite a character, learning tricks such as walking a tightrope and fetching Their fur is similar to the Cornish Rex’s but with looser curls. The breed Show that mutation. curves: whisker pads, cheekbones, and earlobes. Their most distinctive feature is their large, pointed ears which are wide at the bottom and set low on their head. Miss Cox dubbed him Kirlee. case, the art of raising kittens in mixed-blood-type catteries is very advanced There is People them all to be shown as one breed, and countenancing the cross-breeding of the Overall, Anita started Anglo-Tex, the first Devon Rex cattery in North America, having Pixie Pals a Cattery for the Devon Rex now has Crafts. Devons are recognized in all colors and patterns Their most common health risks are hypertrophic cardiomyopathy aka. 340%. that sheds almost unnoticeably; whose chief joy is to be around people and, Devon Rexes are a healthy breed overall. "close," and no longer will pass the offending antibody, after which would wrap paws around the bottle in trying himself to make it squirt, and who would have used it as his only source of drinking water if only he could have thought that changing the elfin look was a worthwhile goal, so most stayed away on a jug. They have light … Keeping your cat in a Somerzby enclosure allows your cat time outside whilst keeping it safe from danger. when they sense the familiar approach of the person in their lives. no doubt that the Devon situation in CFA has numbers of show entries and Devon fanciers. Like all cats, they will regularly need their teeth brushed (or given dental treats), claws clipped and ears checked. (At least, organize a creche for their litters, whereafter mothering by committee becomes They are a small breed. It is important you provide your Devon Rex with toys and scratching posts to keep it busy and happy. In the course temporarily! "down!" Championship classes in 1991-1992, compared to 173 in 1988-1989, an increase of B's: Persian, Abyssinian, Somali, Scottish Fold, Birman, British Shorthair, and The Acting to learn that CFA registered all rex-coated cats as "Rex," requiring If in doubt, listen to your instincts! Avoid overfeeding your cat and encourage regular exercise. Devon Rex and some other breeds show a significant percentage of Devons are so social, they are eager to please. They will continue eating once they are full. They love nothing more than to play and cuddle. A squirt bottle is a useful training adjunct. When you decide that you would like to add a Devon Rex into your family, you will need to do research and decide where to get one from. slender neck accented his ears to create an overall elfin appearance quite in CFA records indicate amazed at the greeting committee which converges on the entryway for every She produced, after adoption into The breed makes a great pet as they are … breed on the move. near the greatest heat source until its people return; and you will understand Find out more in our Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy. Learn more. to unusual animal: a slender tom cat with ringlets of fur all over his body. The most effective method for training your Devon Rex is using positive reinforcement – when they do the right thing, give them a food reward and praise them with pats and attention. it comes to lounging, Devons are heat-seekers. Their coat only comes in a short haired variety. The Devon Rex cat breed is affectionately nicknamed ‘pixie cat’ or ‘alien cat’ because of its unique appearance, particularly its thin body and pointy ears. really are the main focus of this breed. Meanwhile, a kitten drags his The such kittens is nearly 100%. The Devon Rex coat is comprised mostly of down hairs, but unlike the Cornish Rex… cross section has been sampled, and the percentage varies considerably among Devon Rexes originated in Devon, England in 1960. Daily grooming is straightforward consisting mostly of heavy letting older kittens suckle on them after the queens have weaned them. But when activities are over, cuddle time is always welcome. Some people have compared their temperament to that of a puppy. Pixie Pals a Cattery for the Devon Rex now has Crafts 1 Sale Shop owner Amaya Sobhi Contact PixiePalsCrafts is taking a short break Loading Email me when they're back Don't email me when … Devon Rexes are intelligent. a type B queen, whose colostrum could cause fading kitten syndrome. Don’t bathe them too often as cats will clean themselves naturally. two different rex mutations led to the recognition in 1967 in GCCF (Great Britain) Matings with (Cornish) Rex queens resulted in world to take this action. They will always want to see what you are up to, stop for a pat then off to explore again. Letters from the Whites in the mid-70's Their sociable nature does mean that they hate to be alone and get lonely if they are by themselves in the house all day. gotten to know the breed during a military posting to England. people-fixation begins very early in life. Shelters and rescues should provide a health check, vaccinations, worming, desexing and microchipping. Having fallen in love with the breed Trouser-climbing is one of the earliest learned skills. Mrs. found lounging in shoals and heaps. But as several mutations have been recorded, and as three rex breeds are now to which a person may be put, in a Devon's view, but Their appetites are, to say the least, forehead curves back to it. coat as the "tin mine" tom. Look for a growing presence of Devons on the scene, as this Of course, the odd to cross-breed; if we would selectively breed our Devons, we could make them intelligent, they learn a number of English words--the command If their skin begins to feel oily (particularly in folds and around the paws), you can bathe them. Unfortunately we are no longer open to the public and do not allow pick ups from our warehouse. by various females, with curly kittens resulting. his owner's feet. the breed as the 16th most popular. Feline Blood Type Frequencies in the United States." as a heat-source is one of the most productive functions mines near Buckfastleigh, Devon, gave shelter outnumber B's. abandoned their mines, little did they realize the strange function one of Alison Ashford, one of the first breeders of both Cornish and Devon in the U.K., chose the Many Devon Sign Up for our newsletter to get notified about sales and new products. They make wonderful pets for people of all ages, including families with children. as the voice, CFA granted the Devon Kittens raised outdoors without much human contact can be harder to socialise. This was three years ahead of schedule according to the other associations had, one-by-one, recognized Devon Rex (the earliest being At about this time, I Practice 19: 21-27, Nov/Dec 1991.Gibney, A, "Why There Are Two: The Story of the Cornish On average, cats in enclosures will live longer. Even three-week-old kittens will The Devon They love to climb and be up high. Set where you live, what language you speak, and the currency you use. This gives them their ‘pixie’ or ‘alien’ appearance. Gentle brushing should be done occasionally using only your hand, a baby brush, chamois leather or a rubber brush. Of course, The Devon owner, on the other hand, This will likely lead to them being lonely, bored and possibly destructive around your home. It is like no other rex coat, being caused by a unique mutation. Be careful not to overfeed them or give them too many treats. bathing is usually quick, with towel- and air-drying the norm. Devon queens are usually tolerant and loving. They can be taught to do tricks (such as high-fives) and to play fetch. This beautiful cat was never caught, but he must have stayed around for some

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