It was first advertised on April 30, 1952. Feel free to print this off for any non-profit-making purpose. The T-Rex named as “Scotty”, is said to be 13 meters long and lived in prehistoric Saskatchewan 66 million years ago. Unlike ice breaker questions, fun trivia questions have a definite right answer, which makes them great for quizzes. Killing Abel would make Cain the killer of a quarter of the world’s population. They’re so similar that it’s even hard to distinguish the difference between human and koala fingerprints. Even funny questions can be very difficult to answer correctly. It’s a big surprise that turkey wasn’t eaten at the first Thanksgiving. This is very interesting thanks for sharing, Thank you very much from Australia for sharing your skill and knowledge. May Queen, Wisley Crab, Foxwhelps and Lane's Prince Albert are all species of what? I am making a trivia game for my fam and they will be stumped on these questions! The origins of the widely-used term ‘Siamese twins’ can be traced to the birth of Chang Bunker and Eng Bunker, the conjoined twins who were born on May 11, 1811, in Siam (present-day Thailand). It’s supposedly the time where Black Magic is at its peak. The best way to. It was to keep anyone from entering East Germany and undermine the socialist state. Great Questions! Eugene the Jeep also appeared in the animated version of Popeye’s adventures. That’s why it can pay to add a few easy trivia questions to your quiz. function getans(n){document.getElementById('answer' + n).style.display="block";document.getElementById('show' +n).style.display ="none";} If the recent trend of mushrooming trivia-questions-based game shows is something to go by, you get an apt picture of the popularity of these “trivial” questions. Some people might be able to make a guess in the general area of the answer. It’s been stated that the pomade Michael Jackson used in his hair was the reason he caught on fire when he got close to the fireworks used in the commercial. By what name is Lancelot Brown more usually known? 42 Best Back To The Future Trivia Questions And Answers. It happens every four years. The man commonly remembered for his succession of wives: Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard, and Catherine Parr. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. 36 Best Cartoon Trivia Questions And Answers – Spark fun conversations. Daffodils have been the national flower of Wales for generations. They're divided into groups of ten on different subjects, so everyone can join in no matter how diverse their interests. Here are 6 fun and funny trivia questions: It’s very fitting that a lava tramp was the trophy for winning this show. If you had Lafite-Rothschild on your dinner table, what would it be? ), The Kaffeklubben Island or The Coffee Club Island, which lies off the northern coast of Greenland, is considered the northernmost point of land on the planet. Also possible to lose a stage and retain the jersey. This was very hard but it was quite enjoyable. Which actress said, "Fasten your seatbelts. - 7 Signs a Girl Likes You! The anime became so popular that it got accompanied by its own collectible card game. The list of trivia facts is quite lengthy, and the topics covered range from culture and environment to sports and entertainment. You can still give it to the child of your grandchild! Our printable pub quizzes with answers are suitable for any age and intelligence including kids, teenagers and adults; the family can team up to answer our questions, carefully selected to provide a … This has become one of the most famous lines in film history. In England, the death penalty for murder was abolished with the House voting 343 to 185 (a majority of 158) in favor of permanent abolition in 1969. Cn u add more questions bout sports and movies??? Not just because you will want to include questions that the contestants have a chance of knowing the answers to, but also because you need to consider their sense of humor. The Dominican Republic is the only country in the world which has a Bible on its national flag. On September 19, 1893, New Zealand became the first nation to give its women citizens the right to vote, and the womenfolk of the island nation voted for the first time on November 28, 1893. Which kind of bulbs were once exchanged as a form of currency? When did Margaret Thatcher become Prime Minister? On what date did the Battle of Culloden take place? on April 21, 2019: If, by "little ones", you mean very young children, then the educational level of this quiz is clearly beyond their capacity. I notice you answer Greenland as biggest Island. So make it more fun with the right pop culture trivia to get along with your already vast knowledge of pop culture. Modern Family is a popular sitcom that ran for eleven seasons over the course of eleven years, from 2009 to 2020. By which Latin name was Rosa Gallica previously known? How To Get A Girlfriend - 20 Simple steps to finally get the girl! Many of us know how to say this thanks to the popular Spanish Christmas song written by Jose Feliciano in 1970 also entitled Feliz Navidad! Here is how to pick the best fun trivia questions: The most important thing to think about is the category that your quiz comes under. on July 05, 2020: It would be a dull quiz if the questions were too easy. Which English town was a forerunner of the Parks Movement and the first city in Europe to have a street tram system? IT So much i would like to do it again some time, Pretty sure longest river is in Egypt NILE. Excellent Quiz that I selected for my Students last week of study to have fun finding the answers via the Internet! If you were to cut a hare into pieces, marinate it in wine and juniper berries then stew this slowly in a sealed container, what would this recipe be called? This spaghetti dish includes spaghetti, maple syrup, chocolate syrup, M&Ms, marshmallows and a chocolate fudge Pop Tart. This strange fact is sure to catch people out. These questions are way too hard for my little ones. This is so blood can circulate to their brain with those long necks in the way. How many crocus flowers does it take to make a pound of saffron? I love these trivia Q&As so much!! Most people mistake Link as the one named Zelda. Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. on July 20, 2020: I'm sure a quick Google search would unearth some questions for you, Ella. People with Coprastastaphobia have a very specific diet to ensure they don’t become constipated in any way possible. Name the only footballer to have played for Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City and Manchester United. Give the alternative name for a Mountain Ash tree. If you’re hosting a trivia night around the holiday season then you won’t want to miss out on adding a few Thanksgiving trivia questions to your quiz. But these fun questions to ask are suitable for all abilities and all ages, making for a Now that’s a fact not many people will be able to guess as this isn’t a well-known fact. In Greek and Roman times, most dice were made of bone and ivory; others were of bronze, agate, rock crystal, onyx, jet, alabaster, marble, amber, porcelain, and other materials. Name the actor who starred in 142 films including, Name the film noir actress who starred in. This quiz was very fun for my husband and children, my children wouldn’t go to bed till late! It’s ironic that the black boxes aren’t black but the reason behind the choice of color is for it to be easily recovered after accidents. If you’re planning to get friends or family together this holiday season, ensure you add in a few of the fabulous Christmas themed questions below. The playable character in the popular game is Link, who has to save Princess Zelda. VSOP, on a bottle of brandy, stands for ‘Very Superior Old Pale,’ and not ‘Very Special Old Pale’ as many people assume. 61 Best Sports Trivia Questions and Answers – Learn new facts.

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