It is also entirely possible the whole thing is either not the whole story or completely made up for purposes of propaganda. There are other examples of such heroism. RIP. He was later one of the African American heroes who recieved their Medal in the 1990s. ... or did you miss the part about the soldier being from Russia. Not that I think they are the bad guys or any other army wouldn't do that. A goddamn hero to us all, I seriously hope he gets Russias highest honor for that. It's entirely possible this happened. For example, does anyone really believe there was no difference between the soldiers of the Waffen SS who died in the brutal occupation of the Soviet Union during the Second World War, and the soldiers of the Red Army who perished in the epic struggle to defeat them? Iniciar sessão. Comparing the effectiveness of Russia’s air campaign in Syria to its US counterpart, Duff writes: “What we saw in Syria was Russia set up a forward command in days at a small airstrip, move in 4 dozen aircraft, invite media to watch the whole thing, and begin combat operations with an air force that hadn’t flown against an enemy in over 25 years.”, He goes on: “We watched planes that cost nothing wipe out targets America had missed or overlooked or that, according to American pilots, they weren’t allowed to hit. Prokhorenko called an airstrike in on himself, effectively taking out the Islamic State fighters, but also himself. Read RT Privacy policy to find out more. It wasn't particularly uncommon during World War 2, especially on the Eastern front between Germany and Russia, for soldiers to call in artillery strikes on their own positions as they were being overrun, In more modern times, there are many stories of civilians and soldiers who have commited extreme acts of self sacrifice and bravery when faced with IS (also because to be caught by IS is often a fate worse than death). Later Sgt. I think we should have a statue made and give it to Russia to show just how much America respects that soldier's sacrifice. John Wight has written for a variety of newspapers and websites, including the Independent, Morning Star, Huffington Post, Counterpunch, London Progressive Journal, and Foreign Policy Journal. Seeing no means of escape, the young Russian decided to sacrifice his own life in a bid to kill the enemies surrounding him. All rights reserved. A Russian soldier who sacrificed himself by calling an airstrike on his own position after being overrun by the enemies in 2016. Even one of our scout snipers does fire support with a spotter; so at least someone can always be awake when another unit's scout sniper mistakes your outgoing fire as incoming fire and(due to a clerical error) calls in artillery on both of you, sustaining 4 deaths to friendly fire. Alexander Prokhorenko died in the airstrike, but his death has not gone unnoticed in his home country.

The couple had recently wed in a heartfelt ceremony in which his friends describe made him the “happiest man in the world.” A video of his beautiful wedding has been shared below.

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