Both units ran side by side and with a different remit to produce different frames. The 1984 SBDU Ilkeston “SBDU Team Frame Sets” catalogue describes details of the new ‘Services des Courses’ frame, available in 753R or 531c. If the bike you have doesn’t have it’s original paint or transfers, it could be really tricky to know what it is made from but information like the seatpin size and outside diameter of the seat tube/top tube can help if they can be measured accurately. I think SBDU made the switch to Shimano as the Campag dropouts required more work, they were thin and needed a washer brazed to the inside to get the correct width. There isn’t a day goes by when I haven’t looked for those missing frames. This will be followed by a timeline of the more changeable items – items such as decals, where these decals should be placed, what they should read. Most frames from SB8074 also appear to be 753R. The Heron is the figure head of the Raleigh brand. The ‘W’ is a throwback to the Raleigh/Carlton factory in Worksop that used to build these frames. Both have Prugnat 62D lugs, Cinelli SC fork crowns and oversize seat stay caps (required for mudguard clearance). 725 wasn’t an option and it definately wasn’t around at the time of your frame. But before I get to the SC numbers, it’s worthwhile looking at the probable end of the original SB reference. 753 and 531 frames at around SB1305, started to look very similar and share similar attributes and it was the fork crown tangs that appeared to be the visual key to identification. However, my frame number is SB8545 and there’s no doubt about that. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. At a best guess of age, I’d put my frame at late 1980. Frame number is K47** but doesn’t seem to match any references here. What I do know for sure is that Nottingham production did not match the quantities that came out of Ilkeston. Moving on to the late 1980s and there was another domestic team, Raleigh Banana. The collection currently totals 17 SBDU frames and bikes. However, as time goes by and more information is seen, a fact with unknown provenance can become an accepted piece of data if it proves time and time again to be accurate. They both still ride beautifully. I’ve looked at most. Raleigh SBDU Ilkeston Time Trial Special 1982 SB5464 Frame Views. Here is my own 531 Pro Super Part Chrome from 1985, SB7219. My sample of frames is a tiny percentage compared to total production. Hi, I emailed you ages ago but unfortunately I can’t find your personal email address. With and without stiffening tangs. 3 Slots in the BB, and cables routed under the bracket. Hi Neil It’s very clear that SB numbers continued past the disappearance of the SBDU. SB58 is the only example I’ve seen in this period that retained the flat caps. If you had time and wanted to send some images through then that would be greatly appreciated. The bikes were after the eroica era and started life with 8-speed indexed down tube shifters and were designed for touring hence the Reynolds 531ST and frame fittings for mudguards/racks. Some parts of my collection are lacking, and that is why I keep looking. A little while ago, a member of the TI-Raleigh Yahoo group, Hilary Stone, made the first timeline that listed details by noting what he had observed over a number of years about the SBDU frames he had seen. Your bike is very much a ‘stand out’ bike with that colour scheme, and I love the ‘Crayola’ name. These year numbers are meant to denote the racing season the bike was built for, so again, these dates tie in with the period I’m writing about. The 4th type I have in the collection is the Randonneur. As for the SB reference, the latest original paint SB numbered frame I have seen with an original SBDU oval transfer is my own SB9000. The numbers I’ve listed take the SB numbering system from 1988 throug to approx 1995/1996 where they reached just below 10,000… SB9956 is the latest I have on record. I haven’t seen any frames or images covering this small period of production. My email is the best place to forward images, Most of the frames I’ve viewed in this period were Reynolds 753. Remember that a name is just a name, and anyone, even Ilkeston and Worksop can produce a bad frame. SB20 – SB47 ** No frames viewed ** (1974). I call them the ‘3 pin’, ‘2 pin’ and ‘Foil’. Several online resources contain errors or assumptions. It is 531c but in Metric sizes, weighs the same as 753 and takes a 26.6 mm seat pin – like I said, a real odd ball! What is their experience and background..? I’ve built the 531c metric SB5794 into a road bike with Shimano 600EX and it is a really nice light bike. Did SBDU ever use Ishiwata forks, or do you think these May not be original? A large period of production (almost 2 complete calendar years), covered by only 41 viewed frames. Hopefully, it will be helpful for anyone doing research into their own SBDU frame. So I’ll start with the ‘W’ reference originating from Worksop, before moving onto the SBDU ‘SB’ reference and then the Special Products system. Hi Neil, However, the ‘W’ is all I’m interested in here. For more information about the theory behind these yearly numbers you should read the full blog post here. From my experience though, especially with the SBDU frames, there is a similar build quality between the two locations of the SBDU. Thanks for your interest. View all posts by Neil McGowran. It exhibits all the features of a 753 in this period – oversize