Copyright 2020 Shazzu, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Suicide isn’t an option even when you feel like you’ve dropped the world, learning and pushing forward to be better is an option. Here is a statement regarding my deleted tweet from 3 years ago. I’ve been wrongly put on a list on men that have taken advantage of women and now are rightfully Speaking Out about horrible incidents that have happened to them and Encourage them to all keep coming. PROGRESS would apologize to Pollyanna for failing her as a company.

Dino’s big birthday day out with a spot of crazy golf! As of Wednesday morning, the election is still too close... You'll find information on this website about the following: WWE News, WWE Rumors, WWE Spoilers, WWE Results, TNA News, TNA Rumors, TNA Spoilers, TNA Results, John Cena, Vince McMahon, Impact Wrestling, Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Brock Lesnar, The Undertaker, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, Wrestlemania, Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, PPV Results, and much more! December 3, 2016 – GWF: Pollyanna defeated Amale Winchester. January 23, 2016 – Empress Pro: Queens Of Wrestling (Katey Harvey and Pollyanna) defeated Bars And Stripes (Addy Starr and Rhia O’Reilly).

Mike BirdJimmy HavocEmi Sakura I want to apologise to Pollyanna for dismissing her cry for help.

WWE NXT Results for 11/4/20 Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream, Moon vs Kai, UWN Primetime Live Results (11/3): Three World Title Tournament Matches, Lio Rush Debuts.

November 14, 2010 – EVE/WAW: Pollyanna defeated Em Jay. Polly Ann Bryce (19 October, 1988) is a Welsh female professional wrestler working under the ring names Pollyanna Peppers.

I’ve never spoken to any promoter about not having her on or around shows. That was at the Lucha Britannia venue, I wonder why. I won’t lie to people and say we got along because we didn’t, thats normal in wrestling, some people will rub you the wrong way. May 14, 2016 – FPW: Pollyanna defeated Katey Harvey.

February 6, 2016 – GWF: Pollyanna defeated Brenda Star. MJF Explains Why He Wants To Join The Inner Circle, Will He Lead It?

So if you asked me about her I’d tell you my dealings with her but I can’t force anyone to not book/promote someone as during her last year in the UK I was on the same shows as her.

It was previously reported that Shaul Guerrero is making her return to the ring.

You are not sorry. The London born athlete was trained by wrestling veterans Emi Sakura and Jimmy Havoc, and made her name known on the independent scene throughout England.

Pollyanna Active Also known as Pollyanna Peppers, Miss Polly ... Age: 32 years.

Before I knew it, it was screenshotted and making the rounds on Social Media. She was also the inaugural Plex Wrestling Women's Champion, a title she held for 480 days. September 10, 2016 – 4FW: Nadia Sapphire defeated Pollyanna.

You did blacklist me. September 3, 2016 – GWF: Xia Brookside defeated Pollyanna in the 1st round. I always liked and respected you Jon, so please don’t take that away from me. I would have told you everything after I came out with it if you had asked, but you never responded to my last message and I thought you were angry with me.". And though it may have felt like it was just about to lift off, she certainly has a lot to be proud of. June 15, 2014 – BEW: Addy Starr defeated Pollyanna Peppers. Update On Kylie Rae-IMPACT Ahead Of Retirement, WWE NXT UK Results & Live Coverage for 11/5/20 Gallus vs Sam Gladwell & Pretty Deadly, NJPW Road To Power Struggle Night 10 Results (11/5): Final Stop Before Power Struggle. Debut

Pollyanna has alleged that Ospreay got her blacklisted from wrestling as he's arguably the biggest star in the UK. Fightful will continue to update fans on the story as more is known.

The movement is similar to the Me Too movement.The phrase ″Speaking Out″ began to spread on Twitter in June 2020. Resides Polly Ann Bryce (19 October, 1988) is a Welsh female professional wrestler working under the ring names Pollyanna Peppers. Active Roles: Singles Wrestler, Tag Team Wrestler. February 28, 2016 – XWA: Doug Williams, Lion Kid, Nick Aldis and Pollyanna defeated James Castle, Matt Walters, Tom Dawkins and William Eaver.

Subscribe to WWE Network to get your 1st month FREE & instant access to all special events! All Rights Reserved. October 21, 2017 – Reckless Intent: Ayesha Raymond defeated Matt Daly, Pollyanna and Sammie Jo in a 4-way match to retain the World War Wrestling Women’s title. Will Ospreay has spoken out against allegations that he was accused to blackballing Pollyanna (UK Wrestler). Please know I have committed any crime & I am one of the good guys, I’m just severely uneducated. More importantly my apology to Pollyanna. September 14, 2013 – UK MEW: Katey Harvey defeated Pollyanna in a best 2 out of 3 falls match.

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