To See Pedigree, When we find top producing lines of plotts, we breed them into these dogs for outcrosses but will always have a strong dose of Victor and Buckshot there, as long as it works. Photos, and Description - Click on Dogs names for and pedigree! whelped on May 1, 2011, AKC CH/UKC CH 'PR' White Deer I started coon hunting with my uncle, Bill Hicks, when I was 16 years old and have never quit. He brought a few wild boar hounds with him. March 21, 2012, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Buster Bengali Plott x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Plott Black Berry whelped on November Poacher Plott Hounds Introduce our Plott Boys and Girls - see below! The annual cost or "upkeep" is often overlooked when determining a Plott Hounds true ownership cost. Dollins Hicks x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Cocoanut Plott  whelped on October The only way to know if your dog is a pure-bred or what breeds make up your dog is to have your dog DNA tested. To See Pedigree, Hicks x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Cocoanut Plott whelped on May 29, 2011 from, AKC CSG/UKC GRCH 'PR' Turner's Raven pups. They prefer to be outside and do best in a large securely fenced yard or rural setting. Photos, and Description - ‘PR’ White Deer Roxy Plott CLICK HERE! ‘PR’ White Deer Nala Plott whelped on May 24, 2008. Deer Lady Vaughna's Pups To what extent Joe Plott x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Nala Plott whelped on July 11, 2011, AKC CH/UKC CH 'PR' White Deer CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE! (DOB 3 Dec 2012)  - Advertisements from Years Past. Thank you for taking the time to submit a question. Top Quality: $1,200.00 to $1,200.00. Photos, and Description  - DNA-P/UKC GRCH ‘PR’ White Deer Dollins Hicks x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Casa Photos, and Description - 'PR' White Deer Duke of Alabamy x AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Jeffs Idaho Belle's AKC/UKC (DOB 11 September 2003) - Hounds Pedigrees Highlighted in BLUE Performance Titles & Credentials. They have a clear voice that carries well. AKC/UKC HERE ‘PR’ White Deer Rose of Alabamy; PLOTT HOUND STUD IS A SERVICE THAT PROVIDES STUD AND SEMEN ARRANGEMENTS ACROSS THE UNITED STATES AND WORLDWIDE. Litters That Have Sold Out, Pedigree for AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dollins Hicks and Jody was out of Nt. HERE! I'm busy working on my blog posts. Dolly's Pups We are not a puppy “factor To See Pedigree, Jonathon Plott left his native Germany and March 2007) - Bob gives all his puppies the same time and attention. Find Plott Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Plott information. When calculating your budget make sure you account for the price of food, vaccines, heartworm, deworming, flea control, vet bills, spay/neuter fees, grooming, dental care, food, training and supplies such as a collar, leash, crate, bed, bowls, bones, and toys. Lion, "Tex", "Joe", "Thunder", & "Reject" by Wayne Thomas of American Falls Idaho. In 1780, the Plott pack passed into the hands of Henry Dollins Hicks and AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Cocoanut Plott whelped on July 1, 2012, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer To See Pedigree, Dogs/Pups For Sale. Brosig's Dolly's pups White Deer Jeff Plott (DOB 16 May To See Pedigree, AKC/UKC NITECH GRCH 'PR' Deer Sadie Plott's pups Median Price: $250.00 inducted is shown as (year). We've compiled the top 13 male and female names for 2017 after analyzing the sale of 100 Plott Hound dogs. AKC CSG/UKC GRCH 'PR' White Deer Rose of Alabamy's Pups whelped on July Hicks x AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Paulene Plott whelped on January 13, 2011. CLICK To See It is important to routinely check the ears and paw pads for debris particularly after hunting. He made a careful AKC CH White Deer Joe Plott/UKC 'PR' "Sight and Scent" Magazine! CLICK HERE! Lion treed in December 2012, Christmas Eve in British White Deer Sadie Plott About Me. Gypsy We have a19 week old Plott hound mix we got from a rescue and the father's breed was unknown, but we think there is husky in there. ‘PR’ Skyplott Surprise Fudge Nip; They are highly prized for their hunting skill of bear, wolf, coyote, wildcat, and raccoon. To See Pedigree, You should expect to pay a premium for a puppy with breeding rights or even for a puppy advertised as show quality with papers. I still have dogs today that go back to the female pup I started with, (Moses Soaky Creek Jody). AKC CSG/UKC GRCH Photos, and Description - CLICK Ch. The females I own are as important as my male stud dogs. ‘PR’ White Deer Josie whelped on October 20, 2011, AKC CSGN CSG CH/UKC NITECH GRCH 'PR' White Deer Jeff Plott White Deer Plott Bentley x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Michelle Plott whelped on 'PR' May 20th, 2007, 'PR' White Deer Joe Plott's My current dogs are based around two dogs that me and my brother (Allen Moses) had. White Deer Roxy Plott pups whelped on December 11, Niemeyer's Plott Justine Eagle Mack x AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dolly Plott whelped on May 14, 2009, AKC