seat stay caps, Prugnat 62D lugs, semi sloping crown with tangs/stiffeners and a 2 slot RGF BB shell, where gear cables pass through the slots on the underside. When its finished, I’ll furnish photos. Drilled by SBDU and washers brazed to inside face, Continued use of Prugnat S4 window lugs on 531 frames, Prugnat 62D and S4 used with no consistent pattern between 753 & 531, SB2613 first 2 slot BB shell – under bottom bracket gear cables, All frames apart from SB2290 use oversize seat stay caps except one which also has a ‘H’ ref, SB3456 first Cinelli CC fork crown (External Sloping). My email address is Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Hopefully, the more I see, the more I can add and the more accurate I can make this timeline. Be careful using components to date your frame; components can easily be replaced and give a false impression of the age of a bike. 1010, 1010A 1053, 1010B, 1010B with Portacatena, 1010B drilled, Shimano vertical drilled, Shimano vertical and Campagnolo 1060 drilled. Neil (, Hi, I have recently purchased a Raleigh pursuit frame SB 8636, which Colin Sturgess rode in the commonwealth games 86 small footage of this is on YouTube. The seller believed it to be a raleigh, however i cant seem to find any frame number in your post anything like the one i can read on the bb. The ‘W’ reference was introduced in late 1973, The ‘W’ reference indicates Worksop built until May 1981, The ‘W’ reference indicates Nottingham Lightweight Unit built from October 1981, The 2nd letter is one of 12 assigned letters denoting the month of production, The first number in the sequence is the year of production, repeated every 10 years between 1973 and 1989, The last 6 numbers are reportedly a production number, The ‘W’ reference is well known and accepted, frames are easily identifiable and frame dating is straightforward, The SBDU Ilkeston era is less well known or accepted but the timeline I have put together is holding up well, The SBDU era at Nottingham seemed to last from 1987 to the end of 1988 although it is proving more difficult to put a timeline together due to the lack of available frames, The period of 1989 to 1990 and the start of Raleigh Special Products Division together with how the numbering system worked is a little confusing but getting clearer, The anomalies of small clusters of SBW and SC numbers will hopefully become clearer as more frames surface. Do SB numbers run higher than SB9999? RGF were not used on 531 bikes. Thanks for putting up this website. Not to be confused with the later oversize (over lapping) caps, the flat seat stay cap on these early frames were finished flush with the edge of the stay. SBDU were clear that any frame with a Cinelli seat lug would have side fitting seat stays. If looking at a bike with a semi sloping crown, if I cannot see the inner fork blade and verify that it has tangs/stiffeners, I will record it just as a semi sloping crown. The ‘W’ reference was stamped reading across the BB shell from one face of the shell to the other. The Vagner fork crown continues to be used, with or without tangs depending on the tubing. In fact, as most now use Cinelli lugs, the fast back seat stay feature seems to fade away and almost disappear. I was then fortunate enough to go on and get another 2 in different tube sets, a 531SL version and a very light metric tubed 531c frame. I upended the bike last night to double check and, so far, my short term memory isn’t failing! With framenumer NB0057875 The ‘M’ is September, so it may be a late 86 model. I like SBDU bikes that don’t conform to the usual TI/Panasonic colours (as lovely as they are), it’s always nice to hear of something different. I’d love to see pictures of both bikes. Mine have the same frame fittings as yours for racks and guards but mine have horizontal ends. Do you know the name or the number from the paint as I want to restore my bike. Most people, like me up to this point in my SBDU education, look under the BB of a frame, see a cast winged ‘Cinelli’ logo set into a small cutout and say, “Yep, Cinelli BB”. There are many different opinions about what they are meant to define. So I set about researching some facts that could help to identify the yearly boundaries between the sequential numbers that make up the SBDU frame number system. Again thanks for your help. My own 753 frame, SB5377, is dated at the middle to last quarter of 1982; it is definitely metric 753 (26.0 TT 28.0 ST) and has a Cinelli BB shell. It had been used previously. Neil, Hi, I own SBDU 5296, its a 753, with plain lugs, a cinelli bb, and over sized seat stay caps, it has shimano vertical dropouts, which are drilled. This is because there are so few available example frames and even less with any kind of accurate dating evidence. Kevin. I’ll keep an eye out for that movie – can’t say I’ve heard of it but now you’ve mentioned it I really want to see it! My aim is to try and list patterns of  when individual components or features were introduced when they disappeared. That design had been in use for several years, since SB146. The frame has Shimano vertical rear drop outs but the fork has Campagnolo drop outs. Imagine my surprise when I came back to look over which block of time it fit into, and saw that you already have it accounted for. The period between SB5597 and SB5990 seems to be the period of change between Metric 753 and Imperial 753R/T.

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