Hell, you may think that 2+2=5. Thank you, Skyler! I don’t know the answer and may perhaps give it a try some day! Unfortunately, the barrel bore looked “grey” and dull and I was hesitant about getting it. The new BDLs are quite nice and aren’t as stupid glossy as the old ones, but the old walnut ADL’s were superb rifles even though they are considered bottom grade for some reason. By that I mean gear AND weapon(s). This is a short, lightweight, fast-maneuvering hunting rifle, well suited for hunting big game or a back-up, defense rifle for camping and fishing in bear country. I wonder if you would make this same argument if it were 100 years earlier and bolt-actions guns were being used in the woods instead of blackpowder guns? Disclosure: These links are affiliate links. They arent all that cheap and that plastic-y! Henry’s new line of singles comes with ambidextrous locking lever that opens the action when pushed to the left or right. Now that we’ve got the Savage Axis, the Ruger American, Remington’s “new” 783, it’s nice to see a traditional M700 for sale at a good price. Company (Union Metallic Cartridge Company); and 1925 to present, Remington Arms … In the 20 years and 20 states that I’ve hunted in, I can only think of a handful of times where even a 9″ bipod would allow the barrel to clear the vegetation. The other comparable, really good deal would be the Savage 11/111 Trophy Hunter series. Browse Guns.com for Remington rifles for sale. Barrett!” Me: “Really? Great for groundhogs too. I almost considered getting a SIG M400 Hunter (and may still just for the hell of it), but at $400 this cost 60% less than the SIG and it came with optics. (I can think of dozens of names to call them right back.) Guessed wrong. I’m talking about the cheapest Remington 700 that you can buy today. I think he was implying that the gun was versatile in this caliber, nothing more. I’ll be adding a B&C Alaskan II stock and a nicer scope ASAP. high off the bank. from the bank and the bird sat about 20ft. Style * * * I’ve attached the bi-pod on several different occasions and took the shot. Most of my hunting shots have been standing offhand. I have enough AR’s, AKM’s, and an SKS to shoot when I want to blow through a ton of ammo…. The “experts” said they wouldn’t have one. Don’t you think that it’s a little, I don’t know, unsportsmanlike to use a gun that is pretty much based off an M-16? Some experimenters have gone to a red-dot sight on a Picatinny rail, which might seem odd on such an old school rifle. It’s capable of bagging whitetail or mule deer, pronghorn antelope and small- to medium-sized hogs. They come with a really sweet Hogue overmolded stock and a Nikko Sterling scope (which I have never owned, but did not appear to completely suck at first glance). Hitting the target with 3 cold bore shots is not even close to hitting a 2.5″ target 22-26 times per string, 3 strings for match (or more). So you buy an 8 pound 44″ long bolt action rifle? And some of those, truth be told, were flat out misses. The previous models (I have one in .270) had nice walnut and no floor plate. The 58gr. Some people have good luck, some say a .222 is the minimum caliber for ‘yotes. Why say the old walnut ADL’s were bargain benders? Since the SPS is nothing more than an ADL with a hinged floorplate, I couldn’t justify spending $200 more (or more, considering you are getting a 3-9x scope) for the trigger guard that I already had. Patrick, are you still monitoring the replys to this article? My son has problems finding the target sometimes. Amazingly, all of this came on a gun with a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of just $448. This article is an excerpt from Gun Digest 2019, 73rd Edition. Get 12 Issues a year of the country's best firearms writing. So after doing some research decided on a .243, filled the stock with lead (to weight it to 9+ pounds) and shoot a good quality bullet that weighs 80 grains instead of standard deer load of 100. It works, but suffers from only having around 2” of eye-relief, blurred edges, and a very stiff magnification knob. 3 Single Shot .223 Rem 22 inch barrel w/original sights and Weaver Bases - .223 Rem. for $374, and have scoured the net for the cheapest deals on what I’ve added to this package. Ruger No. But in the end it “ain’t for squirrel hunting”. Caliber: .243 Winchester Coyotes can out run a greyhound so you need every bit of velocity that you can get. For elk, the rule of thumb is 1500 ft-lbs of energy (bull) and for whitetail it is around 700 ft-lbs of energy (buck), assuming good shot placement. FWIW, I use a cheapo Berkley fish scale (Got it from Cabela’s for $15). As it turned out, the first couple of rounds downrange couldn’t even hit paper on a 2’x3’ board. 