Then the smile drops, and he sighs. Regulus turned around. "Sirius...?" I will be posting chapters every other day, so 3/4 per week! And how the fuck did his twin find out about his mission. “But at the same time, tangible. I don't need two of these lists floating around. "It's not cold, you're just feverish." Touchable.” Sirius called. Moans and stiffled screams burn through the air as Sirius' clothes was being literally ripped apart. Had she seen him sneaking around or playing pranks on someone? Protective Sirius Black; Protective Severus Snape; Slow Burn; Summary. And then he caught himself. He'll have to live with the consequences of that decision and the knowledge that Sirius' problems have now become his own. Hurt/Sick/Limp!Regulus, Big brother/Protective/Worried!Sirius. It involves time travel. He says sternly. But Regulus is dead, right..? "Yes, sure. This is the other side of the story of the boy who did everything for whom he loved and for what he believed to be right. "Does Regulus get along with Bellatrix? Sirius realized suddenly that he really didn't want his brother to hang around with those people.

Sirius cutting himself off his family using dark magic. Just let it out, it'll be alright. Esto perpetua, sine timore tuam viam iturus es - Be thou forever, tread thy path without fear.It is the year 1976, and the wizarding world is poised on the brink of war. I'm just… I don't know why it bothers me all of a sudden, that he hangs around with those guys," Sirius admitted. I don't even know him, how am I supposed to build a relationship with him? | Download: [EPUB][139856171259328:epub] or [MOBI][139856171259328:mobi] [139856171259328:site]: [139856171259328:epub]: [139856171259328:mobi]: Updates sporadically whenever I have a new idea. The action writing is wonderful, the chapters are long, and it updates regularly. He knew the second person. This is a very pro LGBT+ series, there will be a lot of LGBT+ characters once they're older. He falls sideways against his brother, still shaking. Regulus had been close with their parents, they had been proud of him and Regulus had wanted to make them proud.

He intones.

Hermione falls through the veil during a failed mission and finds herself face-to-face with Regulus. Until when do I have to decide?" ._33axOHPa8DzNnTmwzen-wO{font-size:14px;font-weight:700;letter-spacing:.5px;line-height:32px;text-transform:uppercase;display:block;padding:0 16px;width:100%} What he didn't expect was being stuck raising his brother's godson. Just in case you wonder.

This time, he would take his brother to the side and talk to him. "Where?" I've already read it, though. "I said... Why's it so cold?" Regulus' face remained tight, his mouth a thin line.

Essentially Hermione is thrown back in time, meets Regulus, and she uses her knowledge of the future to everyone's benefit. linkffn(10610076).

An abomination in the eyes of his parents.

You don't have to decide right know," Professor McGonagall said, her voice as gentle as Sirius had ever heard it. I'm a wife to our Emperor. “So… ethereal.” He stroked his cheek gently, brushing their noses together. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Who is he? Sirius nodded.

Sirius asked, locking eyes with Professor McGonagall.

But then he thought about his brother. He had an urge to run back to the flat and make sure Harry was safe and sound. [4]: "Fork me on GitHub" [5]: "The maintainer". The older of the two brothers grabs a folded blanket from an armchair, where he always keeps it, and drapes it over the younger's still-shaking form before quickly fetching a thermometer from the bathroom. James noticed his best friend glowering at the Slytherin table. The Marauders and Regulus stand on the threshold of adulthood. This is only a series of memories from the 1970's, covering Sirius' and Regulus' years at Hogwarts, their relationship, their evolution, from the point of view of Regulus. He whispers. I d-don't f-f-feel v-very w-well." But most pressing, what is his relationship to the Dark Lord? Finding Regulus' erect rod, he gave it a stroke, which gave Regulus another moaning session. Regulus' voice was like cold iron. Sirius and Remus are in the library, and Sirius happens to notice that Regulus is sitting next to a girl. I just wanted you to know that… if you need something, I'll be there."

The name felt strange on his lips. Leaving him with a dark bruise for days. 90ish or so. Please consider turning it on! He slurs groggily. Their talk had simply reminded him of how much Regulus hated him. They deal with gender and sexuality, Queer and LGBT topics, as well as personal issues and life struggles.

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