Instead, it happens to them in some situations. I am the first one to say that a true “Hermaphrodite” is very rare. NatureTrak Creator on Fighting Stigma and Racial Disparity in Cannabis Industry, From Black Market To Stock Market: Top Tips From Cannapreneurs Who’ve Done Just That, Chemo, Radiation And Cannabis? Most cannabis growers prefer getting their supplies from an online seed company. It’s because hermaphrodites produce low-quality and not sellable cannabis seeds. Thus, you should not hesitate to remove them for good in your grow room. If you’re planning to cultivate new cannabis strains on your next crop, find out what other cannabis growers say about the strains. Pretty lame, if you ask me. You can clean them with alcohol and spray them with water. What I want to emphasize is, unless I’m breeding for seeds, I don’t want male pollen anywhere around my female plants. They cannot be combined into a pollen sac with pistils etc. The flowering phase is the legit last stage in the life cycle of the medical cannabis. They hide under leaf junctions and inside female-dominant buds. If some of your marijuana plants show both female and male flowers from the start of the flowering period, you should eliminate them right away from your growing space. Hermaphrodites are as dangerous as male cannabis plants. Genetically, some strains of cannabis tend to be more sensitive to hermaphroditism compared to others. Also, look for some pieces of advice and suggestions from the seed banks. Maybe it’s time I created a new article here for dude grows. Did this seriously piss me off? Set it and forget it. As said before, these new pollen sacs on female plant produced by hermaphrodites will also carry this unwanted trait, which will destroy entirely your crop in the long run. You definitely don’t want hermaphroditic flowers. Even a few hermaphrodite flowers can ruin your seedless buds, especially on the hermie plant itself and plants next to it. It’s not even bag-able. Likewise, you should check your cannabis plants for insects or mites, molds, and other common marijuana pests. However, when I had two different strains go hermie that were from a Cannabis Cup-winning North American seed breeder, they refused to comp me one iota. When late bloom comes, start daily monitoring again. Unfortunately, when this type of pollination takes place, the female plants will spend its energy on seed production, not on producing flowers. I picked up a pack of their “lucy” and all three of the plants ended up stunted and under performing. I’ve bought and grown the cheapest seeds out there like Nirvana and KC Brains and I’ve never had any hermies at all. Hermaphrodite marijuana is something most serious growers experience at least once. If your grow room is too hot or too cold, that will stress your crop. The 3rd was just recently put into 12 12 so we will see what happens. That’s why if I’m growing marijuana from non-feminized seeds in a non-breeding grow op, I kill the males as soon as they show their sex. Both of these approaches have advantages and... Several locations in the world are now bringing cannabis use back in their respective markets. Characteristics of Normal Male and Female Cannabis Plants, Causes of Hermaphroditism in Cannabis Plants. Before cultivating new strains of marijuana, educate yourself about them first. Those things arent cheap and RP/DNA in general are on the spendy side. I found NO seeds! What to do if you see hermie marijuana plants depends on your personal grow situation. I killed them all. Check out the below YouTube video from Just Grow It about the basics of hermie cannabis plants. The reason this is such a dreaded sight to see in a grow op is that male structures release pollen. 2. In the past, I tried a tactic that included removing all the male structures from hermie plants and examining them every day to see if more develop. I knew that when I found two hermies, I couldn’t dare to leave the others of that strain in the grow room. For instance, Thai Sativa strains typically reach a higher percentage of being hermaphrodites genetically. Sep 23, 2009 #4 dude if it had any think that re sembles the pic i posted, id say its maffy. A stamen normally grows inside a male pollen sac but sometimes appear directly on female buds, especially in … >>>I found your cloning tutorial from a while back on 420mag and I’m curious >>>any changes to that clone nutrient strategy now that you have recharge in the mix. Remove plants with both male pollen sacs and female flowers (hermies) to avoid pollination/seeds! Plant stress comes in many forms. During two decades of growing and networking with other cannabis