I'm a Mass Communications graduate with a specialization in Marketing, as well as a hardcore gamer. However it wouldn’t be fair to exclude the Eyes of Aber mod from this list. New option to install non-animated barrels.

So much work! Fixed UV wraparound error on main pot. As of June 2017, users have permission to use SMIM assets freely in any mod. SMIM'd the Dwemer Gyro (dwarvengyro.nif) and Centurion Core variant (centuriondynamocore01.nif). HD facial hair makes things look far more realistic than they would with regular facial hair, and eyebrows aren’t an exception to this. I just want to hug it! As the number of our website users increases constantly, we’d like to insure you have a clean and responsive experience on our website. -SMIM'd the Solitude Gate doors (sgatedoor.nif and slgdoor01.nif) to change the flat surface to 3D using a custom higher resolution texture. According to Nifscan, the files with strips are just the male and female hakamas (and hakamavars) in low-weight (\_0) and high-weight (\_1); 12 files in all. Things are getting serious now and you’ll notice how the quality of mods from now on seems to skyrocket. Log in to view your list of favourite games. SMIM'd the Thieve's Cache barrels that I missed before. The stonework didn't tile right, the top stone was ugly, and the rope was low-poly.

Skyrim - KL Copy NPC Protected Status.pas, Copies NPC Protected status found on all plugins currently loaded (eg. Mesh fix for side panel on commonshelf03.nif. Even though the mod isn’t being updated anymore, it’s one of the finest eye mods in the Nexus community and one of the most downloaded beauty mods of Skyrim that you can find online. Good to learn more about Skyrim's quirks. Thank you!Thanks to zilav for making NifScan, an awesome utility that creates a report of various Skyrim .nif format errors in mesh files. Basically, this is my attempt to make the Skyrim architecture, clutter, furniture, and landscaping much nicer. This Mod List Will be updated with new mods constantly.

Been meaning to improve this for a while. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Updated the Wrye Bash Wizard.txt installer file. Now featuring real 3D branches instead of the ugly flat 2D texture. You can still use your preferred texture replacer if you wish. Honestly it would not make sense to let this one slip given how detailed it is. Vampires in the game just don’t look realistic enough, and the main culprit of it has to be their fangs. Added \clutter\table01.nif to SMIM furniture. Skyblivion is a volunteer-based project by the TESRenewal modding group. New high-resolution texture included based on High Res Hawk Texture Replacement by tehxen. Fixed "bridge01.nif" to fix the snowy version outside of Windhelm. Make sure to enable this .esp! -Critical fix for the new SMIM collision on the two Imperial Jail door meshes.

Total polygon increase of 60,000, so wonderful!

Except perhaps a bit of shape. See Credits page for full list of credits.

Covering software, technology, computer programming, writing, gaming, and occasional artsy stuff.

Copyright © 2020 Vector Plexus. This Beards mod is made by the same person that made the Brows mod, which doesn’t only make them compatible on paper but they also look very similar in the game. Minor fix to Riverwood Lumbermill mesh to fix wrong number of BSLOD polygons (my issue). Dragonborn NOT required. -Critical fix for broken Special Edition meshes because of an error in NifOptimizer. The default had UV errors everywhere and were so blurry. UV fix for top of Whiterun wood support beam (wrintfreewallcolumwall01.nif). $1.00$5.00$10.00$20.00$50.00$100.00$250.00Custom AmountSelect Payment Method SMIM'd the Giant's Mortar (giantmortar.nif) used often in Giant's camps.

This is one of the most complete retextures that I’ve ever come across. Just like the CharGen Extension, however, it does require you to have the RaceMenu mod installed to make everything run smoothly. -Woohoo! All six destroyed Farmhouse building meshes had a massive quantity of incorrect vertex colors on horizontal beams causing sharp lines on the wood beams. Made the darker Tankard texture the default install when doing a quick full installation. Updated Hearthfires boy and girl load screens to use proper feet from Ixodes' New Children mod. Texture remains the same. Removed Rim and Back lighting flags from the Tomato load screen (loadscreenmarket01.nif). Why? Also for the signage, I noticed signsfletcher.nif had a misaligned texture which cut off part of the fake ring, although I replaced this anyway. This mod serves as a way to help you edit characters in a much more natural and realistic manner than what the base game allows. Skyrim Glowing Eyes adds a selection of eyes that glow in the dark, which adds some more depth to the game and makes characters either frightening or gorgeous at night. The Whiterun Blacksmith Forge (blacksmithforgemarkerwr.nif) had two UV errors on the circular stonework where the paneling was greatly skewed. I will redo the texture later. beardRaces.tri), deforming said beard during the generation of the player character (i.e.

Video games, movies, TV shows, cartoons, anime, toys, comics, and so much more. Fixed by changing the vertex colors to white on both sides. SMIM'd the torture rack to use 3D chains (torturerack01.nif). http://mayang.com/textures/Thanks to bgfons.com for the awesome metal sheet texture I used for the Tankard.Thanks to www.publicdomainpictures.net for the bird feather photo I used for the Quill.Thanks to NegativeFeedback for this gold texture used on my lantern: http://negativefeedback.deviantart.com/art/gold-leaf-texture-03-147395446.Thanks to smileys-4-eva for this blood texture used on my bloody lantern: http://browse.deviantart.com/?offset=96#/d3252et.Thanks to Johannes Schriewer (http://dark738.deviantart.com/) for his great metal nail photograph.Thanks to phoenixkeyblack (http://phoenixkeyblack.deviantart.com/) for his great Celtic Knot Carving image.Thanks to HHH316 for his metal texture.Thanks to ShadowRunner27 for his rough metal texture.Thanks to MaxTextures.com (http://www.mb3d.co.uk) for a few various textures.Thanks to Wikipedia for a few textures like the rabbit's fur.Thanks to KeReN-R on DeviantArt for some nice blood brushes (http://keren-r.deviantart.com/art/Blood-Brushes-20739863).Thanks to Outside the Fray for the great tree textures (http://www.outsidethefray.com/2012/10/19-tree-bark-textures/).Thanks to basictextures.com for the free textures.Thanks to wallpaper-kid.com for some wood textures.Thanks to plplecuyer for the multi-language translation Strings files.Thanks to cgtextures.com for various textures.Thanks to http://insightdesigns.co.uk for a scratch texture.Thanks to http://imgkid.com for a scratched film grain texture.Thanks to Esoterrickabod for various photos and carved wood image.Thanks to photos-public-domain.com for various textures.Thanks to http://www.texturepalace.com/ for various textures such as the scaffold bridge moldy wood.Thanks to http://www.myfreetextures.com for various textures such as the scaffold bridge wood edges.Thanks to http://www.freecreatives.com/textures/rope-texture.html for the rope picture I used for the Solitude Docks ropes.Thanks to SjoertJansen for SkyMills and pfaffendrill for the larger windmills idea.Thanks to dukefx for letting me use his Real Roads mod meshes for my bridges.Thanks to http://www.startextures.com for a wood texture.Thanks to http://hoodavirender.blogspot.com for a few textures like rusted metal.Thanks to Danrok from http://www.aoaforums.com for some metal textures.Thanks to http://texturify.com for some metal textures.Thanks to x0ne for pointing out the carriage and smelter meshes had bugged vertex color alpha values, which caused bizarre flashes when using ENB.Thanks to robiichan and Cronon for testing the XB1 Orange Marker fix test mod for me.Thanks to TES5Edit team and matortheeternal and his Merge Plugins script.Thanks to the whole NifSkope team over the years.

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