Some annexes or awnings come with the purchase of a tent (the Tuff Stuff Ranger 3, for example, includes an annex), but most are sold separately. Further, the Roofnest’s awnings and full-zip doors offer a big boost in protection from the elements (the Maggiolina doesn’t come with awnings and its doors only zip on the sides). Redesigned for 2020, the Sparrow is a true testament to Roofnest’s high attention to detail. To accomplish this, the X-Cover forgoes the fabric cover found on traditional softshell models and instead uses its own floor panel to serve as the hard cover, which folds over the tent and protects it when stowed. The toughest rooftop tents on the market, perfect for 4x4 trailers and tough off-road rigs. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent Key Features: Roof top tents have a number of benefits that make them a more appealing option than traditional ground tents to many campers. On the other hand, softshell tents require a bit more time to remove the soft cover and insert poles to prop up the fly and awnings. Denali comes with a room divider, two separate entrances (each has its own ladder), and a generous four-door annex. Both types are attached to your vehicle’s roof rack during transportation and either flip open or pop open when parked. If ventilation is a top priority, we recommend looking for a tent with a breathable body fabric, full-coverage rainfly (or insulated hard top), and enough space between the two for air to flow. You wont find indoor catalogue photos of our products here, all our photos are taken while out on our travels and adventures throughout New Zealand. Because of the weight of RTTs, buyers should also be aware that initial installation can sometimes be a lengthy and laborious process and often require a few pairs of helping hands. In addition to fabrics, the metal components are built to last, and the floors are designed to handle serious weight. With no poles required for basic setup, the Crow’s Nest tent is up in less time than it takes to boil the billy. Second, most models come with generous windows and mesh panels, many of which can be completely unzipped or closed with just a bug net and are protected by waterproof awnings. Regardless of the model you choose, there are steps you can take to extend the life of your tent. Roofnest tents, for example, are known for comfort, whereas the budget-oriented Smittybilt Overlander’s mattress is thin and stiff (even iKamper’s top-of-the-line Skycamp has a thin 1.8-inch thick mattress that balances a large sleeping area with a small packed size). It has everything you can ask for… sunroof, waterproof rainfly, mosquito netting, aluminium frame and many more features. tall when packed), and its 105-pound build makes it fairly easy for two people to maneuver. The quick and easy set up means you can spend more time doing the things you love. It takes a bit more time and effort, but we like the simplicity of the design and find it to be more reliable overall. As we touched on above, the High Country comes with large windows all around, but unfortunately it only has one awning, meaning you’ll have to button up the exposed sides in the rain (the Tepui Kukenam, for comparison, has awnings at each window and door). Even though they didn’t make our 5 best roof top tents list, they’re the best of the rest and each is still a great option for your outdoor adventures. The most obvious advantage here is price: two-person softshells usually fall between $1,000 to $2,000, whereas a standard two-person hardshell tent will typically run you north of $3,000. And an incredibly convenient feature: both tents feature a removable canopy, which means the Sparrow’s hardshell can double as a cargo box when you need added storage space. In other words, no need to alternate between mounting your tent or cargo box on your car each weekend. Yakima is best known for their extensive collection of high-quality roof racks and car accessories, and their SkyRise HD harnesses that manufacturing expertise in a well-executed rooftop tent design. What sets this tent apart is the size. However, there are some key differences between models. Comparing the three-person models, the Kukenam is $500 cheaper at $1,700 and features a 4-inch-taller peak height at 52 inches (the floor areas are identical). Tuff Stuff’s excellent customer support also deserves a mention. If you regularly camp at spots where it is difficult to find space (festivals, for example), this tent is a godsend. CVT also offers a full range of customizations, including fabric weight, a standard or extended rainfly, and color (five at the time of publishing). Take down is just a matter of reversing the steps, although you’ll want to be careful to ensure that all of the tent fabric is safely inside the shell or cover. Huge bang for your buck! We extensively use and test our gear to make sure its going to stand up to the Rugged NZ conditions.The Rugged Life Coastal Series Roof Top Tent comes with Rip Stop, Heavy Duty 300g Polly Cotton Canvas which is both Waterproof and Mould Resistant.This two-person Roof Top Tent opens out to 143x310x126cm, it comes with an aluminium, Honey Comb base, built in mattress, high quality zips and a sliding ladder.The tent is also covered by a 680g PVC black cover which keeps the tent dry and safe from low hanging branches while heading through tracks. Below our staff at Switchback Travel breaks down the best camping gear... You can leave your dehydrated, salty, and unsatisfying meals at home—today’s camping stoves bring a whole new level of gourmet to your car camping and basecamping adventures. This fetching, camouflage-patterned tent has a lot more going for it than its looks, including a patented sewn-in floor, outstanding water resistance, adequate ventilation options, and a much roomier feel than many of its competitors. Rooftop tent brands like Tepui and iKamper, for instance, sell additions like shoe racks, sheet sets, anti-condensation mats, inner insulation tents, and even a movie stand for your iPad. And unlike the automatic gas struts on hardshells tents from iKamper and Roofnest, the Maggiolina opens with a hand crank, which is a noticeably beefier system and can be operated even with cargo or heavy snow on top.

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