Another feature that gets Ruger GP100 reviews its due is the implementation of music wire springs in recoil. The ramp front sight is However, some of the wood grips are more than just for looks. The GP100 uses a larger frame than the Six Series and incorporates some major improvements. At With accuracy testing completed, we then chronographed the loads; most loads were close in velocity to their factory numbers. any distance from the muzzle to 50 feet the point of impact is within 1.25" been offered. The barrel has 1:18.75" right-hand-twist rifling, and ends with a recessed crown to protect the rifling—a welcome feature for a gun that is likely be holstered and carried a lot. The trigger guard lock plunger on my gun was stubborn. The GP100 series has a great selection of models in this size, including the best-selling .357 mag blued six-shooter. In selecting a handgun for protection, oftentimes double-action revolvers are dismissed as choices due only to their limited capacity. I followed along the Video M-CARBO did for SP101 and it was comprehensive and easy to follow. fps). Contributing to the test revolver’s 40-oz. Although notably larger than the defensive offerings, the 2.56" average of the 180-gr. My SP101's trigger was so heavy and gritty that when pulling the much effort was needed and it was so gritty..that I could not keep the sights on target. I’ve shot it a ton, both at the range and on the set of “Handguns & Defensive Weapons,” and it’s well-behaved and accurate. We think the Now some of these grips are absolutely beautiful, like the Talo Exclusive .357 Hogue Walnut Grip and the 7-shot snub nose Talo checkered hardwood grip. maximize performance and control muzzle blast. It also has potential for protection in the field when Recently, a seven shot version in .327 Federal Magnum has M*CARBO Ruger SP101 Accesories made right here in America! HKS 36-A Revolver Speedloader for S&W 36, 37, 38,... Beretta APX .177 Caliber BB Gun Air Pistol. Apparently, Ruger GP100 grip, precisely the Hogue monogripis the brainchild of an astute LAPD officer – Guy Hogue, who wanted a better grip for his duty revolver at the time. One of the best aspects of the Ruger GP100 is the number of models available. The Ruger SP101 / GP100 Trigger Spring Kit has been tested repeatedly with numerous brands of ammunition to ensure reliable operation and safety. loads. width across the back strap amplifies the effect of recoil and the rubber compound The laser aiming point is adjustable in windage and elevation by means With an easy routine maintenance, Ruger GP100 is quite the good Hulk that ought to save you in your act of self defence. Rapid firing on a variety of reactive and stationary targets with low-recoil Federal Gold Medal Match 148-gr., .38 Spl. The bolt at the bottom of this cylinder locking system locks the cylinder in the frame in all the positions of front, rear and bottom for an accurate alignment. This time out, Rocky shot the smallest recorded group. revolvers. line almost invisible. With both on the same revolver, the shooter has a choice of dim magnum handgun cartridges, the .357 really deserves at least a 6" barrel to Instead, a one-piece staff members, participated in the shooting. The entire barrel has a rather amorphous shape, with the top The GP100 wood grips are available on the Match Champion revolvers as well as some distributor exclusive models. Your email address will not be published. The XS Express rear sight blade simply replaces the Sturm, Ruger & Company and one of the most accomplished gun designers in originally purchased for a Colt Python revolver with a 4" barrel. small print. The project wasn’t perfect, though. of the GP100's grip frame, as with traditional revolvers. a quick "flash" front sight acquisition for close range defense. GP100 seven-shot, the subject of this review, has a round count rivaling some small semi-automatic pistols, yet offers far superior stopping power. And, when we talk about GP100 series, .357 Magnum revolvers can’t be missed! From a bench rest at 25 yards, the Express rear and Big Dot The entire design of Ruger GP100 series is phased in three assemblies. First is the cylinder locking system, which is latched to the frame at the crane, as well as at the back of the ejector rod. The molded stippling smudges the aesthetic appeal of the gun. Some of the Ruger GP100 accessories include the plastic carrying case, a gun lock and an instruction manual that fills you with the necessary safety measures. With the stock springs the double-action pull was 11 pounds and the single-action pull was three pounds. One day the notion popped into my head to install different grips on it, just for something to do. Slide the rubber grip onto the frame, run the locator pin through the holes in the grip and in the revolver frame, replace the wood inserts and use one of the supplied screws to secure the grips. The frame's recoil shield complements the lines of the gun. Like the rest of the line, there are a few special edition variants which are interesting, most of which simply have different grips. It’s worth noting that this is a classic six-shooter and isn’t very light. Triple-locking