1. Rather than choosing it over other music, I’d just say that it produces a completely different feeling in my brain the moment a song begins as compared to other genres. Look at Highlight they loved what they did so much they established their own agency and have a … Call me overly optimistic but to be honest I imagine the answer to that question is yes for most kpop idols especially the famous ones that we tend to know about. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place! I'm hardcore into asian skincare (shoutout r/AsianBeauty) but there are some things products just can't do. The boys, of course, did not disappoint. Is it actual neural impulses or is it just me trying to convince myself? Press J to jump to the feed. Do all K-pop artists undergo plastic surgery? Your top 10 favourite groups? Just like Lego, BTS will find a fandom of mixed ages. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. One thing you want to change about K-pop? Favorite cube singer? We think. Oh boy. BTS winning the ‘Top Social Artist’ award at the 2018 Billboard music awards. This can literally go on and on. How well do you really know your favorite idols? That K-pop artists are simply robots rising from entertainment companies who have no freedom in anything they do as an idol. More like born to BE BEAUTIFUL! tag, questions, kpop. The fans also had a special fan projector holding up lights, as you can see in the picture. I think powerful themes need to come out more and girl groups should not be told by their companies what their next album is about. But I'd bet a lot of these idols really do enjoy being and idol and performing. No BTS member has undergone any kind of augmentation so there you go. oh yes, this would be a pretty interesting question for all very big idols! Favorite band or music? How do you got to know them? That’s not her only identity though. Obsessed with travel? Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. If they do, it’s their choice, their body. I used to be, but it’s reduced considerably. As K-Pop idols, dealing with the press can be quite a challenging task at times. After all, that’s why they want to become a music artist in the first place. some stuff I'm curious about that I can think of right now: their thoughts on their fandom name (if they have one) and if they would change it if they could, their favourite experiences / encounters with fans. It’s just the mentality for acceptance of new things which makes a difference. Two groups is one thing, but to be in their third is another. Your first Kpop group : Super Junior 2. I’ve now realized that as long as I know that I love the artist, anything I do/don’t do doesn’t matter. CUBE Entertainment actually tries to make you feel welcome. Yes, probably. How well do you really know your favorite idols? From Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ creating YouTube records to BTS winning the ‘Top Social Artist’ award at the 2018 Billboard music awards, K-pop is a fixture on international playlists. Read 69 Questions from the story 69 Questions About K-pop Tag by deermaria (joe) with 14,453 reads. Some people push this narrative that all these people are suffering and sad and that they all fake it for the camera, but I honestly think that's not grounded in reality. Recently, I’m beginning to see an expansion of the age group range, especially in the fandom I’m in. Of course, I listen to several other genres too, but K-pop holds a special place. BuzzFeed Staff. Another really strong statement is questioning the male idols’ sexuality or outright calling them female. Yeah. I want a book complete with annotations, like a megapost complete with video links and stuff, but sigh, In a world where we'd actually get non PR answers. Of course. Absolutely not. And to any idol who's in their third group, why do you keep going as an idol? I enjoyed every single moment and I’m happy I got to see ARMYs from another country and interact with a few of them. Call me overly optimistic but to be honest I imagine the answer to that question is yes for most kpop idols especially the famous ones that we tend to know about. The homophobia in the community also needs to change with changing times. They all look the same to me.” Another stupid (and repetitive) one is when they refer to a male member of the band and say “Are they gay/girls?”. All of them undergo major transformations. 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a K-Pop Fan. Does it also produce music for other age groups? Why are girl K-pop groups so different from their male counterparts? If you want a specific product then the only one I can think of is this Physiogel cream that V from BTS showed during a vlive... New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They may ask Favorite food? Yeah. The ‘common’ questions (by the way they are all completely absurd) look something like this–“How do you even understand what they’re saying?” or “Can you even differentiate between them? California residents can opt out of "sales" of personal data. Let super fans power your soundtrack, tell you how to talk and walk K-pop style, in the best that K-pop fashion has to offer. ‘Be Your Wings Forever’ is so relevant and meaningful; I was really touched being part of that experience. 2. Do they sometimes not enjoy what they're doing? You can see the joy on their faces while performing and I think that’s awesome. Every K-pop idol has a distinct identity of his/her own. An effective use of social media, creatively choreographed videos, and very catchy music has made K-pop exceptional, just like its fandom. In addition to music, K-Pop has grown into a popular subculture, resulting in widespread interest in the fashion and style of Korean idol groups and singers. This is prevalent in a country like ours, where ‘masculinity’ is of utmost importance, and is defined by a man’s body proportions and facial features.When will we understand that part of being ‘masculine’ is being comfortable with yourself and confident in the work you do? Read more here. They tell you to answer the questions they will ask you in as many languages as you can. We want to be part of the K-pop phenomenon too, so we asked a fan to initiate us into a BTS fandom. Born to Beat? Are you under any pressure of proving your loyalty/fandom for your favourite band on the internet? The meme king himself, Monsta X's Hyungwon! The kind of pressure society puts on idols to look and dress a certain way. Don't quote me on this, but a trainee for a popular entertainment company answered this in a blog I think? I’m super lucky to experience that as a reality. We wanted to find out more. I wouldn’t want to look into it too much. She also wants to be a fashion designer and listens to Michael Jackson and the Beatles. The extent of what SM is capable of if we don't do exactly what they say, What skincare and beauty routine/products they use. dermatologist appointment every 2 weeks and get things prescribed/etc depending on their skins condition. This is especially pressuring for female artists, whose weight is constantly tracked and they often have no freedom to eat whenever and whatever they want. VICE: What makes you choose K-pop over any other music? What was your experience at the BTS Wings tour that you attended in Bangkok? Do you think K-pop is only for teenagers or young adults?

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