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All the eyes make it a little unclear, too. untimely hewn neath a silent moon, the King’s red flag unfurled.

The Scarlet King's daughters are as follows: A'tivik, A'ghor, A'distat, A'zieb, A'nuht, A'tellif, and A'habbat. SCP-280 • Spreading worldwide destruction. However, it is believed to have been repeatedly attempting entry for a period of several thousand under 300 years.

More information about the cult was revealed in the Global Occult Coalition case file KTE-2013-Kapala-Mendes. Robert Bumaro • SCP-1048 Duplicates •

Hanged King • The Scarlet King's true power is unknown, though he can conquer and destroy entire worlds and civilizations, and threaten other low elder gods. SCP-024 •

SCP-1471-A •

Scarlet King is an almighty deity in the Multiverse and, according to the 05 council, he is the most malevolent force within the Multiverse.

He declared war on creation itself, one which will not end until the very end of everything. I | II | III | IV | V. SCP Library. He is also often depicted with eyes on his chest and bound in or holding chains. The Scarlet King's daughters are as follows: A'tivik, A'ghor, A'distat, A'zieb, A'nuht, A'tellif, and A'habbat. He was that inborn knowledge of a world of gods and demons which belied human agency and existed beyond us. Occupation SCP-372 • SCP-001 (The Scarlet King), Old Gods Thus, the myth of the Scarlet King was created, alongside a fake ritual, Procedure 220-Calabasas, which can supposedly "appease" the entity. It was here that he first took the name Shormaush Urdal, the Scarlet King. SCP-953 • It is also speculated that he is the nephew of Yaldabaoth. The GOC refers to the cult as GROUP MENDES, and knows about at least six cells of the organization: three in North America, two in Eastern Europe and one in North Africa.

Description: SCP-001 is an entity ordinarily referred to as the Scarlet King. SCP-060-FR • From his seven bride-daughters he had seven children called Leviathans.

SCP Foundation Mythos Full Name Other gods including the Factory, the Hanged King, the Prince of Many Faces and Moloch.

As it became real, so too did a history of its existence[1] reaching back to the Dawn of Creation, altering history to include it. It’s supposed to have it’s back towards the camera, hunched and turning, but it looks a little more like pointy boobs and an awkward pose. He took his offspring as his brides, placing a seal upon each to prevent them dying as their mother had, and through them bore seven legions to serve him, each with different strengths and traits. He is a creation of swirling anomalies, of so many different times, all over the world. SCP-046-1 • SCP-136-2 • The six other girls were detained by the SCP Foundation, but five more births, and with that five more disasters, occured.

It is also speculated that he is the nephew of Yaldabaoth. As the Daevites and the influence of the Scarlet King spread further West, the People of the Two Trees became aware of the threat he posed, and their champion Hevel travelled east to fight the Scarlet King's forces. SCP-3000 • Daevites • SCP-049 • The Scarlet King was born with the planting of the Tree of Knowledge, called Khahrahk at the time. He was the whisper on the wind that kept the peasants working, staring up in fear of his righteous famine. Eventually defeating any who opposed them, the Scarlet King's forces eventually reached the Taproots, the core worlds of the Tree of Knowledge, including earth. The seventh daughter gave birth to SCP-999 after O5 ordered to stop Procedure 110-Montuak. With this in mind, the Foundation stopped Procedure 110-Montauk, leading to the birth of SCP-999, now believed to be the only thing to be able to defeat his father/grandfather. It resides in SCP-231-7 and is prevented from existing by using Procedure 110-Montuak, developed by Robert Montauk, a scientist. Erased the Yottazettaexapetateragigamegakiloomnihyperxenometamultisuperultranecromillinillidekaseptaoctagoogolfaxulsupraquintazikagiggoforcalboowaplexibukubiggagoshorayomeameaoompainfitransfiversiverse by existing and standing, Every Tranclscendstomps THE EVERY ANY OMNI ALL OMNIALL^OMNIALL^OMNIALL^OMNIALL^O-(eternal repetition)^∞∽∞ and ever and never more beyond surpass transcend, Massively Beyond the concept of existence, Sunshinestomps All of AcEKim115's profiles, Dropkicks Zalgo through alefinity aleverses, the hens were in the henhouse and seven eggs did lay, till the fox crept in by dark of night and stole the eggs away.

His voice also was neither "high nor low nor cacophonous nor methodical", simply just being. SCP-352 • Lovataar • Hevel then took the name "Ab-Leshal" and became the greatest of the Daevites' generals, leading an army to conquer the west.

SCP-001 (Past and Future) • SCP-3000 • SCP-3199 • Cult was raided by the police, in which one of the girls gave birth to something horrible, destructive and anomalous, so that Foundation stepped in. Scarlet King is a all powerful demon that will destroy everything in the SCP mythos.

James Franklin • SCP-001 is currently located in several alternate dimensions simultaneously, and is unable to enter into the prime dimension. Crimes Humans also follow the King, most notably the savage Daevites and the Children of the Scarlet King, a "Satanic" cult that poses as an American right-wing Millenialist fire-and-brimstone Christian church. Robert Montauk8000 actual cultists60 000 unknowing members, Serve the King (ongoing)Cause the end of the world/multiverse (ongoing), MurderPossible rape and pedophiliaPossible cannibalism. SCP-096 •

SCP-363 •

their lanterns bright, they wait at night for the new world he shall bring. SCP-1337 •

5: Zalgo(chaos) is nothing but like a failed version of Scarlet King, SCP have better stories than creepypasta and Zalgo was rejected of being a SCP SCP-280 • Its pretty much impossible to stop him, anyone who said that they defeated or killed the scarlet king they are wrong as they just type his name in their noteable victories. [1], With history altered,[1] the Scarlet King became one of the many elder gods born of the Darkness Below in the time that the Tree of Knowledge was planted. Of the howl of the old world when faced with a cold, grey, purposeless new. Crimes Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Seven girls taken away by raiders in the cold, as the wind demon howled and howled.

D-3826 •

Global Occult Coalition • He is an ancient and demonic god who is untold eons old and is the son of the Third Brood. SCP-2845 • He was the smallest of his siblings, but the only one aware, and it brought him great pain. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Daevites •

Ambassador of Alagadda • Scarlet King is an almighty deity in the Multiverse and, according to the 05 council, he is the most malevolent force within the Multiverse. Due to the lack of canon, the Scarlet King has no true form.Artists often draw hima as a classical Devil-like figure with antlers, sometimes having also tendrils/tentacels coming from his body, likely a reference of his Lovecraftian inspiration. SCP-023 •

The SCP Foundation was able to neutralize or destroy the first six brides, but the seventh—the strongest—had yet to be born. For regular humans his true power is presumably beyond comprehension. SCP-XXXX.

He is an ancient and demonic god who is untold eons old and is the son of the Third Brood. However, the O-5 Council became suspicious after realizing that the Children of the Scarlet King had devised the ritual, leading them to suspect that they were playing into the Scarlet King's hands. Bobble the Clown • Yaldabaoth, Old Gods Servants Serpent's Hand, Euclid SCPs

He is the memory of a world that is lost, the premodern world, made manifest in a form of hatred for modernity, the new, the humanism and smiling coldness that marks our day to day existence. their lanterns bright, they wait at night for the new world he shall bring. SCP-1913 • He lay with her for seven days and seven nights, breaking her and rising in her blood. The same fists could effortlessly smash a man's throat.

SCP-231 - Special Personnel Requirements ⚠ Object Class - Keter K-class-scenario, Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under. SCP-352 •

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