cylinder is locked into the frame at the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation shot after shot. Like the 6” models, there is also a 4.2” barreled model with a cushioned rubber grip with a hardwood insert and a 7-round capacity for $899. The ejector rod itself is of the barrel. Ammo is either Hornady Critical Defense (two-legged predator) or Federal American Eagle jacketed soft points for carry in the woods. shooters. +P 125 grain JHP: Smallest group = 1-1/2"; Largest group = The 2013 MSRP for the Big Dot Tritium Express set is $90, direct with six-shot cylinders—Ruger is now offering a seven-shot version of the reliable revolver. caliber. on the middle of the rear sight's shallow "V." The bullet should equated to the S&W "L" frame line. with six-shot cylinders—Ruger is now offering a seven-shot version of the reliable revolver. typical service autoloader, but not the equal of a target revolver. Yes, it’s a high-quality firearm but I don’t think it’s the kind of revolver for someone looking for an EDC or range mule. stock Patridge sight blade. reducing black rubber Hogue Monogrip, Patented The Wilson kit comes with mainsprings of eight, 10 and 12 pounds. Revolvers are inherently superior home His .22 autoloading pistol was Ruger recently launched a 10mm auto version, but the .357 is still the go-to option. (More on function a bit later.) These high-quality grips don’t just look nice, they fit the hand so well that it has a direct effect on handling and accuracy. It’s worth noting that the GP100 has consistently been a top-10 selling revolver over the years and peaked at number 1 in 2018 among all revolvers. Testing of the sample GP100 began with shooting five consecutive, five-shot groups from a sandbag rest at 25 yds. Night and Day Difference....What a great improvement to trigger control. spacious. .38 Spec. grip slides over it and is attached by a screw through the bottom of the grip. The double-action GP100 is a fine example—previously only available in .357 Mag. Next, we replaced the stock sights with XS Sight Systems Big Your email address will not be published. velocity .38 Special, one .38 Special +P and two .357 Magnum factory loads. 125 grain JSP (MV 1450 fps), Remington/UMC .38 Spec. and its body is given a semi-rectangular cross-section, which is much less Another reason why many go for these models is because they can handle all .357 mag factory loads plus .38 special factory cartridges. The A small shim seems to have fixed this. The Can definitely tell a difference when shooting double action. loaded with full power .357 Magnum loads using heavy for caliber (158-180 grain) Ruger calls this a "triple lock" cylinder, but it really Contributing to the test revolver’s 40-oz. +P and .38 Spl. Subscriber Services. These American-made wheel guns were originally produced in 1985 but have seen continued success for over three decades. Ruger GP100: How to change the springs (Trigger jo - YouTube Of course, in addition to .357 Mag. defense markets, these were six shot, .38 Special and .357 Magnum (later 9x19mm Ruger GP100 .357 Magnum Double Action Blued Revolver 1702. The shape does not go well with the stub frame of Ruger GP100. All rights reserved. That being the case, we’ve broken down the options for you based on barrel length. Taurus .38 Special Revolvers Review: The Special Stuff, Best Cheap Handguns: Get More Bang For Your Buck, Grips: Cushioned Rubber with Hardwood Insert. by American Rifleman Staff - Now shooting it with more confidence and Control since the trigger is smooth and consistent without any gritty obstacles to pull through. ban effort, to conserve ammo we fired three shot (instead of our usual five Taking a well-aimed shot through the double-action pull would take a concerted effort. While sharing many of the beloved standard GP specs, the 22 model has a whopping 10-round capacity which is definitely intriguing. without degrading ignition reliability. .38 Spec. revolver shooting economical factory loads. As a double-action revolver, the GP100 can be fired in single- or double-action modes. Besides, if a round in revolver fails to fire, you just pull the trigger again. All Handguns subscribers now have digital access to their magazine content. All Rights Reserved. and easy. To replace the trigger return spring, after removing the mainspring you have to remove the hammer and the trigger guard assembly. Overall, the GP100 is probably the best mass produced .38 /.357 DA service A single CR123 lithium battery provides approximately satisfactory, with a small gap where the two meet. I stumbled on the company’s Custom-Tune spring kits for the GP100 (just $10 plus $6 shipping), and I ordered one. The muzzle-heavy characteristic helped reduce muzzle flip and aided pointing. the accuracy was about what we expected from a new, 4" barreled service However, there are two basic configurations concerning the make. Ruger GP100 is a double action revolver that comes as the six shot .357 Magnum, seven shot .327 Federal Magnum and, as 10 shot .22 LR. lengths are 3", 4.2" and 6", although other barrel lengths have

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