A small portion works effectively, making it an excellent value too. Raccoons have a keen sense of smell. I think peanut butter maybe, only because I can't remember ever seeing a cat eat it. Learn More about Ad policies. Check with your local extension service or Department of Natural Resources (DNR) for appropriate locations. 5 Reviewers. The manufacturer specializes in a variety of pest solutions. the very smart one has been in a trap before and probably will never go into a trap again, raccoons are nocturnal - night lovers - you should only trap at night, they do not like day time and they can easily dehydrate, so a larger trap may be your answer depending upon where you live - north a coon can go 50 pounds south around 20 that way mr smarty might go in if he doesn't feel the bars on his sides, maybe try the sugar cubes. Therefore, it makes sense to take action quickly if you discover a resident raccoon in your yard since they make up about one-third of all rabid animals. pavil58ar.

Using a raccoon bait that cats won’t eat provides a safer solution if you have pets. Raccoons love eggs, in fact, and I think they are really drawn to the white color and shape. try some jelly, but ya may still catch a cat or 2. I think peanut butter maybe, only because I can't remember ever seeing a cat eat it. but I'm probably wrong. I don't believe there is truly such a product to be honest with everyone. They aren’t long-lived with a lifespan of under three years. Please Login or Register. Raccoons love eggs, in fact, and I think they are really drawn to the white color and shape. That makes products like WCS Treeberry Multi-Animal Paste Bait a wise choice. They like a variety of foods. Raccoons don’t have many predators to keep their numbers in check. Cat food, sardines, canned dog food and various table scraps will all work to lure just about any raccoon into a trap. The females give birth to up to five kits a year, staying with them for about 12 months. These animals have a sweet tooth. It’s easy and economical to use since a little bit does the trick. On the downside, it has a strong odor that you’ll likely find unpleasant. Cats love peanut butter. They are often destructive, damaging outbuildings and toppling garbage cans. Any meat-based bait, like cat food, or grain-based bait is fine. The raccoon will learn to associate the trap with food and enter it readily. The truth is, raccoons eat almost everything—and many people report that raccoons seem to view cat food and dog food as a real delicacy. They prefer forested areas with access to water. Correct placement of the trap or cage is imperative for success. Raccoons are omnivores. Nevertheless, it will work and help you get the results you need. They are omnivorous and eat a variety of foodstuffs including invertebrates, fruits, and rodents. any idea's would be great. The one-pound bag goes a long way with a decent shelf life. http://www.critterridders.com/predator_urine.htm. never once did the wild cat get in my live traps or dog proof traps. going to use live trap's. Coon Gitter Bait provides an ideal solution for setting traps without luring dogs or cats to them that the manufacturer backs up with a guarantee. Get your answers by asking now. The peanut flavored ones seem particularly in demand. Thank you. Continue reading to learn how to use the best raccoon bait for the job. Mostly relating to domestic or feral cats. Raccoons don’t hibernate but are often less active during the winter months. Raccoon … The package is thin, so you should store it in another tamper-resistant container. You could try this From Critter Ridders, it's Coyote Urine, ( if applicable ) it may help save you from using Traps and or bait. The former isn’t as easy as it sounds because of the legal issues that may exist in your area. *NEW* FHA Shippers Lounge....Your Board!!! Click here to remove banner ads from this forum. This doesn't guarantee you won't catch a non targeted species since you never know what a wild …

It’s an affordable product for 12 ounces. HOW TO FILL A WATERBED QUICKLY (NO HOSE)? I was thinking of the jelly and marsh mellows for the coon, I have used it before, in dog proof traps, good to no about peanut butter. It succeeds on several other fronts. Almost all cases of rabies occur in wildlife, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). If you see one on your property, there’s likely more around your yard.

If you catch a raccoon, you should release it at least five miles away from your home to avoid a return visit.

Which typically involves getting a permit and a license. I need to get some coons off the deck, but don't want to catch domestic cats. I've found that they love marshmallows. I would like to place the trap in different places and not be restricted to nights I can get all the cats in the house. These animals are creatures of habit and will return to the same feeding areas frequently. Using a raccoon bait that cats won’t eat provides a safer solution if you have pets. going to use live trap's. I'll leave it in the cabinet. They can live in almost any habitat including urban areas. Thus, they eat pretty much anything. Raccoons are not picky eaters. Member Joined Feb 2004; Posts 2718; EE Offline; VA, USA. On the positive side, a professional can handle the problem quickly and safely in a legal way. Its flavor and scent may attract non-targeted species including bees. tonymalone Trapping Teacher. It’s easy to spot a potential issue with these pests. It sticks to a trigger pan in a live trap to cut down on bait theft because it is a paste. but I'm probably wrong. (Page 2 of 2) ARCHIVED; Previous Page. Welcome Guest. Getting a bait that appeals to their tastes will ensure that your home and yard is pest-free fast. The animal must also enter the cage entirely to prevent escapes. Coon Gitter Bait is a pungent blend of ripe fruits and other ingredients that will attract pests but not your pets. WCS Treeberry Multi-Animal Paste Bait; Coon Gitter Bait ; Ausable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait; How We Found the Best Raccoon Bait . They are resourceful and opportunistic animals that adapt readily to the presence of humans. If cottontails are not a problem,You may try apples.Years ago I caught alot of coons on apples trying to catch rabbits. An adult can reach up to 38 inches long and weigh 25 pounds. Some states classify raccoons as game species with a defined hunting season. Its ingredients include fish food and corn with a mixture of oils for an irresistible lure for nuisance wildlife but not your pets. Many products are cat and dog-proof so you needn’t worry about them getting caught or injured. A pro I talked to said he would use bait the cats don't like but of course wouldn't say what. And they can swim and run fast to evade a dog. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. You should store it in an airtight container, preferably in a garage or shed. If you catch a cat, chances are if you rattle the cage a little bit when you release it, it won't come near the cage again. Posted: 6/4/2017 10:40:08 AM EDT I've found that racoons seem to love the suet cakes that can be hung up for the birds. Your best recourse is prevention. I used them because they can be stood up straight in the air, and It seems the mechanic's of a cats paw. The problem is other animals like them too! It holds up well in damp conditions and won’t fall apart even if it rains. Raccoons roam around at night, looking for food wherever they can find it. Raccoons, for example, also carry roundworms which can affect people. the wildlife trappers I know use a variety of foods, from wet or dry cat food, to white bread, to special raccoon trapping pastes. The blend does a decent job of targeting only raccoons. Raccoon Bait We Reviewed. well I did what you guys said. This is why it’s so … And fortunately, a small portion goes a long way to ensuring success. Ausable Brand Dog Proof Trap Coon Bait is a stinky bait that will attract raccoon and other fish-eating wildlife that is highly effective even in small quantities. any idea's would be great . Best Dog Proof Raccoon Trap Havahart Dog Proof Two Door Coon Trap Bait trails are also a good way to lead the raccoon into the trap, as well as introducing the trap as a food spot in the first place before setting it for catching. I have always had raccoons come in the house through the cat doors since I bought my home. They forage in loose groups of the same sex. The one I have this year is VERY smart, though, and has never gone in the trap. any idea what foods / bait cats won't eat or like that coons love. You can’t just release the animal anywhere if you use a live trap with a product like Coon Gitter Bait. A trapper caught raccoons with just white golf balls. Neighbours claim we can’t erect new fence ? what is the age of peter chan of herons bonsai nursery? They are often leery of new things in their environment and may avoid a trap. Raccoons are omnivores. Page / 2 Next Page. I'm not sure if you can NOT catch cats around the house, but they'll get the message if caught I would think.

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