Turns out, all it takes for hockey operators to let go of their zeal for fighting is to give them $20 million so they can get through a season during which they’ll be playing in empty arenas. All players involved in a fight will receive a 10-minute misconduct and 5-minute major. The Canadian Hockey League (CHL) cares about your privacy. Due to COVID-19, the QMJHL has found themselves in a predicament. “We think that the league showed leadership.

So much for it being a necessary outlet for all that unbridled emotion that’s being displayed out there.

Players identified as instigators will receive a two-minute minor. Any organization which does not comply with the media policy, whether totally or partially shall be fined. Includes live game day coverage, audio and video clips, exclusive stories, game tickets, stats, standings, schedules and features. On its second try in two weeks, the Quebec League managed to increase its fighting penalties. I do however think it is part of the game and should be respected as such. So much for fighting being such a vital part of the game’s fabric. In an effort to secure proper funding for the upcoming season, the QMJHL is looking for $20 million from the Quebec government. In order for funding to be pushed through, the QMJHL must change its rules … Or the league as a whole would need to relocate to another province in order to conduct their routine business operations.

Don’t be silly.

Players have made a name for themselves by being the “Goon”, “The Bruiser”, “The Enforcer”. The player must have started his courses no later than the second fall session of the third year following the last game he played in the QMJHL, and must be studying without any interruption. THE QMJHL ADMINISTRATIVE RULE BOOK  –  (PDF file). Courteau said there was an average of just 0.22 fights per game last season, which means there was approximately one fight in every five games played.

–  (PDF file). Boucherville, QC – The Quebec Major Junior Hockey League today announced the amendments to its administrative regulations as voted by the Board of Governors in a meeting held in Drummondville a few weeks ago. It represents a serious threat to the cultural, educational, economic and social benefits that hockey can bring to society and has a negative impact on the moral and ethical behavior that hockey can foster within individuals.

It’s a way for teams to punish their opposition after a blindside hit or an injury. Val-d'Or gets the win at home against Sherbrooke! It’s interesting to note that the league floated almost the same proposal to its governors two weeks ago, with the exception of imposing a one-game suspension after five fights, not three.

All scenarios still revolve around the main issue, money. The rules are tied to the subsidy, which education and sports junior minister Isabelle Charest made as a condition for receiving the money. QMJHL Top 10 | The nicest saves of October 2020! Players often miss the next game for a fight regardless of it being their first of the season or tenth. The amended rules will see players automatically handed a one-game suspension after their third fight, plus another game suspension for each additional skirmish.

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