growers, I’ve seen hermies a couple dozen times out of hundreds of gardens I’ve either run or visited. I emailed DNA to let them know they have a problem with this batch of seeds. Therefore, pollen sacs on female plant aren’t gender-neutral. Don’t freak out if you see hermaphrodites in your crop. Some buds go hermie in late bloom phase. What I want to emphasize is, unless I’m breeding for seeds, I don’t want male pollen anywhere around my female plants. Dotted before me like rebellious agitators were several hermaphrodite flowers popping up on my cannabis plants, which had been grown from a feminized seed of the same strain. If your plants are rootbound, suffering from root rot, or your grow media isn’t aerated enough, that too causes stress. So with that, the super tall plant, and the pollen sacks, we won’t be growing Reserva privada any longer. It’s also why I kill all hermie females. It occurs due to several reasons, like: In getting rid of hermaphrodites, the key rule will be to protect your plants from any form of stress especially when they’re in the flowering period. Nowadays, there are many different types of distilled weed, and they vary based on the extraction process. I have 8 ww plants one all female feminized seeds one grew nothing but pollen sacs 3 of them won’t go into flowering and one shows signs of both male and female and the other three show nothing but male signs all outside plants I’m not sure why there acting like this or why one grew nothing but pollen sacs also not. As said before, you must carefully check your plants for male flowers when the flowering period begins. It’s not the end of the world. That’s why many growers look for pollen sacs on the female plant for a great harvest. Therefore, you should be familiar with the exact flowering period of your cannabis plants because trimming and staking them is a must before the buds begin to appear. I just sprayed them. My other buddy, greenthumb, is the one who turned me on to this strain. Hermaphrodites can pollinate themselves and reproduce. Cannabis plants can be male or female. I was averaging 2–4 ounces of dried bud per plant from that strain, so having to get rid of five of them seriously ate into my profits. To lower your chances to have hermaphrodites in your grow room, you must maintain the ideal environmental conditions based on your preferred growing space. If your grow op takes them out of their comfort zone during bloom phase, they might go hermie. Some people call it a “hermie”. If you remove hermie structures and no new hermie clusters develop, you win. I found your cloning tutorial from a while back on 420mag and I’m curious if you had any changes to that clone nutrient strategy now that you have recharge in the mix. Catch them before they burst which can damage your crop. If you use inferior hydroponics nutrients, and/or if the nutrients solution or root zone is at the wrong pH, that hurts plants and may provoke a hermaphrodite marijuana situation. Even with Colloidal silver I was unsuccessful. Water is a good sterilizing solution for pollen. After I found the pollen sacks, I sprayed down the entire plant with water to contain the pollen, then moved the plant into a 5×5 tent to finish out the flowering. And this was back in the day when I first started growing. When they went hermie, that work was wasted. Having hermaphrodites in your grow room can be a catastrophic scenario if you are a commercial cannabis grower. My buddy sling, had the same problem I do with these. They’re purebred marijuana seeds that can help a grower lock in desired genetic traits. In the history of growing at least two dozen different strains, I’ve seen a pollen sack on a female, ONE TIME, on ONE plant. These plants have been waiting a long time for pollen and have not gotten any, so they decide to create male flowers themselves to make their own pollen. Unless a grower is breeding marijuana strains, the grower…, We’d all love to harvest 3+ pounds per 1000-watt light! Plant stress also occurs when growers use inferior bloom boosters that have the wrong amounts, types and ratios of phosphorus and potassium. I have used a little recharge for cloning, for normally I don’t use it. That means they don’t produce a strong high. This is why I say, that in most cases, the problem is due to stressed plants. I wrote an article on this here. Hermies are much more likely to develop from seed-grown cannabis, but I’ve seen hermies from clones, even when the clone mother never displayed hermaphroditic tendencies. Thus, you don’t need to check the growing plants for pollen sacs or banana-shaped flowers.

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