Located at 17, 9250 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary, AB in Macleod Plaza near the Bulk Barn and Joey’s Seafood. If you would like to purchase more, you may double your food box to $30. C: You have symptoms, even if mild. You will receive an email with a day and time period that your order will arrive. Please visit: https://www.albertaspca.org/helpforanimals/ for more information on pet food.

Check out our continually updating spreadsheet of available resources in Alberta. Information given here will help us determine if you qualify for a free donated box (subsidized by generous donors) or our affordable $15 boxes. Open Mondays-Friday 11a-6p; Saturday 11a-5p; Sundays Noon-5p. You can have a $10 produce add on. Calgary Alberta T1Y 6J2.

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD.ca) is an online grocery store and home delivery service. Sign Up to receive regular emails on upcoming local produce specials and availability. Delivery ; Pickup ; Pre-Order. In the summer we have over 97% local products. Now local produce champions can order on-line or pick up at our Farm Outlet. Below is a breakdown and example of a food box. Open Mondays-Friday 11a-6p; Saturday 11a-5p; Sundays Noon-5p.

Our store is located in Calgary, AB on the east side of Macleod Trail South at 9250 Macleod Trail SE in Macleod Plaza near the Bulk Barn. Home Delivery.Curbside Pick-Up.In-store Shopping.

We deliver local, organic groceries conveniently to your door - with service throughout Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks and Chestermere. Produce . We will not be able to give specific brands of pet food. Signing Up Now H & W Produce Calgary.

Now local produce champions can order on-line or pick up at our Farm Outlet. Please let us know any additional information to help our delivery drivers when they arrive. Spanish: Solicitud de Pedido: También puedes encontrar esta página en español, click aquí.

We currently deliver within the Calgary City limits for a small fee which is calculated based on your location (free delivery for all orders over $80!)

Chinook Cheese. If your request has been approved, we will send a confirmation email directly to you with payment options. Home Delivery NOW Available in Calgary SW (Mon & Wed), Calgary SE (Mon & Thurs) Calgary NW (Mon & Wed) and Bragg Creek (Friday at 2p to Original Trading Post). Every product from SPUD is certified organic or locally and sustainably produced. If you select "yes" you will receive an email with e-transfer or credit card payment options when your request is approved. We are Calgary's number one online resource for fresh, local and organic groceries!

If you are not home or not reached by phone call your order will be cancelled. You fall into a category that puts you at higher risk of getting very sick from COVID-19 such as age or pre-existing medical conditions. Mediterranean, Grocery, Middle Eastern .

D: You have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or are waiting for the results of a lab test for COVID-19. You have no symptoms but a history of possible exposure to the novel coronavirus due to travel outside of Canada or close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19, Special circumstance (detailed explanation required). If you need assistance filling out this form please call our team.

Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD.ca) is an online grocery store and home delivery service. ... Best Local Delivery Service in Calgary Online Ordering. We have a limited number of free boxes that have been subsidized by generous donors.

Is there anything else you would like us to know?

If you are able to pay for your requested order, please do so — it enables us to continue to provide this service. Emergency Financial Situations are defined as follows: Requests will be approved on a basis of need and food availability with those in emergency situations being the highest priority.

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