IvyPanda. This has mostly been evident in the media where most African American productions have incorporated westernized or White American concepts in their storylines. An unknown error has occurred. "African American Culture." 14 February. African American Culture. African American culture is deemed to be the most influential to American culture as a whole as the country plays host to a large African American community that has its roots in Africa. In the case of African Americans, the emotional systems approach can be used to explain how they react to situations of racial discrimination from other members of the American society. Afro-American Studies Research Papers on an interdisciplinary field of research and writing that focuses on politics, cultures, and histories of African Americans. James, J.S., (2008). Psychology research shows how hair combing sends a powerful message from parent to child. Eventually, the northern colonies abolished slavery, and many slaves attempted to escape to freedom using the Underground Railroad. Please click the button below to reload the page. Slavery in America – Slavery in America research papers discuss the history of slavery in America and show that race was a major issue in slavery. The communications systems theory of psychological processes as explained earlier deals with how communication influences people within the same cultural mindset. Or could it simply mean that concepts of masculinity are shifting? Another difference that exists between both groups is the characteristic of indigenuity where African Americans base their cultural experience as being more culturally indigenous than that of White Americans, which is mostly based on westernized ideologies and belief systems. The evolutionary perspectives of the African American community are mostly based on their survival from the period of slavery to the period of racial discrimination and segregation in America. The discussion has also focused on how African American culture influences the psychological theories that are used to explain psychological processes in human beings where it has been determined that the African roots of their culture as well as the period of slavery influenced the psychological process of African Americans. Detail from Mickalene Thomas’s ‘Le Dejeuner sur l’herbe: Les trois femmes noires’ which is part of a show called ‘Femmes Noires’ currently at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Need a custom Research Paper sample written from scratch by There are three factors that are used to explain the social influence of the communication’s approach with the first being strength which refers to the individual differences that exist in a cultural setting that are used to provide support to the culture of a particular group where for example a rich or influential personality such as American President Barack Obama or Oprah Winfrey, the richest Black American woman in world use their individual strengths to influence other African Americans around them (Kitayama, 2002). Freed Slaves and Land Ownership – Freed Slaves and Land Ownership term papers show the importance of land ownership when slavery was abolished in the South. 1-570-301-7456. African Americans have their culture deeply rooted in traditional African belief systems and religious practices, while White Americans have their culture based on aesthetic values and systems that make up the westernized society. Displaying all articles. Numbers refers to how members of the cultural group are able to bring about change as a result of their opinions on various social, cultural and political issues. Even more ubiquitous has been the influence of African-American vernacular and fashion, with hip-hop cultural signifiers becoming a touchstone for teenagers of all races in every region of the country. The cognitive or communication systems approach explains psychological processes in culture to be influenced by how people communicate with each other within the same cultural setting or background. The NAACP was formed in 1909 under the leadership of W.E.B. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, Kitayama, S., (2002). The analysis takes into account the research work carried out highlighting various aspects of African American culture as well as its explanatory factors. The knowledge structures that exist in biological foundations might more than likely reflect the culture of such communities. Japan’s Geography, Politics and Cultural Dimensions, Cultural Project for the Country of Colombia (South America), The Internet as social media: connectivity and immediacy, No Reparations for Blacks for the Injustice of Slavery, African Americans: Race and Ethnic Discrimination, Africa and Diasporic Cultural Institution, African Diasporic Culture across the World: Influences, Transformations and Interactions, International Management: The Case of China. This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see here. Research papers on African American history can cover a wide variety of topics. Brown v. the Board of Education overturned segregation, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. led the Civil Rights movement until his assassination in 1968. Hair has long been a source of anxiety and shame for African-Americans. Underground Railroad- Underground Railroad Research Paper discusses the ways in which African Americans escaped slavery. Some topics that are common to focus on when defining African American culture are: Many changes have taken place in American society over the past century, bringing about deep and lasting transformations in the cultural landscape. This paper discusses the cultural differences and obstacles faced by African-American students. Keorapetse Kgositsile with US author Alice Walker, 1996. From a historical perspective, African Americans have had a rich and turbulant history in the United States. – a new exhibition at the Birmingham Museum of Art – looks at how blackness has been portrayed in American art through the years. Black Americans today are more aware of the democratic rights to freedom in America as a result of such personalities, who used their individual differences to empower other people (Matsumoto & Juang, 2008). Another psychological process theory that can be used to explain this process is the motivational systems approach which seeks to explain the meaning of culture in life (Keller et al., 2002). In the 19th century, critics and audiences thought blacks were incapable of singing as well as their white, European counterparts. Afro-American Studies Research Papers on an interdisciplinary field of research and writing that focuses on politics, cultures, and histories of African Americans. This culture has its roots from both sub-Saharan African communities and also Sahelean cultures, which consist of the Senegalese, Malians, Sudanese, northern Nigerians and Ethiopians. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. (2020, February 14). Rosa Parks – one of the most famous moments in the history of the American civil rights movement, the refusal by Rosa Parks to “move to the back of the bus” on December 1, 1955. Sociocultural research on mathematics education: an international perspective. Culture in terror management minimizes the level of anxiety or fear that exists in a certain social group by providing a meaning to life. In the pluralist typology, both groups demonstrate similarities where they accommodate expressions that reflect the cultural differences present in both groups. Before being crowned the "King of the Blues," a young Riley King honed his on-stage persona and made crucial contacts as a radio DJ. Immediacy has made it possible for African Americans to coexist with each other in the various parts of America thereby sharing their religious beliefs and values systems as well as their historic background of slavery.

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