And will his fans stick around, even if they can’t physically go to him?

First, there's the guy who wears boss suits. It’s all coincided with Diplo’s first releases with Music City stars. He plays some of his melancholy compositions on his Friday show, Corona Sabbath, which, owing to its doomsday vibe, is less popular than Saturday’s “Coronight Fever,” which can attract as many as 25,000 people across all platforms at any given time. But Diplo, the stage name of 41-year-old Thomas Wesley Pentz, he of magazine covers (GQ, Fast Company, Billboard), highest-paid D.J. Maybe he’ll sleep in tomorrow. “Honestly, yeah,” said Ms. Spears, who has seen Diplo perform in Atlanta, Las Vegas and New York. Sneakers have been the de facto footwear uniform for DJs in recent years, but now, “I’m basically a boot addict,” admits the star, who currently favors creations from industry standard bearer Lucchese, as well as Saint Laurent. The popular D.J. The awards show’s instantly recognizable moon man adorned the back of the white blazer, magic mushrooms in hand, while the molecular formulas for DMT, MDMA, 2CB, LSD, weed, and psilocybin adorn the open spaces in hues recalling a technicolor sunset. By combining his music, which ranges from otherworldly ambient tracks to mainstream club bangers, with of-the-moment video (“Tiger King” clips) and internet memes (Thanos twerking, Cardi B’s coronavirus rant), he creates a diversion that manages to take the absurdity of lockdown and turn it into an excuse to celebrate: If we’re all inside, welp, might as well jump on the couch and have a good time. Like the rest of those sheltering in place, he’s still figuring out how to best make use of this time at home. Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article. He just never stops working.”. When McNees gets Diplo to the show on time, he hears 10,000 people cheer.

“He hung out with us all night,” Diplo recalls of the singer. Next to him, the D.J. And in August, he dropped “Heartless,” featuring recent format breakout Morgan Wallen. “He’s doing a lot of things right,” Mr. Olson said. Hurrying to make himself professional, using the Tesla … (The cut’s official video, which includes Diplo ripping a tequila shot with Guy Fieri, is all footage shot while at the fest.) They sort through files, reviewing unfinished Thomas Wesley songs that include one about taking your sweetie to your hometown so they can see who you once were and where you can pump gas before paying for it. website builder. Many celebrities are using this moment to broadcast unvarnished versions of themselves to the world, with varying degrees of success. His father, Thomas Pentz, a retired hospital CEO who calls his son Wesley, says that as a kid Diplo read the encyclopedia for fun, although “it would take him a year to finish housework or anything else he didn’t want to do.” Jasper Goggins, the head of Diplo’s label, Mad Decent, calls him “the ultimate maximalist. Nataf had suggested he not, preferring he keep with his established routine, but, “I didn’t really care,” he says. How Being the Busiest Man in Music Made Diplo a Pop Star. Diplo’s knack for making art out of all these ideas leads to his ubiquity, which in turn drives him to explore more, like an ouroboros in a Stetson.

Given the volume of Diplo and Diplo-adjacent output, this last part can be tricky.“My main goal is to try and keep [all my projects] independent, because I don’t want them to all blend together,” says Diplo. With views of the city, a patio hot tub and chickens in the yard, the vibe in the new house veers between regular and surreal. Add to that projects in film and TV; staying connected with Mad Decent; overseeing his SiriusXM radio channel, Diplo’s Revolution; the aforesaid workout routine, travel schedule and dad duties; and, well — you’d be exhausted too. Unable to locate it, Jaeger opens the “Nashville” suite on some production software, which puts a variety of twangs at their disposal. That’s incredible.”, ‘Heck Yeah, We’re Dancing’: It’s Diplo, Live From His Living Room. Giddy up. Karimaghayi says he and Diplo measure social success not only by likes, but by how far each post travels.

The crew conjectures that it’s because he takes such great care of himself — green juices, exercise, meditation, the dozen fortifying tinctures on his kitchen counter, consultations with a shaman — or that he just doesn’t require a lot of sleep, that his interest in the world simply gives him the energy to see as much of it as he can. “We bought so much technology to make it so that everybody who dances for me can dance remotely,” he said. Having the festival brought to my living room where the drinks are free and there’s no line for the bathroom? I hated going to dinners with the promoters I didn’t like, I hated all the travel to get there. “Those guys are all an aspect of him,” says Nataf, who is French, used to work in fashion and became BFFs with Diplo after meeting him years ago at a show he was playing in Turkey. “That suit was so fun,” he says of the psychedelic Ft. Lonesome creation, adding that it’s his favorite red-carpet outfit to date. And while most DJs arrive in town for a show, hang in their hotel room before the set and then fly off the next morning, Diplo is a committed sightseer, surfing with the locals in Ghana, cruising on a seaplane in the Philippines, getting dropped at the base of a mountain in China. Many on Team Diplo describe their job as a lifestyle, one that causes them to miss a lot of holidays but which also affords them myriad singular experiences.

During that time he toured the city, headlined a festival and posed for plenty of photos with locals (which, along with sundry other shirtless-in-India snaps, amassed over 430,000 Instagram likes). “The other day I was with him and he microdosed LSD and then we went to do a workout that I couldn’t do at all. It’s what’s driving me when I wake up — I want to make a sound like how these empty streets of Los Angeles sound.”, Right now, he said, it’s impossible to imagine being in a session with a famous songwriter writing a love song, which is his bread and butter.

