0000110876 00000 n 333 0 obj <> endobj . 0000154869 00000 n . SAE and NPT Pipe and Port Sizes SAE Dash Size Thread Decimal 2 5/16-24 0.313 3 3/8-24 0.375 4 7/16-20 0.438 5 1/2-20 0.500 6 9/16-18 0.563 8 3/4-16 0.750 10 7/8-14 0.875 12 1 1/16-12 1.063 14 1 3/16-12 1.188 16 1 5/16-12 1.313 20 1 5/8-12 1.625 24 1 7/8-12 1.875 32 2 1/2-12 2.500 05/2016 NPT O.D. SAE (English) Tolerance & Thread Information, Fractions . If so, click to download our brochure and discover why Sapphire Hydraulics is the right repair service company for you! . %%EOF For more information about the Hydraulic Hose Fitting that will work best in your situation, contact us today for more information. (713) 331-1131. . . Series 23 / 24 / P23 / P12 / P24 / P25 / 26 Connectors. . This makes them popular for usage in tight spaces, and since there are at least 700 different kinds of configurations and sizes of split-flange connections, it’s usually very easy to find one for any given application. Houston, TX 77025 R/#��&��9�1��^:C~�Nev�~6v�W��}n��I;mg.vq���u쎵�؞n�U(�*���v�L�?�=�߽�)�\昗��L!���{����C����=�?q.u�n+%�Wʜ�{�2 q) ���J��q��E ���+ebJ�ަ��^. 0000110992 00000 n 0000004256 00000 n 0000007688 00000 n Skip to content Call Us Today 973.244.9200 . 0000181821 00000 n : SAE#1 Flywheel Housing with SAE#14 Flywheel. 0000007095 00000 n 0000113634 00000 n Hydraulic Hose Fittings & Connector Sizes Charts Sapphire Hydraulics | February 4, 2020. 0000005398 00000 n To determine the SAE adaption in your specific application, simply match dimensions XD, XB, XE, XF and XG to arrive at a combination of SAE adaptions for the engine housing and for the engine flywheel, i.e. Various types of fitting allow the designer to change the flow of the fluid, to split the flow of the fluid, or to elevate the lines. . The seal takes place between the male flare and female cone seat. 0000007610 00000 n . . Our hub nut and ball joint sockets and spanners are listed on the relevant pages (ie) AF or SAE and BSW (Whitworth) Size : Applications: Vehicles : Notes: 3/4 inch af: Common wheel nut size. Very common.11/16 AF commonly used on smaller. ?�Ly;��U*orU��=*��ë ���E . . xref 0000001640 00000 n (19mm equivalent ) 15/16 inch af: Wheel nuts: Pre 1972 Land Rovers (24mm) 1 + 1/16 af: Wheel nuts: After 1972 Land Rovers.
. 0 H���;n�0E�ޫ�

SAE J514 37° Flare (also known as JIC) This is a very common connection in Hydraulic fluid power applications. O-ring face seal connections are capable of eliminating hydraulic system leaks up to pressures reaching 6,000 psi. Below we’ve compiled a hydraulic hose fittings chart describing some of the more common fitting sizes and types currently in use by pipefitters and other professionals. 0000006709 00000 n Hopefully you get the idea and this socket size conversion chart should help you figure that out. DIMENSIONS in Inches or (millimeters): Engine Flywheel Housing Dimensions. Oil & Gas Equipment Hydraulic Repairs in Houston, Hydraulic Hose Fittings & Connector Sizes Charts, Why Hiring an Experienced Hydraulics Tech Over an Apprentice Matters, How to Check Heavy Equipment Hydraulic Fluid Levels, 7 Most Common Reasons of Hydraulic Failures. 0000006141 00000 n The taper which is applied to NPT threads helps them to form a tight seal, because the flanks of the threads will become compressed against each other, rather than the straight thread connections or compression connections. The straight threads of the each half hold the connection together mechanically. Pipe threads are designed to be used with or without accompanying thread sealants, depending on the particular application that they’re being used for. * The following table gives “Blind Tap Depths” when length ‘L’ IS LONGER THAN dimension shown in ‘Reference’ column below. One of the most common uses for JIC connections is in the fluid power industry, where they are frequently utilized in diagnostic and test point settings. 0000002550 00000 n 0000110125 00000 n . 0000001076 00000 n
. BSP technical standards relate to the sealing and interconnecting of pipes and connectors which have both an external and internal thread. 0000135060 00000 n As the connection is tightened, the O-ring will compress against a flat face sleeve, and this creates a metal-to-metal seal, with the O-ring providing a leak barrier.


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. Taiwanese and Korean units of measure are also derived from these traditional measurement units. . 4201 Bellaire Blvd Suite C Flare adapters provide significant long-term reliability, making them suitable for most mission-critical situations, as well as for usage in locations that can be relatively inaccessible. For a certain amount of time in the 20th century, there were three competing systems of measurement in Japan, being the English system, the Metric system, and the traditional Japanese system. . 0000000016 00000 n

These standards include straight thread series as well as tapered series for a wide variety of applications requiring pressure-tight sealing or rigidity and, sometimes, both together. 0000135475 00000 n For example if you need a 12mm but don’t have one you can use a 15/32 SAE socket instead since the two sizes are close. .

Or if you don’t have a certain size SAE wrench that you need, maybe you can use it’s Metric brother or vice versa. Joint Industry Council fittings, or JIC, are a type of flare fitting that is machined with a 37° seating surface. The heads of machine screws shall not be eccentric with the body beyond a tolerance of 3 percent of the maximum head diameter. startxref 0000154046 00000 n 333 38 .±.0015, 1/2″ to 1″, incl.

.±1/64″. Eventually, Imperial Japan began using the metric system, and at that time all traditional units were defined on the basis of meters and kilograms. Once assembly begins, a flare fitting is generally needed to secure the tapered end of flared tubing to the fitting, which is also tapered. The Chinese system of measurement spread to the Japanese archipelago and has remained largely intact ever since the year 700. BSP screw threads have been adopted internationally by virtually all countries other than the United States, which prefers the NPT standard.

trailer .

ORFS connections utilize O-rings that are typically seated in the face groove of the fitting, and these elastomeric seals provide a leak-proof flared tube fitting which should eliminate hydraulic leaks when properly implemented. Flange fittings are also highly resistant to loosening and can be quickly and easily assembled. Flare fittings are a kind of compression fitting which is generally used with some kind of metal tubing, often comprised of aluminum, copper, or soft steel, although other metals are sometimes used as well.

0000003623 00000 n

0000004004 00000 n Split-flange connections also help to provide solid connections between a hose and pipe, or between rigid lines. 0000005769 00000 n . Both the JIC male and JIC female fittings have 37° seat with straight threads. . .

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