8.) (Ran a tap in the hole, grooved the arrow pieces and epoxied them in the factory stock. That things got more miles on it than my old truck and still holds a good group. bullpup with .00 vs. a his .45 auto. I don’t know how heavy/long your AR is but there’s no reason you couldn’t have just added a $60 optic on it and been good to go. I bought the scoped youth Walmart version. I went with Remington because I have an extra BDL trigger guard for a short-action and an adjustable OEM trigger hanging around if I should so desire. A .223 with 22″ barrel is even lighter. Trying my best to deal with the wind, I was able to keep a 10-shot group under 2-1/2”. I suffered a serious cervical spinal cord injury (which required major surgery) couple years ago, so i cant shoot my big boy calibers anymore due to recoil. I love me some .243! I have spent all day in the woods without getting fatigued. Mine has proven to be extremely accurate, and Joe Grine has seen it shoot sub-1″ groups at 300 yards with handloads. If I needed a cheap deer hunting bolt gun, I think that would be my first choice. (780) 426-4866. Then you’ve never hunted out west or at least have never backpack hunted. I assume we are talking about the same gun, breach loading, no floor plate…Mine had a nice polished bolt though. Until someone told me that my stock was shitty, I didn’t even notice. Why throw away a stock for bragging rights, when you can rough the inner works and glass bed it? This setup will work at short range, but the rifle comes drilled and tapped with three holes accommodate optics mounts, so most hunters will opt for a scope mounted on a Weaver 82 rail. Also, there’s the added benefit of rapid follow up shots with the semi-auto (in case that crazy wind comes around again). Take a kid hunting. On day hunts on relatively flat ground, who cares. Our new and used inventory includes popular models like the Remington Model 700, 572, 7600, R-15, and 597. Since you still have not yet defined what you meant by this phrase, one has to assume that you mean at least CXP2 game and larger. Its an AR!! I don’t see the big deal with rifle weight when you are out hunting. I don’t carry light or featherweight guns nor do I have any interest – that obviously wasn’t my intention with this one. I don’t know what your problem is with me, maybe you have a problem with everyone who doesn’t accept you as the foremost authority on ranges, calibers, bullet drop and expansion. I used the same gun for pheasant hunting and was in misery half way through the hunt. 26″ bull barrel 308 for $349. Recoil is light, as is the gun. Known as America’s oldest gunmaker, the company was started over 200 years ago when Eliphalet Remington sought to build a gun that was better than what could be bought. While I don’t have many safe queens and I love me an Arizona “pin stripe” on an XJ/TJ/YJ, my $2000+ AR’s are best kept pretty (or as pretty as possible)! It combines simplicity and the art of the gunmaker. After pulling the bolt out and bore-sighting by eye, I found paper and was only a little off. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hunting for different game, in different places on different terrain and at different distances, requires different tools. Since 1856, it has been known by four different names: between 1856 and 1888, E. Remington & Sons; 1888-1910, Remington Arms Company; 1910-1925, Remington Arms U.M.C. For the record, both ADL and an equivalent Savage .243 were the exact same price. I once took a buck in a full run at over 200 yds with my .30 cal. The Remington-badged Tasco scope is a close second. Semi-auto guns have been around and been used for a long time (think Mini-14, Remington 760, etc) and no one has an issue with them, just as long as the gun has a walnut stock…. I have taken several deer with .223 but i like to hunt a couple farms where 350 yard shots are available. If I do my job, it will put 3 cold/clean bore shots into a 1″ paster at 100-yards. Since getting my Beta Chrony from Brownells a few months ago, I seem to be using it all the time, even when testing factory ammunition. Certainly can’t do that with an AR-15! Anyone who has tried to squeeze accuracy out of an SPS stock with a bipod knows that they’re better used as a boat paddle. Well, it’s still a Remington 700 so the sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing.

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