“It’s really difficult to become a new EDM artist,” says Diplo. But indeed he does, and it is big, bright and smells like an expensive candle. Diplo and Jaeger lay a steel guitar over an R&B-inflected chorus they play on repeat. In person, he has an affable, if not quite overtly friendly, let’s-get-the-job-done attitude, making progressively more eye contact over the course of our conversation, during which he receives a hundred text messages. The home office. “Originally, we just wanted one custom suit to go with my Stagecoach performance,” he recalls. Therein lies the central Diplo paradox: As close as he is with his team, no one on it seems to fully understand how he pulls all of this off. We have a pretty good formula, but we’re starting to get fat. “I see this as my style for the rest of my life.”.

When the windshield on his plane cracked mid-flight on a two-set day last August, it was McNees who told the pilot where to land. Second, streetwear or casual wear enthusiasts. Extending that idea, creative director Sara Nataf has helped Diplo delineate projects by creating a persona for each. “If we didn’t, it would probably kill us.”. But the event, which takes place on the same grounds as Coachella in Indio, California (in April, after the second weekend of its pop-leaning counterpart), proved transformative. There have been missteps. With a tour schedule that keeps Diplo on the road for, by his estimation, 250 days a year, he’s not actually here a lot. No matter how high you get, you always get fat.”. He bought the place three years ago, when it became untenable to run his growing operation out of a studio in Burbank, Calif., where Daniela Socorro, his executive assistant, had to sit on a folding chair in the hallway and the interns kept stealing his clothes. She also cooks — Diplo sometimes walks off camera, midstream, and comes back with a plate of greens and some kind of protein that he chews un-self-consciously. Then he went to play a show and then he went to fly to another country, all in the same day.

The basketballs above are signed by pop stars he’s worked with, including Ariana Grande and John Mayer. Diplo loves Dolly. We may earn a commission from these links. While he has helped usher lesser-known genres into the mainstream — baile funk with his 2008 film Favela on Blast, dancehall through Major Lazer, New Orleans bounce on 2014’s “Express Yourself” — country-pop crossovers are no oddity these days, thanks in part to the template Avicii set in 2013 with his smash “Wake Me Up.” Thomas Wesley seems like the first time Diplo is jumping on a trend rather than forging one. He spends some time with his Peloton, bought last month, and Mirror, not live streaming any of it. Where some trends are too boxy for his shape, he notes, “the workwear cuts really flatter me, especially my legs.” He began folding them into his everyday and now, they’re a staple. Extending that idea, creative director Sara Nataf has helped Diplo delineate projects by creating a persona for each. It is sturdy, catchy music that, like so many other Diplo projects, blurs the lines between dance, pop and the genre of origin. That’s why I couldn’t tell you I was late, actually.”. “Anything you do there is kind of magnified, it goes viral quicker, because the audience is so connected.”. In LSD, he’s a member of the infamous 1970s Source Family cult (one, says Nataf, who “ate way too much LSD”). Diplo disseminates no news or advice. And when Diplo turned 41 last November, he brought everyone to his house in Jamaica for the party. When Diplo went surfing in Ghana, photographer-videographer Joe Larkin got to go too.

Given an Instagram feed that makes that life look like an endless conga line of festivals, parties, private jets and foreign landscapes, it may seem counterintuitive that Diplo even has a house in the first place. His red carpet appearances and Instagram feed are now littered with ten-gallon hats, vibrant Western-style suits, belt buckles, and boots, but a complete closet overhaul wasn’t always in the blueprint for the year. The creative output from Diplo, Nataf and their go-to coterie of freelance directors, videographers, dancers and designers in turn fuels Diplo’s omnipresence in the live space. “Those guys are all an aspect of him,” says Nataf, who is … In the process, he has become a sort of pop culture mascot, attending the 2015 Met Gala with Madonna; making national headlines for livestreaming Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s 2019 wedding; performing with Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammys. According to Diplo, there are three fashion egos available to grown men.

“She was the game-changer,” he says. Create your website today.

In advance of his Stagecoach performance, he put out the surprisingly sweet “So Long,” featuring Cam. “For that to make sense in America is kind of a riddle.”, He’s trying to solve it by creating both an infrastructure for a sound he likes and a platform for artists who might not get headliner status without his co-sign — Born Dirty, Andhim and Sidepiece among them. The two are working on his forthcoming country project, Thomas Wesley, and Diplo is searching for the sound of an instrument Parton used to play. I’m not going away. When he wants to play five shows in a day, his tour manager, Luke McNees, charters a private plane. That was what sold.”. (“I tried working out on Instagram Live,” he said, “but people don’t really care, they just want to watch me with a shirt off or something, they’re not, like, getting their bands out.”). Credit...Alex Welsh for The New York Times.

To hear more audio stories from publishers like The New York Times, download Audm for iPhone or Android. Every product was carefully curated by an Esquire editor. “You follow people like Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion or Drake because they’re kind of internet characters with their own view,” says Jahan Karimaghayi, Diplo’s head of social strategy.

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