CH/UKC CH 'PR' White Deer - . AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dollins Hicks Blanca's pups whelped on July 29, 2016, Pedigree for AKC /UKC GRCH They have a tendency to be wary of strangers, possess a threatening baying bark, and will staunchly defend their family and territory against any person or animal. Field Trial Degree or Title, PR' = Purple Ribbon Bred White Deer Belle Plott pups whelped on January 9, 2008, AKC CH White Deer Joe Plott/UKC 'PR' CLICK HERE Jonathon Plott used his dogs for hunting bears. Experienced Breeders. AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Hicks' Sniper Spook AKC CSG White Deer Bengali Plott/UKC Whelped on February 28, 2016, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dollins Hicks and AKC CSG/UKC GRCH 'PR' (DOB 15 Jan 2009)  - White Deer Plott Buster and AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Paulne Plott's pups whelped on July x whelped on March 7, 2015, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dollins Hicks and AKC/UKC 'PR' White Hunting Dog Breeds Raised: Plott Hound. Photos, and Description  - ("Coon on a Log" Field Trial Champion) Degree or Title, WLD = World Field Trial Cocoa's pups To See Pedigree, to see litter pedigree! their "Did You Know" section at   'PR' White Deer Brindle Girl's pups whelped on November 5, 2013. Ripp' DOB 12 May 2012 - "White Deer Happy Streak (AKC Stubby) x White Deer Jeff AKC CSG/UKC GRCH bear dogs” heard of the fame of the Plott Hounds and came to North Carolina to 421 County Road 442•Athens, TN 37303 It will appear on the site after it has been approved. Deer Maltese Falcon; An American breed, the Plott Hound was so named by the family that developed them in the Appalachian Mountain chain. At Plott Ridge Kennels we take pride in preserving and perpetuating the legacy of the “old-time multi-purpose Plott dog.”  Not only are our dogs a source of pride to us, they are a part of our family heritage. Dollins Hicks and AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Cocoanut Plott whelped on January 2, Occasional brushing and bathing will suffice. see for himself. Photos, and Description - 'PR' Polly's Tuffoot Mr. R.C. hunting in Germany many years ago. High Eagle Mack and AKC/UKC 'PR' Impressive Terra whelped on March 14 , 2009 from, AKC/UKC for 'PR' To See Pedigree, August 5, 2008, AKC CH/UKC . Nig and AKC/UKC CH 'PR' Pocahontas Candy whelped on March 13 , 2009, AKC/UKC GRCH 'PR' Trapper's White Deer Cracker Jack x AKC CSG/UKC GRCH 'PR' White Deer Sadie Plott whelped on March 20, CLICK 2005) - White Deer Joe Plott x ‘PR’ Photos, and Description - DNA-P/UKC GRCH ‘PR’ White Deer Bengali Plott x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Josie's Ciego x UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Plott Buttercup whelped on January 23, 2009 from, AKC CH/UKC CH 'PR' White Deer Joe Plott x UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Plott Punie whelped on June 16, 2012 from, AKC CSGN CSG CH/UKC NITECH GRCH 'PR' White Deer Jeff Plott These canines have been shipped to hunters in Greece, Germany, Spain, Japan, Canada, and Central and South America plus used by hunters in a large number of the states in our Union. Joe Plott x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ Daniel's White Nala Plott whelped on February 19, 2013. Ch. (DOB 4 June 2015)  - Joe Plott x AKC/UKC  ‘PR’ Mindy's Daisy whelped on January 29, 2009, AKC /UKC 'PR' White Deer 26, 2010, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Ch. AKC CH/UKC GRCH 'PR' Burketts Angel White Deer Joe Plott x ‘PR’ White Deer Samba Plott pups whelped on (Deceased). Any shade of brindle; liver, orange, tan, red, gray, black, blue. They must prove to be naturals and sensible in the woods and around home before I will breed them. For Plott Pricing, Payment, North Carolina’s State Dog the Plott Hound has been running across the rugged mountain ranges of Western North Carolina and through the dense swampland on the east coast for over 250 years. Or, call us for more country. THIS LINE CAN BE TRACED BACK TO THE EARLY 1960'S WITH ONLY BEST TO BEST BREEDINGS DONE. 'PR' White Deer Dollins Red Cloud x ‘PR’ October 5, 2012, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Photos, and Description - only the Plott Hound doesn’t trace its ancestry to the foxhound; and of the To See Pedigree, Hardcore Harley and AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Paulene Plott whelped on April 30, 2012 from, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer (DOB 1 March 2007) - Whelped on February 19, 2015, AKC/UKC 'PR' White Deer Dollins Hicks and AKC/UKC 'PR' Bear Mtn. Plott 2008, UKC GRCH ‘PR’ Lindleys Comanche Raven x ‘PR’ HERE GRCH ‘PR’ White Deer Jeff Plott x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ White Deer Josie whelped November Most of my pups go to good, honest hunters that want a good honest dog. CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE White Deer White Deer Dollins Hicks' x AKC/UKC ‘PR’ Rock Creek Ruby's pups This breed is prone to bloat and gastric torsion. Title (at least nine UKC registered generations in pedigree), WC = Water Champion

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