A few years ago, without cable, fans could watch some games, limited to local channels, and were otherwise left out of the loop. I also feel like it is not worth an extra $5.00 at month for the very few channels you get with the Heartland package even though my husband really enjoys the Outdoor channel.

They do have BET, but unfortunately not TV One or Own. We watch a lot of local channel networks, ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, and FOX. Sling TV was the first streaming service to give cord cutters the thing they miss most about cable: Live network television channels. If you subscribe to Hallmark eCards you get a discount to sign up for Feeln. We make editorial decisions based on our expertise, first-hand experience, and informed opinions. A premium channel on the vein of HBO and Showtime, Cinemax airs movies and original series. This Puerto Rican channel shows sports, movies, sitcoms, and more. There are many channels to enjoy!!! Once you choose a service, you’ll be able to watch it by connecting your streaming device to the internet. I am saving over $100.00 a month! If Sling ever decides add BET, and some other diverse channels, we’ll be back.

CMT is MTV for country music. Disney XD targets older children, like pre-teens and teens. So I installed the Roku Express. Your last comment has absolutely nothing to do with Sling TV but I’ll bite. Now you can get a streaming service that costs less and gives you a way to watch SportsNet New York online without cable. Stream hit shows, movies & more from top channels - live and on demand. It would be nice to have these in alpha order to make finding a specific network lots easier. How can you say, “Take back TV”, When you are not including everyone as your audience? Nickelodeon for the (slightly) older set.

Like its parent channel, LMN primarily offers programming aimed at women.

The National Hockey League's dedicated network includes hockey news and live games. News and more from a U.S.-based Chinese-language channel.

Or any rich and spoiled sports anymore. Music and music videos for a Spanish-speaking audience.

All Rights Reserved.

The networks feature live local MLB, NBA, and NHL games.

Have to constantly put in pin. I am thinking about switching to Sling but I need TLC. Where is TCM? I would pay a little more for the access of the best acting ever. I WOULD PAY $5 TO $10 MORE PER MONTH FOR BIG 10 NETWORK. This Argentine channel covers soccer and other sports. See:

im thinking about dropping sling because it’s only 1 african american channel, Bring back H2… and get rid of Vice… I prepaid for 3 months and if H2 isn’t back I’m not either…. We research options, new technology, share tips, review services, and more, at no cost to our readers. English-language channel that offers news from a French perspective. Once African American channels are added my family and I would highly consider purchasing. Expect a mix of Bollywood, Indipop, and Bhangra. But give me a reason to choose, Sling TV. The picture is great, I have the gigabit internet so that may be why. Maker is a channel from Maker Studios (which also owns Polaris). Jointly owned by ABC and Univision, Fusion mixes pop culture news with traditional reporting. Canada.

This station airs Polish dance music and more. Has a lot of channels that I don’t watch but does not have the channels that I do watch. Any chance you’ll add MSNBC, Bravo and the Golf Channel?

FX airs original series, mostly comedies.

Otherwise not bad. More from De Pel­cula.

Sharon, I used to have a Dish satellite (who owns Sling) and it was the same thing… none of the African American channels were included in the basic package (not even BET, although MTV and VH1 were). These partnerships never influence our reviews, rankings, or recommendations. Email me when these channels have been added to the lineup in one of the 3 packages not as add ons. More content from ESPN, including college sports, news, and more. It's home to mega-hit original series like. This is just one way to watch sports online without cable. News from China's state-owned broadcaster.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Reality shows share space with gritty drama and action programming. A variety of sporting events will be available from the following teams: In the next sections you’ll learn about your streaming options to watch SportsNet New York online without cable. Buy the service, cancel cable and start saving serious cash. China's second-most popular channel has a little bit of everything, including comedies and reality TV. What does Saquon's injury mean for his Giants future (and that monster extension)? When is the right time to move on from a young quarterback? I mean: You have BET, but BET is not a popular network for me. Hulu with Live TV – 60+ live channels, including SNY streaming in the New York market, for $55 per month. Please add this channel and then I will subscribe and do away with my cable.

CNN airs news coverage and news programming around the clock. An online-only extension of SEC Network, SEC Network+ covers SEC sporting events that don't make the cut on the main channel. Movie streaming on demand. As the name suggests, this Nickelodeon-owned channel airs cartoons from its parent channel.

Great idea, but I’m an avid watcher of TLC. Once African American channels are added I would highly consider purchasing. Disney Junior is aimed at younger audiences (like toddlers) than the main Disney Channel. Streaming limitations. I wonder if exclusion is political? Would love to switch to Sling TV, but without ID, TLC, it appears it is impossible. Add the Own Network, and I’m sure would gain more business. The SportsNet New York live stream is available throughout the state of New York. Philo has OWN and many other good channels. The cable companies are fighting back. Also a lot of the time there is paid programming on there. UniMás is the second network from the folks at Univision. I have no problems with Sling at all it was the first of the streaming tv services I tried and really haven't looked back.

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