U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, a New York Democrat, called on the Coast Guard to create a rule to set passenger limits for boats 20 feet and larger. Dive teams are designed for salvage and recovery efforts and less frequently for first-response rescues, experts said. Nassau County (N.Y.) Police, who are heading the investigation, say they are looking at overloading and mechanical or equipment failure, such as cracked through-hulls or hoses or malfunctioning trim tabs, as the cause of the capsizing and sinking of the 1984 Silverton convertible near the mouth of Oyster Bay. I didn’t think a 34-footer would turn. It’s a trend that has played out across the nation and state, with many manufacturers going out of business in the 2000s, Frederiksen said. “The boat could have sunk for many reasons,” says Det.

She was built on a solid fiberglass hull with a relatively wide 14-foot beam and a shallow keel for directional stability. Now, authorities have trucked the boat to a marine facility on the South Shore. The Austrian builder is expanding facilities, and also working on its floating solar electric villas concept, Silent-Resorts. “In order to drive a car you need all kinds of training, learner’s permit, written test, road tests and then you get a license,” Weiss says.

“We feel that with the addition of the Silverton-Ovation line brings quality family and sport cruisers to our offerings, something we didn’t have in our mainly sportfishing boats and yachts,” Trocki said. Suffolk County (N.Y.) legislator Steve Stern says he will introduce a bill in August that requires all boaters in the county to take a safety course. Nyla Deputy, creator and owner of the Silverton Owners Club website, which was authorized by the company, has owned several Silvertons but not the 34C. The owners of the 1984 boats were given sales brochures that say nothing about capacity. The older version was smaller, so the occupancy numbers for that model would have been lower, she says. (See attached page from manual.). “The capacity of a vessel is contingent upon many factors,” he says. “The people on the boat were dispersed and not on one side. A survey showed that dealer sentiment remained strong during the month despite election anxiety and inventory shortages. If not, there should be.". Weiss said reading the manual is vital because it contains important information about the boat's capacity. But Mercante, the maritime attorney representing Treanor and his insurance company, says he doesn’t think the 34-footer was overloaded with 27 people on board. There, the ruined yacht will be examined by forensic experts for structural flaws and other clues that could explain why it capsized and sank in July 4 following a fireworks display. Silverton Yachts, Egg Harbor City, NJ. As darkness fell Wednesday night, a bizarre scene descended on , where a small concert played for several hundred people gathered before a mobile stage. Nassau Police and specialists with the FBI raised the wreck Wednesday and towed it to shore. “Believe me, we tried to get in the boat for those kids,” says Candi Treanor, an aunt of two of the victims. The manual also says Silverton vessels are designed to remain afloat for some time after being "swamped or capsized," and recommends operators to remain with the vessel until help arrives, which Weiss said is a standard safety precaution. “We’re both very proud of what we build and of our family team, and we’re inviting other people to become part of our family.”. He deals with one factory to get the boats he needs to fulfill the customers’ needs,” Trocki added. Luhrs/Silverton is a bigger company, and the cost to wind down facilities isn't cheap. Builders of Silverton & Ovation Yachts from 33' to 54' “There’s a lot more people who need to take boating-safety education classes,” says Scott Croft, a spokesman for BoatUS. This article originally appeared in the September 2012 issue. Lt. John Azzata, chief of the Nassau police homicide squad. “But in calm weather, a boat that size, if it’s loaded properly ... shouldn’t really be that big of a problem. The photos of the salvage show several FBI divers aboard the vessel (see attached photos.) That manual recommends the boat's maximum number of passengers not exceed 10. … The next thing I know … everybody was in the water.

One of them, Sammy Galasso, turned his boat’s spotlight on and threw every life jacket he had into the water.

"If you don't have it: Find it. When it is completed, Trocki — who is a plastic surgeon in addition to being a boatbuilder — will have a weekend-long party for current and prospective dealers, as well as customers, which will take place at the factory, Egg Harbor Marina in Somers Point, N.J., to conduct sea trials, and wrapping up at his Longport, N.J., home.

Kandi Won capsized shortly after 10 p.m., spilling 24 of the 27 people on the boat into the water.

"Just as important as educating oneself through United States Power Squadrons courses or those of other boating organizations, the prudent skipper also takes responsibility for becoming fully familiar with his or her boat and fully abides by the owners manual specifications and recommendations.". More weight up higher makes it top-heavy and more likely to capsize.

Police say at least 10 kids were on board, with some estimates at 14 or more. She says she can’t swim and that her son saved her life.

“It was just heartbreaking.”, She says the boat was leaving Oyster Bay, along with nearly 1,000 others, and heading back to its berth at the Harbor Boating Club in Huntington. The haunting images of the raised wreck of the Kandi Won sparked a common reaction by veteran boaters throughout Long Island. All Rights Reserved. Good safety education and solid experience enable you to deal with these issues more competently and safely.”, In New York, only people younger than 18 who operate a boat without an adult present or operators of personal watercraft are required to pass a safety class. I am a Yacht Broker who has been working full time for over 10 years to help buyers find the right boat for them. Chaos.”, “Victoria was in the cabin because we felt that was the safest place,” Victoria’s mother, Lisa Gaines, told Matt Lauer in an interview on NBC’s “Today” show.

After that, the rescue attempts were temporarily called off because the boat was sinking and drifting, causing perilous conditions for any first responder. Wildlife officials in Florida have been successfully encouraging anglers to target the invasive species.

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“Unfortunately, it’s not mandatory in New York state.”. It's maximum recommended load is 2,227 pounds, which includes items such as water and fuel, according to the manual. Capsized vessels are easy to spot; swimmers are not. To request removal of your name from an arrest report, submit, Biden On Cusp Of Presidential Win; Trump Plays Defense In Court, WEBINAR: The Impact of the US Presidential Election, Learn How To Get A $200 AT&T Visa® Card When You Sign Up For TV, Studio Theatre of L.I. Too many people up higher, on the main deck or up on the flying bridge, is going to cause a problem.”, A boat’s stability is determined, in part, by its center of gravity. “I was going under and if it wasn’t for him — I don’t swim — so he grabbed me and said, ‘I got you, Mom.’ ” The boy helped his mother get to a chair that was floating nearby. " said Jon Ten Haagen, executive officer of the, "While this manual is for a more recent, completely restyled version of the boat -- possibly a different design entirely -- one might still assume it unlikely that the recommended maximum persons on the 1984 version would vary tremendously from the newer version," said Weiss, the spokesman for the District 3 who teaches "It would not seem to make sense that the earlier 1984 model would have a capacity of nearly triple the newer version.".

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