The Shimano Tranx 500 is considered the ultimate musky reel if you want to throw large lures a long distance and have enough line capacity and drag power to land just about anything. The low geared 500 series Shimano Tranx is probably the best musky reel on the market for big blade cranking and is a staple on many musky T.V. A large muskie that keeps it's head pointed down into a reed bed once hooked is going to put a huge strain on the drag of any reel and low quality components will usually mean one thing: You are probably best staying away from any reel that is under a $100 as the quality and durability quite simply won't be there. When turned on, the individual brake weights are forced outward at the beginning of the cast when backlashes most often occur, causing friction that reduces the speed of the spool. Shimano Calcutta D Series Musky Reels – Best Round Musky Reel, 6. Very smooth reel with a great drag system, High level of manufacturing and quality components throughout, Very durable design with oversized drive and pinion gears. This will enhance the casting performance of the reel with lighter lures, and allow for longer casts.

• HEG consists of not only the gears, but also the frame, setplate, and handle-side sideplate. A spinning reel using a bail arm that winds the line around the spool as you retrieve the lure.

Dartanium® II drag washer – The Dartianium material provides the smoothest drag possible from Shimano and allows for a very wide range of drag settings which is so important when fighting larger species that take your equipment of the edge of its limitations. ​Without a doubt the preffered choice of reel for muskie fishing is a baitcasting reel. VBS uses centrifugal force rather than magnets to aid in controlling the cast. The Shimano Tranx 500 is one of the best large baitcasting reels and is available HERE. Aluminum frames and parts will generally offer greater durability than graphite. This means the gears will stay in the same position under the heaviest loads. It ensures that the line is laid on the spool in an even manner. Have sent back to Shimano.

They are extremely ​simple to operate and this is why they are seen as a good choice for a young child to learn how to fish with. The spool, frame and side plates are all made from ​high quality machined aluminum. The Tranx 500 is one monster of a baitcasting reel and can do practically anything you may ever need. The Shimano Tranx 500 is considered the ultimate musky reel if you want to throw large lures a long distance and have enough line capacity and drag power to land just about anything. Determine if a baitcasting reel or a spinning reel is best for you. The HAGANE Body is a metal reel body with high rigidity. 700,00 EUR. This increases the efficiency of the reel and adds to the durability over the lifetime of the reel. Get line capacity of at least 150 yards of 80-pound test. THIS WEBSITE USES COOKIES TO IMPROVE YOUR USER EXPERIENCE. For those of you who want all the details I have provided the chart below. In fact for a baitcasting reel it ​exceptional. On the 300 for example you can hold about 240 yards of 40 lbs braided fishing line. A baitcaster blends all of the best attributes you would want in a reel: ​Some fisher men will shy away from a baitasting setup as they think it is too difficult to learn how to cast a baitcaster. Line capacity is big. Your email address will not be published. The introduction of the Komodo SS from Okuma coincided with lots over other offerings in the 300 and 400 sizes being released by all of the major brands. If you are looking for a Shimano musky reel then there are a number of options available on the market: Personally Shimano are my go to brand for reels and have been for many years whether that's on the hunt for large muskie or throwing small Rapala's on ultralight gear for trout. Both the Lexa 300 and 400 from Daiwa are what's described as low profile baitcasting reels.

The TRX500HG has a whopping 43" of line retrieval for every crank of the handle thanks to a 6.6:1 gear ratio. You can load up 400 yards of 50 lbs braided line to haul those hard fighting fish in and it is well sealed from the elements which means that I am not going to be having to replace or rebuild this reel for years to come. With that said the price is up there but it is a fine piece of equipment and this is one instance when you are really getting what you pay for. All that being said, I am very happy with my Shimano and can say that it is a very versatile reel. Take the gear ratio of the reel into consideration. The drag is too weak, the type and breaking strength of line will be too light and the spool will not be big enough to hold enough line to comfortably let a muskie run and tire itself out. Because of it’s power, this is the best musky reel for bulldawgs and other large musky baits. Whatever about your rod purchasing a cheap reel is a recipe for disaster.

Spinning reels for muskie are a serious step up in terms of strength and performance over a spin cast reel. Although best is always subjective below you'll find a list of the top musky reels available on the market. shows and Youtube videos. Daiwa Lexa 300 musky reels are only slightly less costly at around $200. In fact once you make the change you'll regret not having doing it earlier.​, Having the ability to toss a lure with the flick of the wrist will mean a lot more accurate casts and it will also mean less arm fatigue as the day wears on.​. You've requested a page on a website ( that is on the Cloudflare network. Simply press the button cast and now you are fishing, no bail are or spool drag to play with. There is only one best musky reel for you for your given fishing style and situation. Posts: 42: HG hands down!

SHIMANO Tranx 200. All that being said, I am very happy with my Shimano and can say that it is a very versatile reel. Tthe SS gets upgraded to all stainless steel hence the 'SS' in the name. These bearings have been through the same process as our A-RB bearings, but feature shields on both sides of the bearings that reduce the possibility of salt or sand inhibiting the bearing's rotation. Shimano Corvalus Round Casting Musky Reels – Best Musky Reel Under $150, 7. Posts: 133: I own both. KastKing Rover Round Baitcasting Reel – Best Cheap Musky Reel For Beginners, Shimano Tranx LowProfile Baitcasting Fishing Reel, Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel, Daiwa LEXA-WN300HS-P Lexa Type WN Casting Reel, Abu Garcia Revo Toro Rocket Low Profile Reel, Shimano Corvalus, Round Baitcating Freshwater Fishing Reel, Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Reel, Daiwa Lexa 300HSL-P High Capacity Baitcast Reel, Daiwa Lexa High Capacity Baitcast Muskie Reels, Shimano Corvalus Round Casting Musky Reels, Okuma Coldwater 350 Low Profile Linecounter Musky Reels. Price & warranty are always a consideration. S A-RB bearings – These bearings are the same as the standard A-RB bearings with the exception that they are shielded on both sides by a stainless steel shield for the ultimate in corrosion resistance and contaminant protection, to reduce the likelihood of any salt, dirt or water penetrating and affecting the bearings smoothness. Tranx 500 Model TRX500HG is built for speed with a 6.6:1 gear ratio and has an incredible line retrieval rate of 43″ per crank of the handle. When you combine the HEG with Shimanos X-Ship you get a smooth as silk but incredibly strong retrieve day after day. This not only locks out the saltwater and adds another layer of corrosion resistance but it also makes for a super smooth finish to the reel. Moreover, the meager gear ratio of 4.6:1 makes the Tranx an ideal reel for musky fishing. The max drag rating is 25 lbs and uses Abu's Carbon Matrix Drag System which gives a super smooth drag performance that remains consistent even under full pressure. Because of it’s power, this is the best musky reel for bulldawgs and other large musky baits. The Tranx can handle anything that bites in saltwater or freshwater. Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low-Profile Baitcast Fishing Reel – Best Musky Reel For Bucktails, 3.

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