It has been a little difficult for me to get out of the house since the arrival of our little boy. I used Nymo thread for a long time, and recently switched to Fireline. I can’t than, you enough for another little weapon in my beading arsenal, if all else fails, I know gravity will do the trick. The content you'll find here is for your entertainment purposes only. You will have less waste this way, thereby saving money. I went to do something else for a short time, and when I returned to my bead studio and removed the bands, I was amazed at how much straighter the fringe was! Before you go, you might want to check out some of my other tutorials too: *Affiliate links are contained in this post. If you did, please take a moment to share this post online. Then attach the earwire to the top of the beaded hoop and close up the loop – you’re done! They don't curl up and become shorter, the sides curl in towards each other so they look really skinny. Copyright © 2020 Amy Romeu on the Foodie Pro Theme. I knew I would be pulling the strands down gently and that may already result in a very small gap. . Once you’ve threaded on all your beads, you’ll need to make a hook shape in the other end of the wire, as shown above. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Do not push the bead as far up on the wire as you can. You have now completed one earring! Then I skip threading through that larger bead again and instead start threading back up through my fringe. Thread your beads onto the other end of the wire. However, the beaded fringe needed a softer, less structured thread if I wanted the best chance for drapey fringe. The hoop frames can also be customized with a pair of needle nosed pliers. How do you finish a fringe strand without going back up (into brick section & back down again to next). I tried to edit my post to clarify. I haven’t tried it but if I need to, I’ll try your tip first! Required fields are marked *. 2. Required fields are marked *. I've tried to find something similar and it's hard to tell from the images if there's a brick stitch part at the top or if it's just strands coming down. I'm Amy. Peyote with a twist. You need to leave a little space so the bead sits with the holes facing to the side (tangential to the hoop) and sits on top of the hoop. If you want to do this, simply open up the loop at the bottom of the earwire, remove the silver bead and replace with a seed bead. I only ever recommend products that I think are great and any commissions received help me to keep this site up and running!

Your email address will not be published. The problem I'm having with my brick stitch fringe earrings is that they curl longways. Thank you for sharing. One trick is to put your fingernail between the last bead and the bead above it to create a very small space, however I don't personally use that technique. Hi, Rachael! The silver wire is easy to manipulate and I have provided detailed instructions below, making this a great beaded earring tutorial for beginners.

If you want to do this, simply open up the loop at the bottom of the earwire, remove the silver bead and replace with a seed bead. I don't have the same result with KO thread. Thanks for your comment. Wrap the plain wire around the larger gauge hoop wire about 3 times. I may write one at some point but it will take a lot of time, I'm afraid! I've beaded so many different projects with a wide variety of beads.

I never had a problem with any twisting fringe. Republishing posts in their entirety is prohibited. Lo, My latest tubular peyote bracelet! Then hook it around the other end of the wire, under the loop you made earlier, to connect the two ends together. « Why Etsy Custom Orders Can Hurt Your Beaded Jewelry Business, How To Make DIY Anthropologie Inspired Stack Bracelets ». Your email address will not be published.

It always seems to work for me. These beaded hoop earrings are bright and sparkly enough to dress up any outfit! Then attach the earwire to the top of the beaded hoop and close up the loop – you’re done! This saved me a lot of grief!!! Therefore, this is a great time to just delve into my stashes of left over crafting and jewelry supplies for creative inspiration. Also, make sure you aren't going back back through your fringe for any reason, after the initial pass down and up to create the fringe strand. I’m pretty new to making these & until yesterday my thread had always worked fine, I do use beeswax though which I think is a massive help. I decided to put together a beaded earring tutorial for you all, starting with a pair of gemstone hoop earrings. What thread are you using? This is the challenge I've always struggled with when attempting fringe earrings. Your email address will not be published. I may give that a try! After the last bead is attached, make 2 and a half wraps around the hoop wire. Thanks for using my links if you are able to! Use your round nose pliers for this. You'll see in my last step how I was able to make my fringe straight and flat even when my fringe started out as a little curled. Your email address will not be published. If you use beads of this size then this will be a perfect project for beads that you have left over form the Leather and Gemstone Bracelet tutorial here on my site (one of the most popular posts on this site!).

I was so frustrated! Memory wire that has a small diameter, say 40mm. Tiny Tammy Earrings Tutorial.

Use your pliers to bend the last 3mm of the hoop wire up to finish the hoop closure. Hello there! Trim the wire and use your pliers to press down the wire end to complete the last half wrap around the hoop wire. It stands to reason that the longer your fringe strand is, the more beads will be on each strand, and the heavier your fringe will be. Correct tension is the holy grail of beaded fringe! . I also decided to make some medium diameter earrings, but you can also make these hoops as large or small as you like.

Sometimes a thread that is too thin doesn't fill up the bead holes enough to give them structure. They sell a variety of options along with the sterling silver wire you will need. You can follow the pattern I’ve used, see pic above, or thread them on in another order if you prefer. I'm so glad you tried this trick and it worked for you. It's so frustrating! Suddenly, I was feeling encouraged! The stopper bead creates the end of the fringe for me. I was trying to say not to begin with a double strand of thread on the needle. Thanks , That's an interesting idea, Jo! Then make a loop with that part of the wire, by gripping the end of the wire with the same pliers and curling inwards. Then hang them as often as you can, both while you are beading them, and when you are taking a break or overnight, to let gravity help your fringe do it's job. Amy Romeu is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Until now! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! As such, I recommend keeping the tension firm while beading for best results. Your fringe strands should have only one strand of thread (which will become a double strand after you thread down, then back up) to keep them as soft and fluid as you can. Since peyote stitched pieces need some structure, the slightly stiffer Fireline is a perfect fit. I'm, Just finished this set of Miyuki Delica bracelets, Though I've been beading for many years, this is t, I had tons of fun over the Easter weekend making t, Tomorrow, I'm taking part in an online rag rug wor, I've needed a bit of colour in my life recently, a, If you're stuck for what to get your mum this Moth, A little beaded ring I've made! Use your pliers to press the end of the wire down completely where you started the wrap.

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