I recently got a question from a test-taker on the Essay section.

As we know that Essay writing is a topic of writing which comes after Summarize written text. Make sure you do this in a proper way. I have shared strategies for scoring 79 + in these two sections in separate articles. I have passed my PTE exam in Feb, 2018 in which I got 67 score in Listening, 73 marks in Reading, 72 in Writing, and 87 in Speaking. IELTS Vocabulary – Grammar – Essential Words, TOEIC Vocabulary – Grammar – Essential Words, Conjunctions: Coordinating , Correlative, Subordinating Conjunctions in Grammar, TIPS PTE READ ALOUD Task Description and Tricks, Describe Image PTE Speaking: Chart – Process – Picture, PTE Exam Preparation Guide – How to prepare for PTE Exam, Tips and Tricks Fill in the Blanks PTE – Reading and Writing, Download Standard Course HSK Free – Tricks Magical, How to take TRUE / FALSE / NOT GIVEN or YES / NO / NG IELTS Reading, Differences between Skim – Scan and Reading IELTS Test Stratergy, Tips for IELTS Lisening: Form Completion, Sentence Completion,…, Diagram Labelling IELTS Listening Steps For Post – Tricks Magical.

You ideally want to spare 3-5 minutes from the 20 minutes allocated to proofread your Essay for any spelling or grammatical errors. The speaker was discussing (write the main keyword from the lecture). He/She then discussed (write a combination of two/three words from the lecture). It’s a 4 paragraph Essay that comes with good vocabulary and can be used for most Essay’s asked in the exam. There is an interesting and beautiful picture in front of me.ii. Hi Ruwan, We recommend you hit “Enter” twice to start the new paragraph.

i am very poor in essay writing and i taken a date in 3 jan..if you dont mine can you help me.. Hi, Your videos are really helpful. Learn How to Crack PTE-A Listening with The PTE Tutorials Mobile App, The lecture was about _____________ (In the blank, fill the keyword from the lecture topic) name), He mentioned ____________ (add some other keywords from the lecture here). The timer counts down from 20 minutes. For Essay, using a template could lead to a low score for Content, as well as Written Discourse. Please note: Here keywords are the all the words written on the image. I might end up charging for this soon, so grab the template for free using the link below if it’s still available. In this section of PTE Academic test, you have to write an essay or two of about 200-300 words on a given topic.

You can avail the Describe Image Correction service. If you are targeting 79+, then which are the tasks for which you can use templates? Let’s break down the various tasks you need to do to write an Essay. He/she mentioned that (write a combination of two/three words from the lecture). There is a widespread worry that this will only lead to a myriad of concerns in one’s life. You can use the templates as a guide since we have seen test takers taking help of the templates but have scored between 55 to 90. You may write anything related to the topic with four paragraphs structure. Regards,

A solved example is also provided. It will award you 12 marks of writing. If you are still finding it difficult, you may simply follow the below strategy.Divide the text into three parts.From each part choose the most important sentence.Connect the sentences in the below form: Sentence 1, and/but sentence 2, and/but sentence 3. Your email address will not be published. Template for Describe image. 3. Other contributing factors are irregular and unhealthy patterns of eating. The statistical result of the survey ‘Healthy Life’ is the most significant example that backups this theory. You will have 20 minutes to write down your essay.

And last paragraph should describe the conclusion in which you need to write down your opinion. Inder Singh If one uses a template for SWT, this means that there are fewer keywords from the given text. It includes the below templates: 2: Problem/Solution Tempate: Best suited for essays where you are asked to describe a problem and/or need to provide a solution. Templates often need fillers, or you can even use your own ideas to strengthen your answers. I.

If there are fewer items, simply repeat them again. Furthermore, he/she talked about (write a combination of two/three words from the lecture). Besides, only when one follows such a system, can they broaden their horizons, thus learning such essential attributes as responsibility, dedication, and perseverance.

Part of using a well-crafted plan is using templates for PTE to score 79+. The most preponderant one is that the other side of the topic and there are numerous other benefits in various fields. Hi Donald,

Preparing for PTE-A is not only about how you prepare, what materials you study from, and more. thanks once again. Let us do a few examples of this template dealing with different types of essays. PTE Essay Writing Template1 by Steven Fernandes.

For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed Attention: Permissions Coordinator, at the email address below. According to me, essays are not very important for PTE scores.

Although we have tried to trace and contact copyright holders before publication, in some cases this has not been possible.

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